HURRY! Unprecedented United Transcontinental Lie-Flat Business Class Award Space For Your Entire Family!

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Update: I reached out to United and they responded that the Newark to Los Angeles and S. Francisco flights will have kosher meals in business class effective 10/25 when the p.s. service shifts from JFK to Newark.


United announced last week that they will be abandoning JFK after 10/24.

They have now loaded the Newark to Los Angeles and S. Francisco routes exclusively with 757 aircraft that have lie-flat business class seating with the shift of the United p.s. flights from JFK to Newark. This change takes effect on 10/25. 

Typically lie-flat business class saver award availability on these routes are hard to come by, but it’s wide open right now.

Here is a award search from Newark to Los Angeles for 1 passenger with the calendar limited to showing nonstop flights only. The availability is surprisingly good:





















Here’s the same search for 8 passengers on nonstop flights only.  This level of availability for 8 passengers on the same nonstop transcontinental flight in a lie-flat seat is completely unprecedented.



















Same story for the return and for the EWR-SFO route.

You can book a one-way flight in United business class for 17.5K Lufthansa miles (an SPG transfer partner, not-instant), 20K Singapore miles (AMEX, Chase, Citi, and SPG transfer partner, none of which are instant), 25K Air Canada miles (transfers instantly from AMEX or non-instantly from SPG) or 25K United miles (transfers instantly from Chase).

You can connect stopover for as long as you want in LAX or SFO on the way to Hawaii for 30K Singapore miles, 35K Lufthansa miles, or 40K Air Canada or United miles each way.

United has yet to announce whether you’ll be able to order kosher meals when flying business class on the new p.s. flights from Newark. Currently the p.s. flights are only operated from JFK and they do offer kosher meals. Regardless, I’ve never had an issue having a United flight attendant warm up my own double-wrapped kosher meal that I brought onboard.

Grab a seat while it lasts!

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I’m probably going to San Francisco on July 4th and thinking of booking that flight at 8:30 AM from JFK to SFO as there are 6 business class seats available.


any other routes?


Awesome, definitely some glitchy stuff going on now on these routes.

No other domestic routes have lie-flat seats on every flight like this.


LH is 17.5k, not rounded down anymore


Have you asked them to manually round it down and been denied?


Not me personally but ive heard from a few others.. Same applies for tlv-ny 52,500


What if i cancel such a fight? Do i get back my miles and no fees?


I’m searching in August and seeing 737’s, not the 757


Try it and let me know 🙂

Depends which miles you use.

Singapore allows you to change dates for $20 or cancel for $30.

With United you can change dates for $75 but it will cost $200 to cancel after 24 hours of booking.

Look for the bold words in the 2nd paragraph.


Is it also a deal without miles?


Just called miles and more and confirmed that they won’t round down. Spoke to two different agents there.



Good to know, updated.


any glitches in coach? or only buuisness


Coach is wide open as well, but that’s not as rare.



$1000 each way


Does United have any similar service (like PS) or unusual availability for BOS-LAX or BOS-SFO? Thanks.


I did HUCA to round up to 17k LH and got the same answers from 5 reps, then called LH Hong Kong and they did it for 17k without any problems


No. This is only because they’re reloading all the inventory on those specific routes.


@Dan: What’s the cancellation policy with Miles & More?


Just booked round trip for next March – midweek both ways at prime times – 50k roundtrip in Business/First. Wide open.


@Ben: LOL Nice!


if you have existing bookings at the standard award rate of 50,000 they will credit the 25,000 if you call the premier line (assuming availability)


Not unless you fly through EWR.

Well played!







how much is SQ from EWR-LAX one way? (you wrote to HI is 30K)


Read the paragraph again.


How long does it usually take for a seat to go back into inventory after a cancellation? I gambled and lost…



They rounded down by me 🙂

And I didn’t even have to ask


@itsyehuda: The LH agent was able to grab the seat. Gamble paid off!


I have 300k amex miles and 90k saphire card miles, am i able to get 6 flights to israel for succos or pesach? Havent been to israel in 15 years and kods have never been… ur help would be so appreciated


I dislike that UA is leaving JFK. Newark (EWR) means a solid 60 minute trip from my house.


Never united for international flights! Bad in flight experience with arrogant crews on board. Mostly very old planes! They especially hate families with child, baby!
I try to avoid any US based flights for international travel!


I tried to book EWR-SFO-Hawaii with a stop in SFO greater than 4 hours using SQ miles. Each time I was told it would require 2 tickets so it would cost 20K + 30K.

I called 4 times: No luck. Any tips?





Annoying for Brooklyn/Queens/Long Island folks, but it doesn’t make business sense for United to have a JFK base just for the transcons.

Flew on a 777 to Israel on United earlier this, was a perfectly nice flight.

You only get a free stopover on a round-trip.


@ben how did you get it to go to HKG?


Am I able to book on this flight for round trip to Maui and stop over in New York from ORD?
I can take advantage of the UNited award sale to Hawaii flying on this lie flat biz class?

Also, How do I check which United flights flying domestic or international are old or new? Is there a website?



I got 4 tickets from JFK to LAX in Business with the AMEX points matching the 25,000 saver award. So they were paid tickets

Now I need a fifth and the flight our family is on has 12 Business eats with no saver on June 30th while the next night has only 7 open seats with a saver award!

How does United decide when & which fights to put saver awards on?


just troied for 4 and got:

4 Award 150,000 miles
Additional taxes/fees $44.80
Total Price 150,000 Miles and $44.80

I Love Dan

@mh You have AMEX PointsMatch?!!?!?


What’s p.s.


Dan we should call you the rebbe!!


Just booked family of 6 EWR-LAX. Thanks Dan!!!
Fwiw- LH Germany # charged me 34k RT without asking.