Starting Today, Lufthansa Group Airlines Require Surgical Or N95 Masks

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Lufthansa Group airlines now require surgical, KN95, or N95 masks onboard their flights. Cloth and homemade masks are no longer acceptable.

Children under the age of 6 do not have to wear masks on Lufthansa Group airlines.

Lufthansa Group airlines include Star Alliance carriers Austrian, Brussels, Lufthansa, and Swiss.

This comes after countries like France and Germany are banning cloth and homemade masks and mandating more protective masks in the face of new COVID variants.

The Biden White House has been moving towards the N95 standard as well.

One of the reasons that the US was slow to enact a mask recommendation was the fear that the general public would snap up surgical and N95 masks needed by healthcare workers. Eventually the CDC compromised by recommending cloth masks, so that the genera public wouldn’t take away more protective masks needed by frontline workers. But with the supply of more protective masks increasing, we may see a nationwide N95 mark recommendation in the US as well.

While N95s were selling for greater than $10 each online last year, the price has plummeted and can now be found for as low as $1.16 each on Amazon. They may make you look like a duck, but nobody is wearing masks for their looks and the breathing pocket on those makes them more comfortable than some less protective masks.

Do you think that US airlines will require better masks on planes in 2021?

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Ohhhhh so cloth masks don’t work!? Shocking information as WE HAVE BEEN SAYING THIS SINCE MARCH


But your still allowed to take it off to eat on the airplane “science”


Are they giving out these masks at the gate? Not that many Americans have them.
I wear a KN95 on airplanes because why not. But I am under no illusion that they actually work. Science says they will also be useless in the general public. But we have a very strong Mask Cult now and until we all realize we’re just worshiping a false God, we’ll probably go crazier for “better masks” first.

Baruch Kadish

As far as I can tell science says KN95 masks actually work and offer you higher protection than other types of masks.


The WSJ is NOT a reliable source for Covid science. There is not a single scientific study that establishes that ANY mask worn by the general public does any good to prevent catching a respiratory virus. And there are lots of studies which show they do not work. Heck, we’re not even entirely sure that FITTED N95 masks work in hospitals (they probably don’t when used without other extensive PPE). This is established science that has been ignored in the hopes of wishful thinking during Covid times. It’s simply a widespread irrational delusion. The results speak for themselves.


That’s an awfully broad and counter-intuitive position that’s gonna need a lot of heavy lifting for it to be true. “There is not a single scientific study that establishes that ANY mask worn by the general public does any good to prevent catching a respiratory virus. ”
I’m not even going to open a dialogue on this without you telling me exactly what evidence you WOULD accept.

Baruch Kadish

The article was not written by a wsj reporter it was written by a former commissioner of the FDA.

I’m not sure about the second part of your comment as here is a study from the scientific journal influenza

What results are you talking about? Am I missing something?


You may be under no illusion, but your illusory premise is actually the truth, and your beliefs are a fantasy.

It is an uncontested scientific fact that KN95 masks work *both* to protect the wearer and others.


The bigger issue is that the Biden administration is requiring 2 years old to wear masks, so even Delta can’t allow that anymore. Unbelievable that no one has the brains to roll that back.


Completely nuts!! This administration is either clueless about children or has something against them!
I’m sure planned parenthood etc. supports this nonsense!!
This is beyond absurd!


The price for the N95 you linked from Amazon is 57$ !


You must be new around here if you correct Dan without double-checking. $57 for a pack of 50 = $1.16 each


This country’s federal government response has been pretty pathetic, along with the irresponsible, selfish people who just aren’t intelligent enough to understand safety protocols are all WE have in this WAR against the virus until vaccines come. Now we are living with the consequences. Really, did not have to be this bad. Just look at how do much better less ” advanced” countries are handling this, up on the Internet


yes Israel’s doing great w/ their military enforced lockdowns… wow!


Hope they don’t outlaw us bearded folks.
N95’s don’t really have much advantage if you have facial hair, since the mask doesn’t seal against the skin.


Love how the airline industry sponsors a “Study” by Harvard explaining why flying is ok but the restaurant lobby could not figure out how to stay open. IMO, the NY restaurant lobby is doing a pretty terrible job.
But back to regular programming, if that Harvard study is correct and regular masks were totally ok to fly with why change it now? Are they admitting that it was unsafe previously but they wanted to remain in business? Or is it always just about the money?
Or is it just going for a miniscule chance of catching it to a slightly more miniscule chance? In that case we should never not have a mask since there is always a minuscule chance of catching something. We are talking about powerball style odds at this point.

Side note – none of the flights I was on had any middle seats empty so there goes that piece of fake news.


There is a well documented flight from London to Vietnam where Covid was spread. This was before masks but the aircraft did have modern air systems that are supposedly so wonderful. So despite the great systems disease spread on flights.
The instant a mask is removed we are back to that scenario, even if it just for a drink or a snack or two.


What of vaccinated folks?


few days ago anthony fauci said that we need two masks it will better protect. so could be will need few mask we can take one from each… but looks to me that soon will not need any more Covid to get sick. put a few masks and this will make sick. I believe that time to come to move on and do what Israel is doing be giving Vaccines to every one and not wasting time all day of regulation. This is the only way moving forward.


better hope those vaccines are safe – w/ Israel being the guinea pig for the world. i liked bibi but seems like he’s convinced this is the only way he’ll be reelected…


Yes homemade no homemade –
All airlines should follow up with this.


Everyone needs to wear a mask to minimize transfer to others. If compliance will not happen due to age, keep the child at home. I am a parent and have raised my kids. I get it but can not see a permit to spread disease. STAY HOME, DON’T TRAVEL if that is what it takes.


I have a retail business and it is astounding and disappointing when frum women walk in with no mask or wrapping a thin kerchief around their mouth just to enter. these people still do not get it.
I am a parent and have kids. The safety issue is still there so I support mandatory mask use at any age. Obviously there is an issue so just stay home if compliance will not happen. With the exception of health care nothing is so important that a non compliant kid has to go out and spread disease that might kill others.


Simple. If you don’t want to wear a mask, don’t fly. Or fasten your seat belts. It’s not that big of a deal. Show respect for fellow travelers.


Wearing a mask is protecting those around you.
Wearing a seat belt is primarily to keep you from becoming a flying object and thus injuring others. On an aircraft, the choice of using the seatbelt is not your choice.


How are airlines determining if you were fitted properly with an N95 mask? In my business everyone using an N95 must be fit tested annually or more often if the face changes. If the airlines don’t check the N95 tight fit then the mask will perform no better than a homemade mask. So how can the airlines get away with requiring a N95 without a fit test? This is just another illustration of how stupid these rules continue to become.


[citation needed]

In fact, even surgical three-ply masks performed significantly better than cloth masks in just about every study ever performed.

Had enough already with these sanctimonious pontif

So you’re allowed to sit on a packed airplane, no social distancing, with all its windows sealed shut, and are allowed to completely take off the best mask on the market in order to take a drink or munch on some nosh, for a 3 – 8 hour flight. But yet to go into a Shul to connect to the Aibishter, with ample social distancing and open windows, with a mask on the entire time, for an hour (weekday) to 2 1/2 hour (Shabbos) is NOT allowed???! Going into a Shul with all the precautions is assur but flying to Orlando, Aspin (my daughter is there now), UAE, etc… is okay?! Total hypocrisy! Only in Shuls the Aibishter will give a person Corona but not on planes?! Total apikursis.


I know it’s not a contest, but this is by far one of the most sane posts I’ve read on this or any other site.


Since when is going to shul Illegal?


@Dan I have a Lufthansa connection to Israel how will I know if my mask is considered fitted? And what’s going to happen if I don’t have a N95? Are they going to leave me there because it might not be perfect, even though as soon as I get on the plane I can just pull out the popcorn etc. and eat for 4 hours straight


It’s also more difficult to keep on the chin.