United Billion Mile Giveaway

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United Billion Mile Giveaway

I don’t usually write about giveaways, but we’re talking about a billion miles here 🙂

Every time you use your Chase United card in August and September you’ll get a raffle entry, but you can also enter as many times as you want even if you don’t have a card or make a purchase by entering your information here.

Winners will be drawn on 10/15.

-100 people will win 1 million United miles and $7,500 cash. The miles are valued at 2 cents each, so winners will also get a 1099 for $27,500. If you have a combined marginal state and federal tax rate of 33% you would owe some $9,000 in taxes if you win, so it’s a good thing the prize comes with cash and points 🙂
Even if you wind up having to pay a couple thousand dollars in taxes it’s still not a bad deal for enough miles to fly around the world in first class several times.
-10,000 people will win 25,000 United miles. The ARV is $500, as the ARV is less than $600, you shouldn’t get a 1099.
-130,000 people will win 5,000 United miles. The ARV is $100, as the ARV is less than $600, you shouldn’t get a 1099.

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Did the 5/24 rule go Into affect for co branded cards and ink?


Whats the details of the giveaway?

Uncle Sam

How much taxes will you need to pay for a billion miles?


@Anonymous: did you get lost and bump into the wrong thread?


The sad thing is with the current mileage availability on flights, you could not take a family of 4 to Israel, roundtrip first class on a non stop flight. Sad how little ONE MILLION miles can get you.

I Love Dan

3 idiots.


@Anonymous: Yes


does United business card count?


It did for many, though not all of the co-brands.
There are also various strategies to workaround it…

@Uncle Sam:
Did you read the post?

Not true at all.
Just a matter of checking multiple times per day and checking the rare award space thread on DDF as they go quick.
Just last week I saw at least 15 dates with plenty of nonstop saver business seats EWR-TLV-EWR.

Thank you Dan!

Thanks for all you posts!

Estimated odds of winning a Grand Prize are 1:1,668,600 🙂


What strategies?
For just co-branded or ink as well?
You have a link were it was discussed?


@Thank you Dan!:
I guess they expect 166MM entries!

I’ll make a post one of these days.


No matter which version united card i have?


HT? 😉

Mike B

“Enter as often as you wish, however, each entry must be manually key stroked.”

Is that excluding copy paste or bots?


No Canadian residents allowed…


But again, you have to be a US resident to be eligible….


@Mike B: I want to know the answer to this and auto fill as well


Dan I saw that you wrote that there are ways around the 5/24 rule what are those ways


Write a script to purchase one cent Amazon gift cards automatically, $1k purchase gets you a million entries…

aunt sam

im coming out with $6.6 million in taxes on a billion miles?:) did i do something really wrong? or is that true? how do ppl deal with that? 1000000000*.02*.33

aunt sam

ok ill do it for you: did u read the post?
me: yes, im sorry im a moron
you: at least you agree
me: well i though that the billion was the grand prize and the millions were like runner up
you: you thought that that many ppl were getting a million miles for a SECOND place prize?
me: yes, im a moron, my bad

aunt sam

just another idea, as long as were thinking that the prize is a billion miles… you could hire a team of canadian residents all to writs scripts to buy the one cent amazon cards…


@Chase: Does United biz card count?


@John: Not great at math are we?

M schwartz

There is always a catch 22 nothing is for free %%rrrrrrr%rrrr


Just wondering if anyone who posts here actually reads what they are commenting on? Also, guessing the new math isn’t all that accurate either.

half a Dan

Write a script to purchase one cent Amazon gift cards automatically, $1k purchase gets you a million entries

how do you use your 1 million amazon gift cards, or do you have an additional script to enter them individually as payment for your 50 dollar item etc..


Minimum amazon GC purchase is 50 cents


I use my United card several times a day.. But I’m in Israel.. Rules says it has to be used in the US to be eligible..

Jason Smith


Not anymore, the minimum for buying a gift card is now $1. However, if you reload a gift card on your account, then the minimum is lower than $1.


Does united club business cards qualify?


Looking forward to your 5/24 post


UAL will send a 1099. I will contest the amount. I will win.


@aunt sam:

It is 6.6 million cents, not dollars, in your example. And that is for the full billion, the top individual prize is only a million miles.

Help is on the way

@anonymous http://bfy.tw/71on


@Help is on the way:
He meant the article how do avoid 5/24, which @Dan: mentioned being in the works above. Before feeling superior and snidely replying to someone’s comment, maybe read a bit and make sure you know what their talking about? It helps avoid the South Limb Diet syndrome.