United Miles No Longer Expire: Good News Or A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing?

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As of today, United miles will no longer expire:

Previously, miles expired after 18 months of inactivity unless you were a Chase United cardholder.

This copies Delta and JetBlue no expiration policies on their miles.

However, Delta devalued their miles after they got rid of mileage expiration as they changed from an award chart based program to a dynamically priced program.

Earlier this year, United announced that they will eliminate award close-in fees on 11/15 and I called it devastating news.

Unlike other airlines, it is still possible to obtain excellent values on last minute tickets with United.

Unfortunately, the game will change on 11/15 as United removes their award charts and moves to a dynamically priced program.

Sure, removing mileage expiration in and of itself is a good thing and consumer friendly. But I’d beware of airlines bearing gifts, especially when it increases their liabilities.

The game is changing and the future is uncertain, but while United wonders why people aren’t using their cards, the answer is simple. I’m still bullish on hybrid point currencies to deliver the best value possible for your credit card spending and I try to avoid locking in points with individual airlines.

But United could have switched to dynamic pricing and kept mileage expiration policies, so I suppose this is a good thing at the end of the day?

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funny – as I just received an email a few days ago from united telling me that my miles expire in 1 month if I don’t have some activity on my account.

Abe Lincoln

Uh oh. Bad news for me


Can you transfer united points? To another family member? Does it cost anything?

More bang for your buck

Seems that it’s really worth it now if you have expired miles to pay for them to be reinstated thru DDF…


How do I fly business on United with Chase points it’s telling me over 700,000 points does that make sense


Forgot to write that it’s to Israel


That’s why a one way to London on United is 113k miles in economy. It’s turning into a horrible program


Question on “United”. Does your method to avoid close in fees still work?


Customers hoarding miles is what increases airline liabilities. If United wants to improve its balance sheet, it will encourage use of miles.


You should make a United vs American comparison now and again in a few months. LOL


If United is going to start copying Delta’s policies, I hope they will copy Delta’s improved customer service as well.


I was thinking of applying for the united explorer card, is it no longer worthwhile?
Is the Alaska airlines credit card better or another airline card?


Does anyone know if the dan lounge accept a united club pass that comes with the united CC?