Get Starpoints For Opening Up An Ameritrade Account!

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Fund an Ameritrade account with:

$2,000 and get 3,000 Starpoints

$10,000 and get 10,000 Starpoints

$25,000 and get 20,000 Starpoints.

With an Ameritrade account you can play it safe with a CD (according to their website a sample 1 year is paying 3.815% APY, a sample 9 month CD is paying 3.465% APY) or try to strike it rich in the stock market.

Rules (See offer for full rules):

-Open and fund account by 09/30/08

-Half of the Starpoints will be awarded after 6 weeks.

-The remaining half will be awarded if minimum funding is met after 6 months.

-Account must remain open with minimum funding for 9 months.

-Accounts that go under minimum funding levels due to poor investments still qualify for Starpoints.

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for anything more than the immediate short term, a cd stands for certificate of depreciation. Jeremy Seigel.


@aygart: Very nice idea, but if you opened up, say a 3year CD last year, you could be earning rates in the 6s when a good rate today is in the 3s.


there is a little trick to this thats supposed to work
you open the acct with as much money as you want then withdraw it then put it back in until you reach 25000


what does that accomplish?


Just a quick edit… A $2000 deposit gets you 3000 starpoints. The original message had it backwards.

I’m looking to travel in Mar-Apr and need to squeeze out all the points I can, so I’m in on this deal!


@confused: it makes it possible to get 20000 point even if you only have five thousand dollars


What if u hav an acct will it still qualify?