USAirways Share Miles Promotion Is Back, But It’s Not Nearly As Valuable This Time


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Several times per year USAirways allows you to share miles with a friend and the friend gets double the miles you sent.  This effectively allowed you to buy 50,000 miles for $567.50, or 1.135 cents per mile.

Unfortunately since the last promotion in April, USAirways has raised the cost to share 50,000 miles to $836.25, or 1.6725 cents per mile.

Additionally your friend no longer gets the full bonus. This time around you’ll split the bonus.  In other words if you send 50,000 miles to your wife she’ll wind up with 75,000 miles and you’ll have 25,000 miles. Previously your wife would have the full 100,000 miles in her account.

Can it still make sense to buy miles at that price? If you’re using them to fly Cathay Pacific first class from JFK to Vancouver or on American first class from JFK to Los Angeles or S. Francisco or from Miami to Los Angeles for 50,000 miles round-trip, it may make sense.  Though that rate goes up if you don’t book that by 07/31.

But this promotion is no longer the golden goose it once was.

You can read more sample uses and about the promotion in this post from April before the promotion was devalued.

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how many miles is it to fly non-stop phl-tlv?


80K coach, 120K business, but availability is quite poor.

Coach when using BA Avios is just 60K.


can sent miles been send back to get the bonus another time?

tony c


Where is the Amex mr to avios bonus coming back?? It’s been 6 months!


@dan any advice what to do with 32000 usairways miles? They want a 9.95 retention fee and dont allow one way trips to Israel.


Can I send miles back and forth between same two people?


I’m not sure why you can’t extend the lift of the US air miles unless it’s some sort of odd voucher. Just log into US air and buy something through the shopping mall. Any activity like that or other things on the site should keep them alive for basically free. I think you could even make a small $1 purchase through iTunes and it should work.


how many miles is it to fly from New York to Montreal ?


More like the brass turkey! You are better off to MS the miles with an SPG.

>But this promotion is no longer the golden goose it once was.


How many US Airways Miles for JFK-YVR on Cathay in Business?