United Devaluation Clarifications

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1. If you booked before yesterday’s devaluation then you will have much more flexibility then United previously announced.

It’s on the confusing side though, so you’ll probably have to play HUCA (Hang Up and Call Again!) and talk to several agents to get exactly what you want.
-You won’t have to use more miles if you change the operating airline as long as you stay in the same class of service and the same region.
-You won’t have to use more miles if you change the origin, connecting, or destination cities as long as the origin and destination cities are in the same region (US, Europe, Middle East, etc) as you originally booked. However you can’t change the class of service or operating airline in this case.
-You won’t have to use more miles if you change the date as long as you stay in the same class of service and the same region.

2. At least one commenter notes that an agent was willing to change the date without charging extra miles on a ticket that he cancelled without redepositing the miles.
It took him one HUCA to find that agent.

3. If you’re flying on United or Copa in business or first class you can use the cheaper United award chart when connecting to business or first class on a partner airline as long as the partner airline’s flight is within the same region as the United flight lands in.

For example If you fly from Newark to Frankfurt in United Business and connect to Paris in Lufthansa Business you can use the cheaper United award chart.

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If I have to change the date of an award ticket and I change the cabin from business (I) to economy–origin and destination remain the same–would I simply be refunded the pre-devaluation miles that I used to book the original business award? United may no change to coach awards from Europe to the U.S., so that remains at 30K. My business seat was 50K, pre-deval. I have two tickets. Presumably I should be able to change the date, pay the $75 fee, and get refunded 40K?


This is great that they finally disclosed it, BUT I really have to pick at United for not disclosing these specifics ahead of time! I spent well over 40-50 hours working on some complicated flights with the availability I was able to get for tickets for us and family for the rest of the year. Now if other better options open I might end up changing the ticket anyway… ugh.

One thing to note that is not explicitly mentioned here, which is why it’s good that you put HUCA on all changes now, is that they told me multiple times that an award type of F with one leg that isn’t available in F right now could be moved from J to F when that seat becomes available, for no additional miles (reprice). I have a J seat on FRA-ORD and am hoping that F opens up in T-14.


If a have a ticket JFK to TLV through Europe changing the airline automatically changes the connection city means I get a reprice?


Random heads up that I tryed selling a unused united Acc points came from a chase transfer no 1 wanted to buy it finally got some 1 for 1.0 wich is terrible I could got that strait from chase


To clarify my question:
My original flight is flying I on OS from FCO – VIE – JFK. I may have to change it to flying X on LH from FCO – FRA – JFK. Origin and destination cities remain the same, airline changes, and I’d bump down a class from I to X. If I do that, would I just have to pay the $75 change fee and get the 40K pre-deval miles credited back to my account?


Hi Dan

The only annoying thing which you will be OK with (since you are a premier elite i assume) is the redepositing fee if you are not able to use the ticket within the year
Dan, any way around that?


@Mark: English?!?


@mark no need yo heads up you were not in touch with the right people.


I canceled ewr tlv ewr mia w/o redepositing.
do I get to use new dates / new carrier at no upcharge?


Hi Dan,
regarding #3 in this post that you can use the cheaper United award chart if part of the trip is on UA does it matter which leg of the trip is on united or does it have to be the first leg? for example TLV-ZRH-EWR tlv-zrh on swiss and zrh-ewr on ua
thanks in advance


Delta Saver awards are NON existent, not domestic, not international, and I am looking for a full year schedule. any better way to find those saver awards? otherwise, the whole program is not worth it.
260,000 awards for coach to TLV? Forget Delta!


Just signed up for the united card. My freind told me I should call and get it matched for 50k instead of 30k. Any truth to this?


Please answer the questions