With No US Plans To Drop Pre-Flight Testing Requirements, Don’t Forget To Order And Claim Insurance Reimbursement For eMed Travel Antigen Tests!

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Despite countries across the globe dropping pre-flight COVID testing requirements, the US has no plans to do so:


Everyone 2 and older needs to take an antigen or PCR test within 1 day before a flight to the US. I’ve written about my experience using eMed tests to fly from Iceland to the US. And I used them again to fly from South Africa to the US without issue.

Since 1/15, US health insurance has been required to cover the cost of at-home antigen tests.

eMed’s website confirms that their tests are eligible for this reimbursement. 6 tests cost $150, which comes out to $25 per test.

If your health insurance provider has a special deal with local pharmacies or stores to pickup free antigen tests, then they must reimburse you for $12 per test that you purchase elsewhere, such as from eMed. That would drop the cost per test to just $13.

If your health insurance provider does not have a deal with local pharmacies or stores to pickup free antigen tests, then they must reimburse the entire cost of antigen tests that you purchase elsewhere, including from eMed!

You can contact your health insurance provider to see if they provide free tests at local stores and for information on claiming reimbursement.

But either way, traveling with eMed tests when flying abroad is a no-brainer. You’ll be able to test from the comfort of your hotel room and have the results back within 15 minutes.

Have you use eMed tests before flying back to the US?


When Will The US Drop Pre-Flight COVID Testing Requirements?

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Does this work when flying back from Israel?
How do you get a negative certificate


I think you should to your poll “Depends on who wins the White House in 2024”


or off course amex now covers adobe subscription….vd”l


Are children <5 required to test when traveling back to the USA?


I have medicaid. Would medicaid cover those tests ?


Wondering about Medicaid too?


Flying from Canada to USA, starting what age are children required to test?


be warned that insurance companies are NOT reimbursing for the sales tax on these items.


Can 6 different people use these 6-pack tests?


How long are these shelf life?


Cigna calls out that “TeleMed” tests are not covered … weird https://www.cigna.com/coronavirus/


can i administer test myself and get results or do i have to use phone or web?


plus $18 for shipping overnight! No other option for shipping.


Is the insurer also required to reimburse the shipping fee?


I agree with @frecountry that the question really is will the republicans who back in 22 and 24


fyi i just called horizon blue cross NJ the omni silver plan wont cover any test for travel or not related to illness
see below

In addition, effective January 15, 2022, eligible Horizon members are covered for up to eight at-home, FDA-approved over-the-counter (OTC) COVID-19 tests every 30 days for diagnostic purposes. This means you are taking a test because you have COVID-19 symptoms or because you were exposed to someone who has COVID-19. Claims for diagnostic testing are covered by your insurance with no out-of-pocket costs. A doctor’s order is not required.

The Horizon benefit does not apply if you are testing to go to work or school, for travel or for a reason not related to illness (called “surveillance tests.”) Surveillance tests are not covered by insurance. The Federal government free tests are not limited to diagnostic purposes.


Does elal accept this


What about un-insured or self pay? Are there any govt programs that reimburse?


How are the emed antigen tests different than the other cheaper ones out there that are FDA approved, like On/Go or IHealth? They are fully covered under the $13


I purchased COVID tests from Emed on 1/15.
Still have not been reimbursed my insurance.
Now they say sometime this month they’ll get to my claim. Initially, I was told there was no price limit on the tests. Now, they’ll only cover $12/test.


It seems you need a NAVICA account for the actual test? Can a family of 6 use one NAVICA account or does each person need to make a separate account?


My insurance offers free tests from optum store
Does anyone know if these are also good for travel from Israel into USA?


Cigna seems to specifically exclude it (see below). Does anyone have experience with them?
If they have to cover it by law, how can they exclude?

On this page: https://www.cigna.com/coronavirus/

Tests you purchase on or after January 15, 2022 are eligible for reimbursement. However, the following are not reimbursable under this program:

The BinaxNOWTM test with “Telehealth Proctor Supervised” in the attributes column
The Cue+ EssentialTM membership
The Cue Reader


Will these work if we have a stopover in Germany? (ie will they recognize it for transit passengers?)


We are flying Lufthansa? Will they accept it?


Emed doesn’t do tests on kids under 4


So, we’re flying back from Israel to the US on Saturday night motzai Pesach. Since its YomTov for the 2 days before the flight and the US requires within 1 day, we have no idea how we would test in time somewhere, with all the hundreds of people who will be in the same predicament.
Will this be a solution?? We are 2 adults and 3 kids. Where, how and when would we use this to test? Will the foreign airlines such as Turkish accept these results? This could be a huge solution for anyone traveling back that night.


Does anyone have experience with Cigna covering this?
They specifically exclude it on their website.


Anthem denied my claim. Say all COVID tests have to be ordered by physician


Will they ship out of the country?