Spirit Temporarily Suspends CT, NJ, And NY Flight Operations

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Spirit announced that over the next few days they will stop flying to:

• LaGuardia (LGA)
• Newark (EWR)
• Hartford (BDL)
• Niagara Falls (IAG)
• Plattsburgh (PBG)

They hope to resume flights by May 4th.

Once they do officially cancel the flights, passengers booked on them should be able to get a cash refund.

With the NYC region being a coronavirus epicenter, more airlines are likely to match Spirit’s service suspension. Which airline do you think will be next?

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United will close the EWR hub maybe


Passed by ewr today very little activity. United planes parked at the fence right by the turnpike


Hopefully Delta

Me again

I also have a flight from Delta for Pesach, that I’m waiting for them to cancel…


I feel like the bigger airlines are basically flying their flights for the “essential” workforce so they’ll probably continue flying out of NY.
I can’t imagine UA cancelling their intl flights from NY. Maybe they’ll transfer them to other hubs but then they’ll have to have flights to feed onto them.


Flying Delta on Saturday. Really hope not.


i think AA is next


This is good for me! As per Dan I was waiting until closer to my Spirit flight to do anything. My flight is supposed to be this Wednesday from Newark with Spirit, and this morning, I got notification that it was cancelled. Can I hope to get a cash refund for flight as well as for bag and seat selection I had paid for? And will the refund be automatic or do I need to call them to get it?
Thank you!


Will JetBlue cancel flights before pesach?

Dan\'s the Man

Dude. The rabbis said you can’t go away this Pesach. Why is this so hard to understand?


My lor rabbi gave me heter


Your lor as well as you are a rodef


Maybe he has a dying parent ch”v and wants to see them for the last time?


That’s what he meant///
Local Orthodox Rodef


come on bro
give him the benefit of the doubt


Thanks for advising to wait on asking for a refund. Instead of a travel voucher I’ll now hopefully get a cash refund.


Interesting to see IAG and PBG get cut, while ACY is spared.


Oh man if only they shut down acy so I can get a refund instead of 6 month credit

Plan-it israel

Thanx @Dan for the waiting tip.


I applied for the voucher literally one day earlier :/ Do you think they’ll still give me my money back instead?


Thanks Dan. I had flights to NY for Pesach – my wife asked me to cancel many times, but waited bec of ur advice.

Taking the Neshama out of Spirit Airlines

@Dan Would you expect the chat with customer service via whatsapp to yield the same result? It’s a lot easier than having to wait on hold to speak with a rep by telephone…
Also, do you think I can get a refund of the membership fee for the $9 fare club that I paid when making my reservation?

Taking the Neshama out of Spirit Airlines

B”H was able to get the refund through the whatsapp chat. They refused to issue a refund for the $9 Fare Club membership fee. I threatened to complain to the DOT. Waiting for a response . . .


Dan I can’t thank you enough.
I had a IAD EWR TLV flight for tomorrow I waited patiently until now as per your advice.
They cancelled all IAD EWR flights for tomorrow and rerouted me to IAD SYR EWR TLV I called them and said NO WAY and got a full CASH refund.
You saved me 2800 dollars.


My United flight this Thursday just got canceled. Wonder if that means they are starting to cancel all flights?


Looks like United started canceling flights from EWR to LAX at least till this Sunday. They are only showing one flight a day….

Velvel Lipskier

Thanks Dan for the “Wait” Tip.
I got a full refund for my departing flight (FLL-LGA) – I communicated through Whatsapp.
They offered a travel credit and asked “Should I proceed”?
I replied “No” I expect a full refund.
They refunded me.

I fly Spirit very often (it is a great deal, if you know exactly what you are getting into… – Get to take a family of six to new York for under $360…)
I generally have a policy of booking the departure and return flights because it makes things easier if anything happens.

In this case, My return flight is for April 19. It was not yet officially canceled. They offered a Travel Credit, but no refund.

I showed them a screen-shot of their site, stating that all service is suspended at least until May 4.
they replied that as far as they see in their system, the flight is still scheduled, so they cannot issue a refund.
i will just have to wait until they officially cancel.
Thanks Dan for your input!!!

David Lyon

My wife and I were going to fly for Pesach to our children and grandchildren in Philadelphia round trip on separate days from SFO to PHL on various routes on 3 different airline companies, Spirit, United, and American. Don’t ask why all this balagan, it just worked out best that way. We then cancelled all our flights due to COVID-19 shelter in place orders (and because we are not stupid!) and received full credit toward future flights (which we take anyway about 3-4 times per year). We’re happy.


I have a flight to Orlando leaving April 7 from Atlantic City. So far the flight has not been canceled. Is there any way I can get a refund? I didn’t cancel my tickets yet and the flight looks like it’s still happening.