Transfer AMEX MR Points Into Airtran Credits At A 25% Discount!


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The normal exchange rate for AMEX membership rewards points into Airtran credits is 1,500:1.
Between 07/01 and 08/30 you can transfer just 1,125 AMEX MR points for each Airtran credit.

A nice thing about Airtran is that they still don’t charge an expedite fee for award tickets, but beware that credit expire just one year from when you earn them unless you have an Airtran credit card or elite status.

With the discounted exchange rate the cost of Airtran rewards are as follows:
-One-way upgrade to business class (allows for upgrades to both nonstop or connecting flights) from any paid or award fare: 4 credits/4,500 MR.
-One-way “restricted” coach systemwide free ticket: 8 credits/9,000 MR.
-One-way “unrestricted” business class systemwide free ticket: 16 credits/18,000 MR.
-Round-trip coach ticket on Frontier in the US48 and Canada: 20 credits/22,500 MR
-Round-trip coach ticket on Frontier to Alaska and Mexico: 32 credits/36,000 MR
-Round-trip coach ticket on any airline to US48 cities Airtran doesn’t fly to: 32 credits/36,000 MR
-Round-trip coach ticket on any airline to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Mexico: 50 credits/56,250 MR
-Round-trip coach ticket on any airline to anywhere in the world: 100 credits/112,500 MR
-Unlimited free Airtran companion pass for a year: 100 credits/112,500 MR

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