Wide Open United Business Class Saver Award Space Nonstop From Tel Aviv To Newark In The End Of December For You And Your Entire Family


The nonstop routes between Tel Aviv and North America are some of the hardest for business saver awards.

Earlier this year I took my family to Israel on USAirways business class when they had a glitch and opened up their entire schedule for business saver awards while they were converting their fare classes to match American’s. That was actually the 2nd glitch of the year. It happened the day before but I slept through it while DDF’ers were having all the fun. And then it happened a 3rd time a couple of weeks later. But aside from those glitches it’s a tough award.

Even finding 1 business saver award seat requires hunting, but DDF user D93 notes that United has at least 9 business saver award seats available on December 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25 on their Tel Aviv-Newark morning flight. There are also at least 9 coach saver awards, but the coach award seats aren’t rare.

Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be the same kind of business saver award space from Newark to Tel Aviv, though you can fly nonstop in United coach, in partner business class with a stop, or if you’re feeling adventurous you can give Plan B a try for United business saver award when there’s only coach saver availability.

Unfortunately United killed their legacy Continental website, and with it the ability to actually see which of these dates actually have nonstop award space.

Consider that Smisek’s last hurrah.

United’s biggest downgrade? The new website’s award calendar’s lack of ability to show nonstop saver award availability:


















So what’s the best way to book?

It’s 70K miles with United and you can transfer points from Sapphire Preferred or Ink Plus to United. Those points transfer instantly and United never charges fuel surcharges.

However United will charge you $200 should you need to cancel and redeposit the miles.

Alternatively you can transfer points from AMEX, Chase, Citi, or Starwood to Singapore, however that transfer isn’t instant. From AMEX, Chase, or Citi it can take anywhere from a 2-48 hours while transfers from Starwood can take 2-6 days. In the meantime the award space may dry up.

But if you want to risk it Singapore charges just 57.5K miles for the same flight with no fuel surcharges. And should you need to cancel and redepsoit the miles you’ll pay just $30.

The same story applies in coach, United charges 42.5K miles while Singapore charges just 37.5K miles for the same United flight.

You need to call Singapore to book travel on United.

It’s also worth noting that while United miles can stay alive forever if you have their credit card or account activity, Singapore miles expire 36 months after they’re transferred in, regardless of activity. And Singapore charges a fuel surcharge for travel on most airlines besides for United.

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You can also transfer to Singapore KrisFlyer instantly via citi thank you points…


Since when is that an instant transfer?



When last did you see lots of economy saver awards on United. Whenever I’ve looked recently, there were no saver awards available (and I am a Chase/United cardmember).

I understand that folks like you that have grandfathered status or cards might have more availability, but for most of us, even Chase cardmember, I would say that even Plan B is rarely a plan, as Saver availability is slim to none… (which also makes United seats unavailable for other programs such as Krisflyer)


Not sure if its been discussed on DDF but i was able to filter nonstop awards on the mobile site.


I checked a bunch of dates in December and most had saver coach award space.

Screenshot please?
mobile.united.com doesn’t even have an award calendar that I can see.


@hvaces42: albeit no calendar


Thought it was.. sorry clearly I was mistaken if you are saying otherwise..


If there’s no calendar then what’s the point??

On the old site in one look I got 60 days of info. Now it takes 60 clicks to get the same info!

Not unless this is something very new.


No HT?


It’s in the post.


@Eli: correct no calendar i dont know if that helps any.


So how is that any advantage over the full website?


@Dan: my mistake. Thought you couldnt filter nonstop at all.


@lotofsimcha: it’s not instant via TYP.


So a couple of weeks ago i booked two business class tickets for me an my wife on BA with the aarp deal, i just had a baby and wanna add her to booking, i called ba but they want 10% of current rate which would be around $450!
is there any way around this?
maybe pay with avios?
please help


Is 24hr apply to award booking?


No way around that now.

For United, yes.


Take note that 12/22 is 10 Teves. (unless you don’t mind fasting all those extra hours) But hey, is it worth flying business without even being able to try the food or drink a coffee?


I have paid coach tickets on United EWR-TLV-EWR during this period. Any way I can switch the return trip to a saver business award?

chana k

Doesn’t ANA also have a cheaper award rate than united on united flights, also with no fuel surcharges? Or is Singapore even cheaper and that’s why you only mentioned them? But if someone has ANA miles already…..


Good point!


@chana k:
ANA requires a round-trip purchase.


Has the old United website been completely dimantled now?


If it’s still around I don’t know how to access it.