Transfer Hotel Points To British Airways And Get A 35% Bonus


Catching up on deals from this past week while I was on the road…

BA is offering a 35% bonus on hotel points transferred into Avios through 3/8/17.

-Bonus Avios can take 4-6 weeks to show on your account from the date of conversion.

For example:

-20K Starpoints normally transfers into 25K airline miles. With the additional 35% bonus you’ll get a total of 33,750 Avios.

-270K Marriott points (90K Starpoints) normally transfers into 7 free hotel nights and 120K Avios. With the additional 35% bonus you’ll get a total of 162K Avios. Read more about this redemption option in this post.

The value of Avios has been hampered over the past year due to the elimination of 4.5K short-haul awards within North America and scarce saver award availability on American.

However award availability has finally started improving on American of late.

Additionally the cost of a domestic first class award has gone down from 4 times the price of coach to 2-3 times the price of coach. For example a one-way flight from NYC to Chicago or Miami is 7.5K in coach or 15K in first class instead of the previous rate of 30K in first class.

Plus you can cancel Avios awards for just $5.60 each way up to 24 hours before the flight.

Of course there are dozens of airlines that you can transfer your Starpoints into and you can use them for hotel stays, so don’t transfer unless you have a need for the Avios.

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Just noticed – you no longer can transfer AMEX to Starwoods?

Reb Dave

at the end of the day still a problem due exorbitant surcharges to get to Israel as is the case with AA – by the way any ideas how to convert substantial AA miles to award travel to Israel – BA to expensive , Iberia has only 28″ of seat pitch as far as i can tell on Madrid TLV and Air Berlin / Icelandic seem not to have good connections – any thoughts?
Any noise on AA flights or code share with EL AL or others .



Can i transfer Hilton hhonors?


Do the points transfer instantly?


With the 7 night Marriott transfer from Starwood. What’s the best airline option from Ny to Hawaii to choose?


Q. Regarding Amex Premier Rewards Card. – I want to downgrade to free card and they are saying no such thing. Only a cheaper card or cancel the card. Is that true or HUCA?


Can I transfer chase points and us it worthwhile?


Can I transfer IHG points to BA?


So the initial amount shows right away, and the bonus amount really takes 4-6 weeks to show?
That’s insane


I am AVIOS member for 10 years including free companion flying privileges.I Travel to Europe, Israel and within the states. Never had Avios availability though I was flexible with flying times. Finally Isucceeded in booking Avios miles for MIAMI to JFK .The JFK to Florida flight was not available via Avios so booked Virgin America.I was glad Iat least was using Avios forpart of my trip. The flight to Fl. was cancelled due to snow in Northeast so I wanted to cancel Avios flight back from Miami.After holding for over an hour and switching to numerous agents,Avios did not care and wanted to charge $s for cancellation fee though this was weather related. I am done using my BA card for useless Avios points


BA Avios miles/points, are the worst in the industry.


Can you transfer chase ultimate rewards points somehow?


Will point transfers to Avios extend the expiration date?


@Reb Dave: You can’t use the AA code share flights on El Al for award travel (one of the many ways in which American customers in Israel suffer from the direct route being dropped).

However, you can use Air Berlin and FinnAir for award travel (and Royal Jordanian for travel to Europe from Israel), and if you call the Executive Platinum desk, they can even put you on Iberia. None of those airlines have the kind of surcharges BA has to Israel.

While you might have some long connections, or have to change planes twice, you can also save a lot of money this way. (I just did 17 one-way tickets between Israel and the States for a wedding in the US and a Bar Mitzva in Israel in May. None of the tickets cost me more than $100 in addition to the mileage).


Iberia has a TLV-PHL route with nice availability (relative to JFK).


I have 50k Marriott points that are going to expire next week. I don’t know what to do with them! If I transfer to Avios I only get 15k points but I really don’t have a use for them on Marriott. What’s the best move?
Thanks so much


joseph, transfer the 50K to 16K SPG, let those expire and you only lost 16K.
just kidding…do a donation or stay in a 10K marriot


@Reb Dave: Air Berlin used to have a good connection from JFK-DUS-TLV, but no more. In the other direction it’s not so bad with a five hour layover at TXL.


YY and Israel Matzav –
thanks – am i correct that Iberia coach on the
Tlv madrid is worse than other airlines?

any other suggestions – looked at flying to Athens on AA and then
buying /looking for awrd ticket to TLV but dropped when they told me i would have to collect luggage.


Will transfers from Club Carlson work?


TXL is the very worst airport/bus station out there. There is not enough room for the people to wait, let alone sit.
If you find the lounge then you’ll have a seat on a 30 year old couch.


@Steve: Have flown American on that route several times – twice in the last year with systemwide upgrades.


@transfer: You can buy a couple thousand more Marriott points to keep them alive from about $10-15.


@yy: Among the 17 Advantage award tickets I just did (and I’m trying to move two onto this itinerary) are two that are JFK-DUS-TXL-TLV. Each connection is under two hours, and the total travel time is about 15.5 – about an hour more than taking British JFK-LHR-TLV (and a LOT less expensive for multiple mileage tickets).


@Anonymous: The problem with MAD-TLV on IB is that they fly A-319’s which are one of the most (if not the most) cramped planes out there. If you have Platinum or Exec Platinum status on AA, you should be able to get one of the few seats with sufficient leg room. That’s what happened to me on an MAD-TLV flight last week (and by the way, business was practically empty on that flight, so if you have the mileage you might want to check that out).

The other problem is that AA’s award booking page almost never has IB flights going to Israel. But if you call the Executive Platinum desk, you are likely to find out that they do exist.


@Mikey: You’ve obviously never flown through Munich. Without lounge privileges it’s to die for.

Oh yes, and connecting to AA at DeGaulle often requires walking through the extension of Terminal 2A, which has no air conditioning.

Reb Dave

thank you!
i am plat so i was able to get row 10 that appears to have the xtra leg room – did not book as that row can be utilized for “business” class if need be(so I believe and if that happens my wife and i may be the recipient of two separate middle seat sardine class.
which other seats give you more leg room?


@Reb Dave: Assuming you’re referring to my Iberia flight last week, I sat in 7C. Aisle seat, front row of economy, no bulkhead (so stretch your legs out under the first class row in front of you). Curtain was a bit in the way until they closed it after takeoff.

I believe that Row 10 is the exit row on that plane.



Do Alaska ever do promotions like this? I saw United few months back and now Avios. Any precedent?


@Mikey: The layover is actually 4 hours 20 minutes. That should be enough time to go into the city and do a little touring. I’ll find out in a couple of weeks when I travel this itinerary.