An Hour Left To Bid On The Coolest Use Of Starpoints Ever?

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A few years ago I burned 25K United miles for 4 box seats to an Indians game. In middle of the game I got to run onto the field and literally steal 2nd base. As an die-hard Indians fan it was probably the coolest use of my miles ever. People around the stadium were shocked to see someone walking around with 2nd base. I got the base signed by several players, including the winning pitcher that night, and it hangs in my office today. It still has the Jacobs Field dirt on it.

That story inspired other DansDeals readers to use their miles for some amazing experiences as well.

Starwood has their Moments program where they auction off very neat experiences as well.

Until 11am ET today you can use your Starpoints to bid on 2 seats in the SPG luxury suite when the Mets play the Cubs in Wrigley Field on Monday, July 18 in Chicago. Food and drinks and included and they’ll even cater the suite with kosher food upon request. The current high bid is 75K Starpoints.

OK, that’s not the cool part. I’ve done that before.

The 3 highest bidders will audition for the right to sing the National Anthem before the game! I wish I had a good enough voice to pull that off, but what an awesome once-in-a-lifetime experience that would be for someone who does.

Only the person who’s audition is accepted will be charged the Starpoints. The other 2 highest bidders who are not accepted will actually receive a full refund of their Starpoints and they’ll be able to still receive 2 seats in the SPG luxury suite to the Cubbies game of their choice in the 2nd half of the season.

Will you be a bidder? Hit the comments!

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Bid the max amount and since they will never accept your voice you can get the tickets for free. 🙂


Lol, I’m not a toad, I might just beat out 2 other DD readers with the same idea 😀

high end hobo

Just give in a bad audition and you’re guaranteed two free box seats to the game!


Wow. Amazing opportunity for two free suite tickets to any game in 2nd half of the season.


@high end hobo:
It’ll be the worst poor performance scandal in Chicago baseball since the Black Sox threw the 1919 series 😀


Not that I’m actually doing this but I would bid just to be able to stand there and sing with the worst voice and the most off key that the national anthem was ever sang. And everyone would have to just stand there and listen.


Not something I need going viral 😉

The real anon

Now 3 dd readers with terrible voices are going to jack up the cost. And someone with a terrible voice will end up paying a million starpoints so that he can embarrass himself on national tv. LMFAO


@Dan: Seriuosly?! Imagine all three top bidders are DD readers with awful voices, the one with the least terrible voice will need to sing! That will be a sight to see!

Crazy tools

What’s stopping me from making the highest bid, then intentionally losing the audition, and I’ll still get two free tickets?


Ya think they accept Blatt Gemara? Still got a few hundred left over from Simchas Torah


What happens when all 3 people try to lose the audition ?


I noticed this auction a week ago and anticipated the result that everyone has mentioned. I was hoping I would have been the only one to notice. Oh well.


Yes we could game this but it would jack up the price on the poor soul that really wants to win and sing. As a community we should stick to sticking to the credit card companies and not each other!
Suites to Cubs games are easily attainable.


Correction – sticking it to the credit card companies and not each other.


3 people bidding to lose and we are going to have one big loser.


I get that Sruly but honestly my daughter would love to sing and I might get priced out. I’m asking for a little help from my Dan’s Deals community to not do that in this case.

Would be greatly appreciated. Dan – you can send my personal email to anyone who messages you that they bowed out and i’ll do what I can to compensate them.


222,500 points and counting…

The Chazan

I WON! 230,500!! Honestly…..i had too many SPG points with nothing to do with them. Should i do it??


Too late now, but Dan, why don’t you do it and send Benny up. No one will know the difference… 😉


SO dumb, someone will win and have to spend 230,000 spg points on this!?