The End Of A Month Of Travels…


Currently updating from Cathay Pacific’s First Class Wing Lounge in Hong Kong

All good things come to an end I suppose. We’re eating some yummy Hermolis meals in the Cathay Pacific First Class lounge waiting for our flight to Toronto and then New York before finally getting home some 22 hours from now.

Sorry for the lack of updates of late and thanks for hanging in there!

Just for kicks, if any of you guys have opened credit cards to get miles and then used them for a trip-post a comment about it here! Let’s hear about which credit cards you opened and where did you go with the miles and points!

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hey dan just curious, how many miles did this trip cost u?


I opened an amex plat this month… still waitng for the points to post…
I’m glad your comin home i’ve missed your posts!!


Hi dan
Can you please give us a detailed breakdown how much flight,hotels,car rentels you got out from your miles?? thanks


he posted it a while ago. 280,000 AA miles each.




Dan – Safe trip…
Can you provide us with a rundown of which lounges you can get a kosher meal in around the world? And while we’re on that topic, when do we get your reviews of all of the different kosher airline meals from your travels?


@milechazzer: Do yourself a favor and avoid eating most kosher airline meals unless in dire circumstances. I find that kosher meals serve two closely related purposes when flying:

1) As the basis of a letter when they are not properly delivered

2) As the basis of a letter when they are properly delivered

Case in point: DELTA just credited me 7500 miles for a serving a plate of frozen gefilte-fish with a frostbitten “Beigels” roll in First class from NY to FL.

After I send a letter for the meal on the return flight (a soggy challa roll with a single slice of salami, served as “dinner”), I should be well on my way to enough miles for the next trip to FL.

bernard weinberg

dan the fun is over
cant pay the us mint with amex gift cards any more
not accepted by amex


hence the reason the airlines are dropping the kosher meal availability in first one by one…


As a rule Domestic first class is not great at all, but International first class is when they organize you fresh and good meals. (most times)