United: Fly Partner Airlines In Business Class To Europe For 115K Round-Trip

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Update: A list of all 7 discounted United awards can be found in this post.


I don’t know if this is a glitch or a promotion, but partner airline award flights are showing up on United.com for 57.5K miles each way instead of the 70K miles each way that it normally costs for a partner airline saver business award to Europe.

Of course you can always fly United business class for 115K round-trip, but it’s usually 140K round-trip to fly superior business class cabins on partner airlines, so this is a 25K mile discount per person for travel on partner airlines.

It’s only pricing that way for travel in January, February, or March and there’s no telling when it will be fixed or when the promotion will end.

As best as I can tell this is only working for flights to Europe.  Though you can always use 10K BA Avios to fly from Vienna, Berlin, Munich, or Dusseldorf to Tel Aviv.

United miles can be earned on cards like the  Chase United Explorer, Chase Freedom , Chase Sapphire Preferred , Chase Ink Cash , and Chase Ink Plus.

Sample uses:

Toronto to Paris on an Air Canada Dreamliner:













NYC to Paris via Toronto on an Air Canada Dreamliner:









Boston-Zurich on Swiss:













NYC-Frankfurt on Lufthansa:















NYC-Vienna on Austrian:













Chicago-Copenhagen on SAS:














NYC-Warsaw on a LOT Dreamliner:













NYC-Lisbon on TAP:














HT: Dav, via DDF

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Hey dan anything to paris?


Refresh the post 🙂


Is not aeroplan 40k each way on united business?


Was that english?

Narayana S



@Narayana S:
Working fine for me.

Narayana S

I was looking at June/July 2015 and it shows 70K. May be a winter promotion?


@Narayana S:
Try reading the post again.


Didn’t these rules / award costs change in March of this year?

It’s probably a template from this year accidentally being applied to next year to preserve the old costs Jan-March, which means as soon as they realize they’ll pull it. So book now if you want


No, they changed in February this year.

Up in the air

Are these refundable? Is there an cancelation fee?


@Dan, Potential to cancel without redeposit and preserve the rate?

Narayana S

@Dan, my bad did not see that the months were already there.


@Up in the air:
Refundable for 24 hours, fees apply after that.

Brilliant idea.
Alas I just tried and it doesn’t work. Kudos though for thinking out of the box.

@Narayana S:
No worries.


Showing 57.5k in Aug ex-YYZ.



Never mind…..


Booked CDG-FRA-JFK for Jan


I currently have an Economy rewards reservation to Rome in February. Will there be a $75 penalty to change to add rewards points to Business? If yes, is there any way to talk the agent out of the penalty?


I had the same thought as @JB. Going to give it a try 😀

Dan's the Man

Thanks Dan! Got Toronto – TLV on Air Canada business class!


I an getting 70k one way from south asia to US on Turkish. When I booked, it showed “Saver sale North America” instead of Saver Award. Its normally 80k with 70k if flying united


Infact its also pricing 90k one way in first class on Thai and Lufthansa ( south asia to US) which normally is 140k


Which city?
BKK is pricing at 80K in business for me.


I saw this “glitch” yesterday and booked my flight yesterday as well but thought may be it was due to the saver award sale going on for some European cities currently


I booked KHI-ORD on TK yesterday for 70k
There were multiple dates available in Feb.. I booked it for the 19th


That was for coach only.

Great find!
Looks like this is good for Europe and the Central Asia zone!

(Afghanistan, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan)


Infact khi-bkk-tpe-ord was also pricing at 70k yesterday with business on thai and eva for feb.. But earlier today it became 80k again


Yeah sorry actual south asia is infact central asia in united award chart 🙂


Maybe united is changing their mind on the partner business class ! hope so because it should lead to better chances for free travel using united miles


can i book now for travel in march 2015 for cheaper miles and than call in FEB to postpone it to different date for same miles used?


Tried MLE from ORD and seeing 70K biz between Jan – Mar. But am seeing 57.5K to Europe between those months. Is the Central Asia discount dead? Anyone else having luck?


Great find, Dan! Actually, my reservation showed that it is a sale. It says “”Saver Sale – North America.” So, that is some good news that should see these reservations being just fine.


I just looked at Central Asia in Jan and not finding anything.


I’m not seeing anything in Central Asia. Everything seems to be 70k in biz at the Saver level, but isn’t that the normal amount?


@Landon: Nevermind…70k is normal for United, but partner is 80. I see it now.



Very random off topic question,but need to know asap. Living social has a deal on a specific hotel I want. If i purchase the deal with my Barclay arrival will this qualify as “travel” so I can redeem my pts or will it just post as living social?


No HDMI? I’ll pass


This link arrived after Shabos began here in the Northeast. When does it begin in CLE ?


Dream on.


70K is a discount to central asia.






roundtrip tickets between chicago and fll for 169 on aa!


Would still rather pay 20k for off peak Europe economy award on American Airlines

ISAAC Rosenberg

what do you have for feb ny tlv



At sunset, or so I’ve heard.


Is there any way to use any of these options to reduce the cost of a RT award ticket on UA to BKK from the US?