United Will Suspend Nearly All Flights To/From NYC, Here Are The Flights That Will Remain

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Not long ago, United flew some 500 daily flights from NYC. Starting tomorrow, that will be slashed to just 17 daily flights as air travel demand plummets due to coronavirus.

United says that starting tomorrow they will operate just 2 daily flights to one destination from LaGuardia and 15 daily flights to 9 destinations from Newark.

United is saying that these changes will be in effect for at least next 3 weeks. They are still in the process of cancelling flights over that time period.

From what I can tell, this appears to be United’s new schedule to/from NYC:

  • LaGuardia to/from Chicago/ORD: 2 daily flights
  • Newark to/from Chicago/ORD: 1 daily flight
  • Newark to/from Denver: 2 daily flights
  • Newark to/from Houston: 3 daily flights
  • Newark to/from Los Angeles: 4 daily flights
  • Newark to/from San Francisco: 1 daily flight
  • Newark to/from Washington DC/IAD: 1 daily flight
  • Newark to/from Frankfurt: 1 daily flight
  • Newark to/from London: 1 daily flight
  • Newark to/from Tel Aviv: 1 daily flight

Of course United will still be making frequent adjustments to these schedules and the number of daily flights to each destination is subject to change.

With these updates United maintains daily flights to their other hubs so that people can still travel internationally should they need to, though they may need to take an extra connection to do so. United’s 3 remaining international flights, Frankfurt, London, and Tel Aviv, are also likely their most profitable destinations in general, and ones that have significant cargo demand.

If United does cancel your flight, or significantly alters your flight schedule, they are obligated to offer a refund. Readers are reporting success in getting refunds from United since the DoT guidance came out on Friday, so be sure to call and demand a refund if you are affected.

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I believe they also are doing one a day from EWR to each of MIA, FLL and PBI


You think they’ll be about to finish the la Guardia construction debacle now?


we’re on a Jetblue flight to JFK on Monday which we obviously aren’t taking anymore. They moved it by 10hrs, but it’s still scheduled. When is the latest that I can cancel it? (following your advice and holding out…) Thanks


Dan, what is considered significantly change of flight? I was booked on the afternoon flight and they changed me to the 10:50 flight will I be able to get a refund



Important, albeit sad question.

Are ppl who need an aron with a niftar to be brought to Israel able to use United? Or are they forced to bury here, for the foreseeable future?


My aunt z”l was buried last week in Israel – was flown from JFK via EL AL Cargo, which is still flying with cargo only. Nobody was able to go with her…


It’s tough to arrange this. Last week Monday a private plane was arranged for 4 meisim no passengers at the cost of $200k. Chesed Shel Emes has a temp plot for this.


I and a flight on delta for tomorrow (Sunday), JFK to YYZ. They changed it by a a few hours. Initially, agent told me they will give me a credit. I asked nicely for a refund and he promptly agreed. It’s worth a try!

You G

My flight this week 4/7 from EWR to ATL still shows as flying just got alert the departure is 10 min earlier…
and return on 4/19 an hour later


After multiple inquiries for a refund for United flights to Florida (this week) they refused and only offered extended certificates, insisting it was only United Basic. I reluctantly agreed being my only option (forgot about cc dispute) but she said it will take a few days for the credit to appear in my inbox which I thought was odd. If they are still in the process of sending that is it too late to call and demand the refund instead with mention of DOT?


Thank you, to all of you, for adding these details and helpful info about this important topic. The question was not simply theoretical.

Just when a person had reason to believe they had it all pre-arranged, all paid for, all figured out, comes this terrifying new set of circumstances that point us to the need for even greater Bitachon, humility and Yiras Shomayim.

May השי״ת have רחמים on all of us, and be מנחם the availim.

Jack out of the Box

Interesting that out of 17 NY flights of which only 3 are international, TLV still has a slot. How could it be in any way worthwhile financially considering that it’s probably empty TLV bound?




Cargo to TLV


United canceled my flight lax-ewr. I called them and they refunded me immediately.
I booked it with chase UR will the points go back automatically or do I need to call chase


Hi Dan just want to thank you for saying wait till the day before your flight before you cancel, my flight was booked for Tuesday, just got the cancellation notice, called AA, they said go to prefund.aa.com, and was able to cancel for a refund for all the tickets
Thanks very much


What if my fights weren’t changed by JetBlue can I still get a refund from JetBlue?


United moved my flight from 7 am to 1 pm? Is that considered cancelled?


Virgin Atlantic is refusing to refund the money for our tickets. Even with the Dot guidlines. They changed their policy on their website to only reschedule. Any suggestions what to do?

Ariela Lomnitz

My flight from lax-ewr motzei pesach was moved up from midnight till 11 pm . Can thsi constitute a full refund? I’ve been holding off till as long as I can to see if they cancel my way there but that’s early Tuesday morn I’m running out of time. Also if I booked via chase for United but didn’t use points for I cancel via chase or directly through United


My flight to Orlando Monday April 6 was canceled, when calling for a refund the agent said he can put me on a flight 2 hours later and refused to refund me. I thought all flights to Orlando were canceled?


United seems to have 2 flights to/from Newark


Flight from EWR-TLV 4:25pm today April 5 was changed to 10:45 pm. Can I cancel this flight and get refunded?
It was booked through amex but it’s a United flight.
I thought if you are not a citizen of Israel u can’t fly into Israel now


If a cancelled United flight was paid for with a combination of travel certificate (which had been granted as compensation) and credit card, what would I receive as refund? Flight is 4/29, are they cancelling that late for now?

Olga Schweky

My jet blue flight leaving tmrw night was. Pushed up by a few hours. I just got an email that I can “ check in” to the flight.
Calling them now. I can say i am am cancelling bc if the time change?