[Ends Today] Signup For CLEAR Plus (Free With Multiple AMEX Cards) And Get A $100 Travel Rebate

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Update, 6/30: This offer ends today!

Signup For CLEAR Plus And Get A $100 Travel Rebate

Signup for a new CLEAR Plus via the link above by 6/30 and you’ll receive a $100 CHOICE voucher after 6/30.

I’m not familiar with this rebate or how easy it will be to redeem, but this is what CLEAR says about it:

  • Voucher code for $100 rebate will be delivered via email at the end of the promotion period after 6/30/2024.
  • Cash reward is provided by CHOICE Rebate after completion of enrollment in and purchase of a one year CLEAR Plus membership and completion of CHOICE Rebate redemption process.
  • Please visit mycr.co to begin the redemption process.
  • CHOICE Rebate subject to CHOICE Rebate terms and conditions in all respects.
  • Refunds for accounts created under promotion and cancelled within Sixty (60) days from enrollment will be subject to a $100 CHOICE Rebate fee.

If you have used this rebate before, hit the comments to let us know more about it.

You will receive the voucher regardless of whether you complete enrollment at the airport.

After signing up online you can finish your registration at any airport with CLEAR.

CLEAR tracks existing memberships by email address and has honored past promos when you signup with a new email address.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the cheapest price for CLEAR Plus.

CLEAR Plus normally costs $189/year, but United and Delta non-elite members can enroll in CLEAR Plus for $179/year. United and Delta cardholders and mid-tier elite members can enroll in CLEAR Plus for $149/year. Top tier elites get CLEAR Plus for free.

You can set your account not to auto-renew.

The full annual fee will be reimbursed once per calendar year if you use an AMEX Business Platinum CardThe Platinum Card® from American ExpressAMEX Green Card, or Hilton Aspire Card, as those cards have a $189 annual credit for CLEAR.

A CLEAR Plus member can add up to 3 adults for $99 each, which can also be covered by those cards. Kids under 18 can go with their parents for free without a membership or biometrics required.

CLEAR Plus allows you to skip to the front of the line. If you have PreCheck you can skip to the front of the PreCheck line and if you don’t have PreCheck you can skip to the front of the regular line.

You don’t need to take out your ID either, your fingerprint or eye act as your ID.

The dependability that skipping the line gives you is simply amazing. It means I can leave my house 55 minutes before a flight and know that I won’t miss my flight out of CLE. When I’m with my family I’ll leave plenty of time and enjoy the airport lounge, but if I’m solo, the less wasted time in the airport is always a win.

Sadly, lines have grown in some airports though and the CLEAR line can sometimes stretch longer than the non-CLEAR line. But at least for me, I have found it to be a big time saver.

Do you enjoy using CLEAR? How have the lines been in your home airport?

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I have clear and I stopped using it, last 2 times I traveled with someone that has tsa without clear and he got through father then me with clear + tsa


In addition to clear lines often being as long or longer than regular lines, they actually DO make you show ID quite often. Used it many time in the last 12 months or so and had to show it many times


After the TSA, Clear is the largest parasite on travel that I’ve come across. Never has it ever saved me any time. Often do you need to show ID and wait in a line that’s longer than the general screening line.


I opened my account a few years ago with the Delta BOGO family deal. Tried to renew and does not work. An agent needs to override and split the account. Had this happen to my mom. Last month I faced the same issue, I told the lazy pleb manning the Clear kiosk what needs to happen. She totally ignored me and told me to call the 800 number. She returned to the other 7-8 or so other agents doing absolutely nothing. I just gave up on Clear. The lines are about the same and it only saved me from long lines like once for 3 years.

Sitting on the fence

How is the clear line at JFK or MIA? Can anyone share their experiences at any of those 2 airports?


Can’t believe this company is still in biz and charging through the nose. Last 5 times we traveled through clear, 3/5 times I had to show ID and 2/5 I had to “reenroll” or update my fingerprints. All 5 times I would’ve saved more time with tsa pre by itself. GE on the other hand is a game changer!


The only place I have the opportunity to use it is Miami. It is located near door #2 for Domestic.
3 of the 4 times, the line for REGULAR pre-check was SHORTER than the Clear line. So using the regular pre-check was faster. I obviously skipped it those 3 times.

Scam auto renew clear

How do you stop clear from auto renew ? Bot not helping , no phone line


Has anybody had a chance to make use of the $100 credit. Any good uses?


Don’t need it, wanna do it for the 100 credit to get some benefit from my Amex Green
Tells me I have an account, I might had an account before (did it with a similar promotion in United Airlines IIRC)
Do I still qualify? Should I do it with a different email?


So, if i sign up for CLEAR w/ Amex consumer Plat or Green, & get reimbursed for the charge, do i still get this promo also for a net $100 earning?


I tried signing up with another email and neither would work afterwards. No help with agents at the kiosk, had to call and they were able to help.

Don’t even use it because tsa pre lines are shorter and quicker.

Mr L

In my experience clear is nothing but waste of time TSA pre is always enough for me


does each additional expense card on platinum business qualify for amex credit?


Promo Expired


anyone got the $100?


Thanks for enrolling in CLEAR Plus! Use your $100 cash reward towards any future travel purchase.
Here’s how to get your $100 cash reward for airline tickets, hotel reservations, transportation, and more.


Register your 9-digit certificate number here:


Submit the receipt of your recent travel purchase—find instructions on your rebate voucher at mycr.co.
Here’s how to get your $100 cash reward for airline tickets, hotel reservations, transportation, and more.

Your reward will be sent to your email or mailing address!


Mind posting the instructions?

find instructions on your rebate voucher at mycr.co.


Hi Dan i signed up got charged $189 and a few days later got another $90 charge!
looking at the receipt on account i see i was charged a $100 activation fee!!!
i did link it to my united millage account so yearly fee $179


How do I use this reward anyone knows