United Airlines Award Chart Changes.


Update: Today is the last day to make bookings under the current award chart for Continental and United!

Originally posted on 03/16:

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Effective 06/15 there will be changes to the United award chart, which includes the rate charged for redeeming United miles on any of the 27 Star Alliance partner airlines.

If you book travel prior to 06/15 you will be charged the current rate, even if you are traveling after 06/15.

I’m actually surprised that the changes weren’t worse.  With ticket prices skyrocketing it makes mileage tickets even more attractive and valuable.

Important: This does not affect the rates of any other Star Alliance Carrier.  Meaning you can still book travel on United using miles from any other Star Alliance carrier for the same rate.  It’s always worth checking the rates that other carriers change for a mileage ticket as it can be significantly less.  For example transferring AMEX or Starwood points to ANA can make sense in many cases.

I’m sure we will see Continental announce the same changes as well, or else this would be pointless as you can transfer United miles to Continental. And then AA changes won’t be far behind as some of these changes, like for coach travel to Europe and South America, make their award chart underpriced.

Current United Award Chart Linky

06/15 United Award Chart Linky

Here is a summary to the changes made: (These are the rates for one-way travel from/to the US49/Canada made using saver awards.)

Routes that will get cheaper:
US49/Canada under 700 miles: Was 12.5K coach. Now 10K coach.
Europe: Was 52.5K business. Now 50K business.
Japan: Was 62.5K business. Now 60K business.
North and South Asia: Was 62.5K business. Now 60K business.
North and South Asia: Was 72.5K first. Now 70K first.
Oceania (Excluding: Australia/NZ): Was 40K coach. Now 35K coach.
Oceania (Excluding: Australia/NZ): Was 67.5K business. Now 60K business.
Oceania (Excluding: Australia/NZ): Was 80K first. Now 75K first.

Routes that will get more expensive:
Northern South America: Was 17.5K coach. Now 20K coach.
Southern South America: Was 27.5K coach. Now 30K coach.
Europe: Was 27.5K coach. Now 30K coach.
Middle East: Was 37.5K coach. Now 40K coach.
Middle East: Was 57.5K business. Now 60K business.
Middle East: Was 72.5K first. Now 75K first.
Northern Africa: Was 37.5K coach. Now 40K coach.
Northern Africa: Was 57.5K business. Now 60K business.
Northern Africa: Was 72.5K first. Now 75K first.

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hey dan, i status matched my silver elite status from delta to united, got a 90 day trial, matched status from united to continental via the link u provided, now silver elite on continental till feb. 2012 thanks so much

PDX Dan Fan

As always thanks Dan! Wow- not bad at all. Also more business looks like more went down then up. That is a surprise but I guess it only matters on the route you take! Have a great day and thanks!


thanks dan!! i dont know what we ever did before this site!!
so how does this change the rates to israel?


Israel is considered Middle East.
This brings United pricing in line with USAir pricing. I’m sure Continental will come in line too.

For travel on Continental or USAir to Israel it’s definitely worth transferring to ANA.


how does availibilty on cont/usair work with ana
in other words if conti web site has no seats could ana have seats?Also how many points is it for business seats


As nice as that would be it’s not magic.
Other Star Alliance carriers will have access to the exact same saver availability that is shown on Continental.
If you are a Continental elite member there is expanded saver avaialbility that can only be booked with Continental miles.

Please click on the related link in the post (Getting To Israel Using AMEX Membership Rewards Points!) for more info on points required.


Dan, I wanted to know if you have any idea what to do/transfer 78,550 amex points??

I(2 ppl + baby) plan on making a trip to Israel eventually and I plan on going to Australia in the summer.

Thanks in advance.


I have the gold & platinum cards. – Thanks to you:)


Thanks, Dan! I was wondering when a new chart is coming our way since Delta made a sudden change to their chart without any warning.


This can best be answered on http://www.dansdeals.com/forums

This is not nearly as painful as the Delta changes.


couldn’t figure it out . . how does forum work??

Avid Reader

These changes don’t seem to affect flying America-Australia?
It seems like that will stay at 80K miles for economy. Am I understanding the chart correctly?




hi i applied for the united card and was told i have to much cards with chase will it help if i close one card


Call Chase application reconsideration at 888-270-2127 to discuss closing another card to get the United card.


The rates you quoted are for one way travel or round trip


just saw the post “one way”



Dan – what is the best business card to rack up mileage?


The 51,000 AmEx link doesn’t seem to work …


What’s the deal with Hawaii now?