Visa Gift Card Special At Office Max Stores Next Week


Update: 03/06, Let the good times roll…at least until 03/08!ย  The spoils goes to those who conquer from within ๐Ÿ˜‰











Update, 03/03: I’m already in for $5K so far, post your results in the comments! Yesterday was a bit of a pain as the promotion wasn’t properly activated and had to be manually applied by a store manager but today was easy sailing.

I’ve been buying 5 of the $200 cards in a single transaction and the coupon that they scan at the register automatically takes off $60. Total comes out to $974.75 for $1,000 in Visa cards and more importantly, quintuple points!


Originally posted on 02/28:

If you buy at least $250 in Visa gift cards between 03/02-03/08 you’ll get $15 off instantly.

That means you can get 2 $200 cards for below face value and you’ll get quintuple points by using your Ink Plus, Ink Bold, or Ink Cash card.

A $100 card normally costs $105.95 and a $200 card normally costs $206.95.

If you open a newย Ink Plus card for example and spend $5K at Office Max you would have a whopping 75,000 Ultimate Rewards points.ย  That’s more than enough for 16 (!) free short-haul flights or for 6 nights at the cash and points rate at a incredible high-end hotel like the Grand Hyatt Kauai, Andaz Maui, or Park Hyatt Maldives. (This new award works with Hyatt suite upgrades and it’s worth noting that those expire today if you have any.)

Officially there is a limit of 2 $15 discounts per person though in the past my local stores haven’t enforced any limits.
The Visa cards can be loaded onto Bluebird at WalMart via the ATM or any cashier, sent to a friend via Amazon Payments, loaded on a money order at any store besides for the post office that accept debit cards for a money order (my local grocery store does this for 50 cents), etc.

Or just use them for everyday purchases knowing that you already got the cards below face value and that you earned 5 points per dollar!

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The $15 dollars comes in the form of a rebate or will it actually cost $191.95 per card?


Does staple price matches with office Max???
We don’t have any office Max around us


1) Same as Ben – rebate vs. actual discount on spot

2) Can you do this online?


Instant, but your math is way off.

Unlikely for this but you can always try.

In-store only.


@Ben, Jeremy: I see Dan used the word “instantly”



199.45 each card


@dan i assume the reg $200 GC costs $206.95. minus 15 gives $191.95. am i missing something?


sry. didnt notice the $250 dollar requirement. i apologize….


Great deal! So seems like best deal is (2) $200 card for a $1 profit and 2000 points (with the Ink cards).


If your using Ink Card then its probably worth it to get 3 X 200. It will be like buying another $100 gift card with only a $1 fee.


Walmart still accepting gift cards to bluebird ?

No more gift card to money order ether visa or mastercard, not working.@Ben:


I tought you couldn’t pay for visa gift cards with a credit card??


can you buy a $500 card for 491.95?


@Nick-Great point! I was understanding the terms differently. This is an even better deal then!


Office max does not sell $500 gift cards unfortunatly. Highest value is $200. So your best bet is buying $500 in gift cards for $489.85 or $600 in gift cards for $590.85

Dan ray

Can you go in store multiple times per day and buy $600 each time to get maximum discount?


Aw, I hate these good-but-not-great GC deals at OfficeMax. The reason I hate them is that my nearest OfficeMax is 20 miles away. Even with basically free gas (thanks Shell/Giant!), it’s hard to justify the trip to make, say, $50 in points on a $1000 GC purchase. I guess if I bought $5000, the trip would be worthwhile. To unload that amount, though, I’d need to buy a MO in a supermarket. What is the success ratio of buying that MO, especially when you have a bunch of $100 and $200 GCs?


I’ve been adding Visa and Mastercard gift cards to my bluebird as recently as this past Thursday so yeah – it still works. The trick is to push cancel when the prompt comes up for the value (eg. $500 or $200 etc.). The keypad will then prompt you to pick a payment method which you then press debit (set a pin first for mastercard).


@Nick: If it’s $250 to get $15 off and the max card is $200 then wouldn’t you take 2x$400 twice for $800? Just checking the math. One the fee is paid isn’t the idea to get the most value so you get the most expensive card?
I’m no looking forward to sitting there at Walmart with 5 cards to load onto my bluebird vs my usual 2 GCs.


@Helga: I am also confused because I saw signs that the visa gift cards cannot be bought with a credit card. I hope someone will clarify this for us. I am surprised that no one answered you yet. Dan, if you are reading this please confirm whether or not visa cards can be purchased at Office Max and if so how you explain away all those signs.


@Helga: I have the same question. Can someone with specific knowledge and experience with this please explain this? Besides this question, has anyone thought of buying a Shell gas card for $50 to get to to $250 ? Wouldn’t that work out best ? Where does anyone see that if you spend $500 in one purchase you will get $30 discount ?


has anyone thought of buying a Shell gas card for $50 to get to to $250 ?…
Answer is no, because this is for Visa Gift cards only on the deal.


Would you believe that the closest Office Max to Teaneck, NJ is in Brooklyn?


Only Office Depot has those signs.

Office Max and Staples allow credit card purchase of all gift cards.


No need to do that trick with Visa cards.


I guess living in complete Golus has its advantages. Little to no competition. Like taking candy from a baby!


Lawrence location does not have any 200 cards, AND is not accepting credit cards today. Btw, why not buy 1×200 and 1×50?


I’m ready for another 3bm. Want to do ink bold and ink cash. Any ideas for a 3rd?


So, if you buy $600 in one transaction to you get $30 off? If you buy $800 do you get $45 off? Anybody know yet?


Hey – FT is saying that the back office at OM does not have the coupon correctly set, are people here actually getting Visa GC? The Flyer Talk forums are buzzing with failure after failure on the east coast.


what is the advantage of loading onto bluebird instead of using the visa card?


Ok, thanks for clarifying that for me. Just one more please. Nick and Trevor mentioned buying 3 $200 cards for $590.85, has anyone tried this and seen this work ?


Will chase flag a 2000$ or more purchase using ink biz at office max? I know for too much CVS they supposedly will



Last time I applied for 3BM Chase (a few weeks ago), they told me that they will only accept 2 apps within a 30 day period.


Do you want to mix consumer and business or no?

Flag for what?

That’s why there’s HUCA and SM’ing as well.


Abusing the system? doesnt chase flag too many CVS purchases a.k.a. vanila buys or too much overuse ob AP?


Not in my experience…


In Roanoke Va, the OM computer was not working right. They tried for about 15 minutes, then charged 620$ to my credit card and refunded me 30 dollars cash.


OD guy said all locations down today. System issue. Oh well.


I bought 2,000 & went to walmart. They said they only deposit debit card with my name on it & online it said the same thing.. Any ideas??


@Scatlanta: That sounds new,
I haven’t had that problem. Try another Walmart or go back and try again with someone else.


@Jeff: I went this morning and they only had the $100 cards and the computer wasn’t giving the discount so I got 6 $100 cards for $605.70. I had hoped to get double that with $200 cards but like I said they don’t stock them or at least were all out.


@avi: you bought one $100 GC too many. You paid $5.95 for that one and got no discount on it, hence paying $5.95/530=1.12CPP. No deal ๐Ÿ™‚


Was @ the Brooklyn location @ 11 and they sold out of $200 was able to buy 5 $100 and they manually did the refund


Just to clarify, when I go on bluebird online to do $100 from visa it says address doesn’t match one on file. Any ideas?
Just to clarify, Walmart should be able to load these on my bluebird card?


From reading this post what I dont get is why anyone would buy 2 x $100 visa cards vs 1 $200 visa gc. For every $100 gc fees are $6 so 5 x $100 gc = $530. Fees are only $7 for a $200 gc almost half price…


@MiamiGuy: The only reason you would buy $100 gc if they’re out of $200 gc, which happened at 1 of the office max i visited


I can’t find any $200 dollar gift cards and I went to a few different stores ๐Ÿ™


If that will work – sure. I already have freedom and sp cards


Attempted this at the Hempstead/Elmont NY store and was denied the purchase via Credit card. Manager said gift cards were available for cash or debit cards. Anyone else experiencing this?


Just bought four $200 cards with hubs card and two $200 with mine in Arlington, TX – no problems – they had them at the register so be sure to ask!


Bought 3 $200 Visa cards and $30 off.
No problems.


i got 1500 in one transaction with $90 off, manager said he could only sell me 1500 a day but would save me more for tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚


Does it pay to drive 40 miles to the nearest Office Max?


Well done!

I’m lucky enough to have several stores within a few miles and didn’t have to run the gas numbers ๐Ÿ˜‰


The only sell the $50 cards here. It stinks. They posted a deal and can’t even honor it.


I bought $2,000 worth of these and was hoping someone could tell me if they can be loaded onto Bluebird & best way to do it. THANKS!


They can order larger cards.
Did you talk to a manager?

Did you read the post?


DAN, What quintuple points are u referring to?
also post says if you add signing points + purchase points, yu can byt Brooklyn Bridge. signing points are long gone, so why add to your calculation?

World Conqueror

@AA: We bought that bridge years ago… dude get with the program


1. Ink cards earn 5 points per dollar at office supply stores.
2. I have no clue what you are trying to say but there’s no limit to how many 50K bonuses you can get for opening Ink cards.


LOL #2 ^^^


Bklyn has one OM on Atlantic Ave
i went there the first on Sunday Morning
bought the only $200 gift card they had (3 Cards)


Dan or someone else. Can u pls explain step by step how to transfer Visa GC to BB at Walmart ATM? I tried a few times but no luck. Do I start with swiping the BB card or the GC? And what after? Pls try to explain. Thanks a lot



Yes, and they said that there was nothing they could do. They are relegated to whatever the store receives in their shipments. They also said that the company is more or less trying to get rid of inventory for the merger with Office Depot so larger denominations are unlikely.


Calmly walk over to a regular cashier and show them your bluebird card. Hand them the card and tell them that you would like to add some $ (state how much) on it from your DEBIT card. They will swipe your BB card (on their side) push a bunch of buttons. Whan they tell you, you will need to press ok on your side, swipe the (gift) DEBIT card, and enter the last 4digits when it prompts you for the pin. A reciept will print, and they will give you back your BBcard.
Thats all there is to it.
You may want to practice first on a smaller card that would be ok if it didnt work. No use being stuck with thousands of dollars on gift cards.
If it doesnt work, or they tell you that it doesnt work, please just shrug and WALK AWAY.
If that I happens you have two options:
Read up on this some more on DDF;
Email Dan with your questions.
I recomend the first.


@Sol: The Walmart you are going to evidently does not have the right ATM needed to load a BlueBird. In that case you just walk over to a teller and tell them to load you BlueBird.


Seems every time I try to buy Vanilla reloads at CVS, on checkout my credit card registers “credit card fraud”. I always seem to have to call before the purchase. It makes no difference if $500 or $5000. I wonder if I will have the same problem at Office Max. BTW, my AMEX is Centurion and my M/C is Chase Presidential Plus so it’s not a credit limit problem. I can buy $10,000 of sport tickets or flights or hotel stays but have problem with gift cards!


A lot of you shouldn’t be doing this. Buying without knowing how to liquidate? Showing WM employees gift cards? Loading online to BB? These are total rookie mistakes, ones w potentially bad side effects for you and others that do this, yet some of you have jumped in w both feet and are sitting on thousands of dollars of GCs.
Do yourself a favor and do a little research.


To those of you who are not able to find any $200 cards on the rack, let me share a little something: those racks are hollow and the doors can be easily opened. You may find the mother lode inside, where the manager is hiding the cards. ๐Ÿ˜‰


My success: store #1, no issues with pulling a “5 card Dan” trick. store #2: pimply faced kid and his ex-con manager boss were making up rules on the fly about money laundering and limits, etc. etc. It was crazy what they were making up.

My question to you all: how far do you push against them when they make up rules? I mean, I can’t very well tell them that “Dan got it to work in Cleveland and he is the maestro of this stuff”. Do you ever ask them to call HQ? (Doesn’t seem worth it to me.)


What is the coupon that the cashier has to scan at checkout to make this work? I bought $300 worth at my local Office Max, and I didn’t get any discount at checkout (and didn’t have time to take it up with manager).


Dan. Can u pls explain step by step how to transfer Visa GC to BB at Walmart ATM? I tried a few times but no luck. Do I start with swiping the BB card or the GC? And what after? Pls try to explain. Thanks a lot


The coupon code on my receipt is:
The cashier scanned it once and 2 separate $15 deductions showed up on the receipt. I bought 3 $200 Visa gift cards. The cashier needs to open up a binder and scan the code.


@schlomo Don’t push it at all if they enforce the limit, THEY ARE RIGHT. The ad clearly states Limit 2. Why would HQ side with you if their employees are right?

@SOL There is this wonderful thing called The Google that you can type your questions in to and it will send you to sites on the world wide web that may answer your questions.


Trader Steve: Before I went to cvs i called my credit card co either chase or citi and told them that i was going to purchas $5000 in vanilla reloads. the cc then worked. otherwise you just stand there and your credit card doesn”t work



Hmmmmm…. Why would they expect a customer to know to tell the cashier to look in their binder for a coupon to scan. Aren’t these discounts generally applied automatically when there is a promotion in the circular?
I think I’ll email corporate and ask them for the credits.


“No limit to how many 50,000 ink bonus”
Dan, do i close my ink and wait how long to re apply?
did anyone have any issues with close and re apply? would FR ask why closed and now asking for a new one? How many times a year do you guys do it?


I’m in NYC. It’s been impossible to find them. There’s only 1 (ONE!) Office Max in all of Brooklyn (maybe all of NYC?) and they’re sold out of the $200 cards. They have a ton of the $100 cards, but who wants those? Wondering if anyone here has been hiding them…? Tsk, tsk. Please share. ๐Ÿ˜‰


@lawrence firsthand knowledge? I was gonna go today

Dan Torah

Is there a coupon needed, or instant swipe at the register?


Just went to office max in cle and manager said they can only do two per customer per purchase per day but the cashier without realizing rung up 5 of 200 cards for 60 dollars off.


By the way he said even though we have done it in the past they can no longer allow it!



What’s so terrible about the $100 cards. With this deal, you’re still getting them for free.



They told me this at cvs when I tried to buy more than 2 vanilla reload. They told me its laundering and that’s why theres a limit.


UPDATE: Okay, I spent a fun (!) morning driving around to all of my nearby OMs. Only scored at 2 of them but I am happy with that. I will go back later today.

One thing I have learned: if cashier is a “nerdy male” then I know I will strike out. These guys seem to have a power trip to know the rules and they like to say no…probably the only pleasure they have in their days. Young ladies seem to be the best.

I think managers are hiding cards too. I open the displays but some are very loud to open.

Is anyone doing 2 x $1000 or more at one store?


I was in the lawrence store an hour ago and couldn’t find any 200 cards. I don’t know about the ban against buying it with CC’s though, as I have not attempted to buy those


If the $100 cards cost $5.95 each, doesn’t that mean that you can buy 10 of them for $999.50 (which gives you 5k UR pts with no fees, and fifty-cents off)


how do you get all the discounts. i rang up 3 (x200) but only got $30 off. do you need to do multiple sales/swipes?.

as an aside, there is a sign that ‘if i dont ask you about buying paper, take a free soda from the cooler’. well of course they did not ask about paper. i asked if i get a free soda, but she shrugged and said she needs to ask the manager, cause i only bought GC’s. i told her not to bother and walked out.


Should have bought 5 for a $60 discount.



The offer is $15 discount when you purchase $250 of GCs. So if you purchase between $500 and $749, you only get 2 x $15.


@milechazzer: Yes, assuming they do not enforce the limit of 2 $15 credits per customer.


The system automatically gives $60 when you buy $1,000 in cards.

Worth buying the $100s or $200s that way.



….. But twice as much time at Walmart with the $100s


Buy a money order with split tender?


This is really a simple process…buy the cards in increments of $250, if the OM store allows you more, fine, otherwise come back the next day. After purchase, call the 888 number on card envelope and get a pin….proceed to Wal Mart and get up to $1,000 in a money gram, (costs $.70) The WM clerk will be happy to process your debit gift card. Just remember what your PIN # is.


Walmart Suffern requires you to have your name on GC’s as well for bluebird and Money Orders….


BB can accept 5k max/ mo VR.
Can add at WM GC in addition, or is 5k/ mo max for all sources?


@david, @Srulky, others: you do NOT need to call an 888 and you do not need your name on the GC. Just use the MoneyCenter machines and not the human behind the counter.

Admit it: you prefer (like me) to deal with the machine rather than the human.



I’ve tried to purchase money orders (and to do bill pays) at Walmart, and they’ve always rejected my gift cards.
I’m pretty sure that all of the Walmarts in the NY/NJ area have “clamped down” on GCs for money orders.


@Dan, When we buy a “money order with split tender” at WM, may I ask what is the max number of transactions? Is it four? I read the whole post and every comment, but do not seem to see the answer. Thanks.


Does anyone know if you can us OM GC to purchase Visa GC? If so, you can but OM GC at gas stations w/ Freedom card for 5X UR points.


Its unclear from this post if I need to call the number on the back and get a pin or to use the last 4 numbers of the card as the pin when loading onto bb … any body know?


@schlomo: When you find the Money Center ATM at Wal Mart Suffern pls lmk.@milechazzer: +1



For Visa Cards you only need the last 4 numbers. MC you would have to call to set up pin.


@MiamiGuy: I am new to this but the way I did it was registered cards on and made sure name & address match on & bluebird acct info. You can change pin on gowallet site and when I went to walmart, handed them bluebird & sd need to load $200 on card, then swiped my visa gift card. i repeated this 5x’s until reached daily max. Both walmarts had broken atm’s so i couldn’t try that. hope it helps


@Laura: I’ve been to 3 different OfficeMax’s today alone in the Boston area. I only found 1 $200 card so I bought the rest as $100 cards. Not the best but better than nothing once I already was there! I loaded a bunch onto the BB at Walmart – I found the 2 stores just down the road from eachother!


My debit transaction was declined so called BB and they said that I have exceeded my monthly limit of $5000 because I loaded that much in Vanilla Reload cards. Does the limit of $5000 a month a combination of vanilla and debit transactions? I was under the impression that they were different categories. Thanks for your help!


what’s the best location in CH to buy MO with the visa card?


@Amitai: same category


Went to a OM outside of Philadelphia and they wouldn’t sell me more than $600 in GC. Manager pretty much stood with cashier through the whole transaction to make sure I didn’t buy more.

Saul G

so i can take $5K in $200 Visa GCs to my grocery store, get 5x$1K MOs for $2.50, then spend them how?



Yeah, I had a similar situation: tried to buy 5 x $200, computer gave me the $60 discount and the cashier refused to sell it to me at that price! He insisted on manually removing the extra $30. I complained, and asked for the manager, but to no avail. They both insisted that I could only get the 2 x $15 discount per day.


Wow, that’s asinine.
Go OM store 0001 ๐Ÿ˜€


So far spent $8,129 = 40,644 UR points + $71.15 profit. Hoping to add another couple of grand over the next two days ๐Ÿ™‚


Too many people are emptying my OM’s of the 200 variety. I am collecting the 100 version but am only making a nickel on each,BUT I am making 500 UR points for free on each card….


Went to walmart & they wouldn’t let me load BB. They said debit card must have my name on card. Any suggestions? Try different walmart? Also, said can’t buy Money order with it either at Walmart


I’ve found OM stores to be VERY YMMV ranging from willing to sell whatever they have and suggesting that I call to see if the next shipment has arrived to putting a limit of $500 in purchases after calling in for phone authorization then when I try to make the purchase my card got declined because the fraud department thought it was two purchases all the while getting major attitude from employees as if I was trying to rob the place.


This hasn’t been much of a “deal” for people in the NY area. I’ve been to a couple of OM stores, and they were already picked clean at the beginning of the week. That being said, I’ve found that the managers and employees in these stores are generally most uncooperative and unhelpful when you ask them to check stock for more GCs (they will almost always say “whatever is on the rack” and not bother to check), and I have achieved some success in “helping myself” to the inventory behind the rack.


Scatlanta, why are you showing them your card. If they ask to see it I would show them a similar looking grey debit card and then just swipe the GC holding both in your hand. That way everybody’s happy.


Has anyone done a MEGA load? Anyone try 5000? (Yes, I have a great store with mother lode hiding in the box).

If so, does the discount scale up? Maybe safer to just do 5×1000. I am going to try but am concerned that Chase might shut me down. Anyone have Chase crack down on 5x points abuse??


I have a OM willing to sell me $1000 worth, but they are telling me they have to do it in separate transactions since it states “Limit 2 offers per customer.”

This shouldn’t make any difference, correct? Would it raise a red flag with Chase, somehow?


Dan…. Any $200 giftcards left behind at OM in CLE?


just went to the elmont store this morning and had no problem buying 10 $100 cards (all out of the $200)


Moe – Which store outside of Philly?
are you the one cleaning the $200GC from the same one I go to?


0/1 in Cle


When I go to Walmart to load each card of mine onto a bluebird I have to make a pin on every gift card?


No, just set the first one and it works for the rest.

Go for it, Chase has never shut anyone down. If you’re still worried you could call ahead and tell them you have a big gift card purchase coming and to be ready for it.

I would be careful doing that, one of my friends had the cops called on him because the OM Mgr thought he was stealing from the inside of the GC rack.

David R

@schlomo: What is 5x points abuse? The Ink Cash limits you to earning 5x points on the first $25,000 spent annually. The Ink Plus and Ink Bold limit you to earning 5x points on the first $50,000 spent annually. After that, they simply stop awarding 5x points. If they did not want to award that many points, they would have published a lower limit.


@anon how do you get them to put the pin on a whole bunch of cards ?

so you do need a pin for the card to get it added to bluebird ?


No more gift cards at Boca area locations…….manager said there was a run on me…….so much for this promotion and everyone knowing about it.


Run on them, not on me :).


Was anyone else able to get Staples to PM this deal? Worked great! Didn’t have to worry about OM’s being sold out, no one else was buying them at Staples!


@Steve: I stopped at the one near Sesame Place in Fairless Hills. They still had a couple left on the rack, but the manager wouldn’t let me buy those.


Where does it say on the bold card site that there is a triple point promotion?
help please?


0/3 on finding $200 cards at Office Max in Cleveland. Staples wiped out.


Dan, thanks for the reminder to do this. I did this today and it worked. However they cut me off at $1000.00. I couldn’t be mad, because the fine print said 2 was the limit. So at least I scored 5K URs. Making the transfer to the bird at Wackmart was rather easy. I went to the customer service desk and had them do it. Just told them that I wanted to load $1000 onto the bird with multiple denominations. Used the last 4 numbers as the “pin” and it worked flawlessly each time. Got my email confirmations and left the Wackmart.

Dan, do you know of any stores that sell these MetaBank Visa Gift cards in $500 denominations? Does anyone?

Thanks for any info.


is it still working ?


Sarah I got in boca went to staples took 200s and paid for it at OM


Now that it’s over, I can say that it was a great promo
for me as I made money on my 8k Ink cc purch. The best thing
That happened was that this OM store was giving me $75 off
For every 200×5 gc purch!!! In the end, I cashed out all 8k
by buying $800 MO @ diff WMs. Congrats to all that got in.

Evan Stall

Can I purchase on my new Ink Plus $200 Amex gift cards from Office Max as well for the 5X points? Or is it just the gift cards issued by MasterCard? If I can, can I load those Amex GC’s to Bluebird?