Convert Starwood Starpoints To USAirways Miles And Get A 25%-75% Bonus!

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Update: Transfers must be initiated by 05/31 for this offer!

Originally posted on 05/01:

Getting to Israel with Starwood Starpoints
Starwood Consumer AMEX Linky 
Starwood Business AMEX Linky

USAirways Offer Registration Linky

This promotion is good for all hotel transfers to USAirways.

20,000 Starpoints normally transfers into 25,000 USAirways miles.
With the 25% bonus 20,000 Starpoints will transfer into 31,250 miles.

If you are a USAirways elite member or a USAirways cardholder you will get another 25% bonus (20,000 Starpoints=37,500 USAirways miles).
If you are a USAirways elite member and a USAirways cardholder you will get another 50% bonus (20,000 Starpoints=43,750 USAirways miles).

You can buy a 90 trial of USAirways Preferred (elite) status for $200 that will net the additional 25% bonus by calling USAirways at 800-428-1775.

DansDeals Forum members have reported that they have been successful in transferring points from their Starwood account to other people’s USAirways mileage accounts.

This offer is valid for transfers made after registering for the offer and initiated between 05/01 and 05/31.  Bonus miles will be posted weekly.

For tickets to Israel, USAirways charges 80,000 miles per round-trip ticket in coach or 120,000 miles per ticket in business.  Travel is valid on Star Alliance partners and non-alliance airlines for the same rate with no fuel surcharges.

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First of all thanks for this magnificent site!
Does USAIR give you the same 75% premium if you transfer Amex miles?


1. The bonus is only for transfers from hotel programs.
2. AMEX points don’t transfer to USAirways.



thanks for this amazing website! Is the reason this offer is not “sizzling” like similar offers in the past because of the low value of USAirways miles?


It’s a great deal, I just have some personal beefs with USAirways…

Their miles are not as flexible or valuable as Continental/United but the bonus is nice though.



Is there any limit on transfer of points ?.

I have 200K points in SPG

If I take USair credit card which gives 35K bonus and then pay 200 $ for silver status, I will get 75 % transfer bonus = 437.5 K miles + 35K bonus = 472K miles.

Will it work ?.



There’s no limit.

Correct, 200K Starwood=250K USAir. Plus a 75% bonus=437,500 USAir miles.

Plus you should get 35K for the USAir credit card, although that card is notorious for giving a lower-grade card that only gives 5K or 10K miles instead of the promised 35K.


any way to status match for us airways elite perferred?


is it worth it to buy the 100k hilton honors for 550 tom and than convert that to 175k us airway miles?


So how do I book continental to Israel through usair?


Call them up to book partner award travel.
You’ll probably want to do your research to find available flights beforehand though.


you get 30000 additional points when you spend $15k?


After spending $15K you get:
-10,000 point signup bonus.
-15,000 point spending bonus.
-15,000 base spending points.
For a total of 40,000 points.



except that 100K HH points gives you only 8500 base US airways miles. It is not a 1:1 transfer ratio.


When I go to my Starwood account to transfer miles to US Airways and put in 25,000 miles to be transfered it shows that I will only get the original 25% bonus (ie 5,000 miles) and not the new promotional bonus. I have successfully registered for this new promotion and I am a US Airways cardholder. Please advise.


This bonus has nothing to do with Starwood.
It will be added automatically to your USAirways account within a couple weeks of the Starwood point transfer reaching your USAirways account.


What about Hilton Honors? I have 53000 points there, but I tried to see what would be sent and the Hilton site keeps not letting me. Dan, do you know about HH?


@Jack – you only get 850 miles per 10,000 base miles, so even with the max bonus you’d only get 7,438 miles for 50,000 hilton honors points. I’d rather have 1 night at a cat 7 Hilton than around a third of a RT domestic coach ticket at saver rates!


Thanks, James.


When is the effective time for determining your bonus status? Is it when you register for the promotion or when you make the transfer?


Hi Dan,

Why we dont find this on US airways website ?.

Are you sure that we can get this bonus for transfer ?.



Hey, does Usaiways status match?


hi dan,

i had an existent 27,480 from my us airways cc and transferred 37000 points from spg and i purchased elite status for $200, for some reason the 37k only showed up as 42k vs the expected 50% bonus, any clues as per why?


Did you see the link in the post?

Did you register first?
It will take extra time for the bonus miles to post.

Also generally you always want to transfer starwood points in blocks of 20,000 to miles.


Can I transfer my Amex points into my Starwood account then transfer them yo USAir? USAir sign up site says only miles EARNED after registration will be transfered. Is that correct?



There is a limit of 79,999 per transfer for 24 hour period from SPG program.

So my question is .

1) If I transfer 60K each 24 hour period – 4 days in a row, all of them will earn 75% bonus ?.

2) Does transfer has to be initiated at SPG by May 31 or miles should reach US Airways by May 31 ?. What I mean is if I initiate on May 30, is it still ok ?.



can i transfer from my starwoods to my wifes dm acct. and do we both have to be preferred to receive the bonus?


transfers must OFFICIALLY be from the very same name to the very same name. (In other words, the names are supposed to match exactly — the intent is for these transfers to all be for the SAME person.)

A few have reported that they’ve successfully transferred from one person to a different person, but that’s not guaranteed.

In order to get the full bonus, one must be BOTH:

– preferred status with USAirways
– be a USAirways credit card holder.

Folks, I gotta tell you — if I were Dan, I’d be at my wits end with some of these questions. As readers of his fantastic blog, each of us has the responsibility to research matters JUST A LITTLE on our own before posting here with questions for Dan. If I were him, I’d be totally exasperated with the dozens of questions he gets every hour from people who’ve made essentially no effort to look into matters on their own.

Tip of the hat, Dan, for all you do. I’ve been following you for more than a year and you’ve brought me to some great finds. Keep up the good work!


Thanks Scott 🙂

There is actually a thread on the DansDeals Forums where people post if Starwood points will transfer to someone else’s mileage account. Every airline is different but in USAirways case it does appear to work.


Is it worth while actually buying SPG points in order to transfer them to USAirways for this promo?


Thanks Dan.

Best Promotion ever for me due to your information.

I transferred 200K Star Points in chunks of ( 60K,60K,60K, 20K ) and I got 437,500 US Airways miles after buying silver status for 215 $ and getting US airways Credit Card.

I will get another 35K for US airways credit card bringing my total to 472,5000 miles.

Thanks Again.