Transfer 20K Starwood Starpoints Into 30K American AAdvantage Miles

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Update: Transfers for this offer must be initiated by tomorrow!

Originally posted on 07/01:

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Starwood-American Transfer Bonus Details Linky

Starwood Airline Miles Transfer Linky

From today through 08/31 you can get 30K AA miles (instead of the standard 25K miles) for every 20K Starpoints that you transfer.
The Starwood-AA transfer bonus in June 2010 gives some perspective on what’s happened in the past 5 years, I mentioned in that post that:
-American has an awesome round-the-world award chart (Mimi and I would wind up going on a monthlong round-the-world adventure later that year, while she was 3 months pregnant with Rafi)
-You could earn American lifetime elite status with Starwood transfers (Mimi and I both wound up earning lifetime Platinum status)
All 3 of those those options are long gone though…
I also wrote that the deal was emailed out to “2,318 DansDeals Facebook members” and “761 DansDeals Twitter followers.” There are now over 20K Facebook members who talk about pretty much anything under the sun but no longer get emails of deal alerts and there are now 58K(!) Twitter followers who can get a text message every time a deal is posted.
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The current promotion offers a 20% bonus that’s fulfilled by American which stacks on top of the 25% bonus that Starwood always offers for making transfers in 20K increments.  When you transfer Starpoints to American it will only say that you’ll get 25K American miles, as the remaining 5K if added by American.

There’s no minimum or maximum on this offer, but it’s always wise to transfer Starpoints in increments of 20K and the most you can transfer in one day to maximize that is 60K Starpoints, which would net 90K AA miles. You can make 1 transfer per day.

-The names on the Starwood account and the AA account must match or the transfer will be rejected. You are able to transfer Starpoints for free between people living at the same address, though if you are changing the address on one of the accounts you’ll have to wait 30 days before transferring Starpoints to someone else’s Starwood account.

-The 20% bonus miles fulfilled by American will be posted within 7 business days after the initial conversion activity has been posted by Starwood Preferred Guest. The initial transfer usually takes a couple of days.  You can hold an AA award for 5 days which is enough time for the transfer to process.

-You are able to do a Starwood Nights and Flights redemption for 60K Starpoints in exchange for 60K AA miles and 5 nights in a category 3 property (normally 40K+28K Starpoints), or 70K Starpoints in exchange for 60K AA miles and 5 nights in a category 4 property (normally 40K+40K Starpoints).

American has an excellent award chart. It’s so much better than their competition’s award charts that you can’t help but wonder when the devaluation will come…

For the time being you can enjoy awesome one-way values from the US48/Canada like:
-12.5K to Alaska (17.5K on United)
-12.5K to the Caribbean and Mexico during off-peak times (17.5K on United)
-17.5K to Hawaii during off-peak times (22.5K on United)
-20K to South America during off-peak times (30K on United)
-20K to Europe during off-peak times (30K on United)
-25K to Japan/Korea during off-peak times (35K on United)
-55K business class to Hong Kong (70K-80K on United)
-67.5K first class to China (80K-120K on United)

From Israel there are many bargains as well, some examples include:
-25K to the Maldives in business (35K on United)
-30K to Thailand in business (60K on United)
-45K to Australia in business (60K on United)

You can also save another 10% on awards (up to a 10K rebate per year) with an AAdvantage credit card. The card also offers up to 7.5K off round-trip awards to rotating destinations.

Now there are some caveats to all that. In some cases, especially within North America on nonstop flights, it will be cheaper to use BA Avios. An American flight that might cost 12.5K AA miles can be had for as little as 4.5K Avios. Plus there are no close-in fees and cancellations are as little as $5.60 with Avios.

United may be pricier in most cases, but they have more partner airlines which makes for generally better availability, never charge a fuel surcharge (American collects a big one for travel on British Airways), allows for a free stopover on round-trip tickets (American doesn’t allow any), and allows you to connect pretty much anywhere you want (American is very strict about where you can connect, so forget about connecting in Asia on the way to Australia with American).

Still, with the right award in mind, it can definitely make sense to make a transfer from Starwood to American.  It’s worth noting that many AAdvantage partner awards (such as on like Air Tahiti Nui, Cathay Pacific, Etihad, and JAL) can only be booked by calling American to hold or book them.

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I find American to have good availabilty, as long as you book far enough in advance (same goes for all airlines). Something not mentioned, or I missed it, American has off-peak awards at reduced mileage. Last year we flew 1 way from Milan to JFK for 20,000 miles, instead of 25,000 miles. That will stretch your miles. I just checked NY to Athens for spring 2016, and they’re offering the same 20,000 mile redemption for an off peak one way ticket.

No off peak discounts on business or first. 🙁


i have a little over 30k spg you think worth it to transfer now or keep in spg until i have a real need to transfer?

i have been using aa to go jfk-lax
even tried first once-nice!


The trick is learning how to search for partner awards, most of which are not on

Most certainly is in the post 🙂
If you’re EU or Hawaii based it’s even a better value, just 20K between those regions.

If you know you’ll use them then there’s no reason not to take advantage of a pretty rare promotion.


Wish they had this for BA as a New Yorker I feel it’s more worth like for those 4.5K or 7.5K trips, any chance for something like this to BA ?

Mendy Uminer

how long do you have to wait between 20k transfer? i did one and its not letting me do another one.


how do you know when is off peak times?


They have it occasionally.

@Mendy Uminer:
1 per day.

Depends on the region.
For Europe it’s 10/15-05/15.


I just used AA points to book TLV-PHL for August, but I’m not going for this deal. I’m planning to use my SPG points to transfer to Flying Blue, which of course has the best deals to Israel when Delta flights are available.


For coach that’s true, but I wouldn’t transfer there unless the space is there.

For business Alitalia is the way to go.

Mendy Uminer

Thanks Dan, i guess i didn’t read clearly as it said 60K maximum, but then i saw the one transfer per day:)


Can one do the same close in fee trick on AA that is done on UA?


Not usually.

dov bennish

didnt aa have the same transfer bonus from spg last summer


Do you think its worth transferring for the bonus even if I don’t have any current plans to use AA miles?


@Dan: well that’s the point , not sure don’t I have more options of i keep in spg? I guess if I’m looking to maximize I should..also afraid of devaluation From aa


@dov bennish:


Depends on the size of your stash.


I guess my memory really is going 😉


Starwood website says the bonus is 5,000 only. Am I missing something


Read the post.


What is the best option out of europe with AA miles while avoiding exorbitant fees?
Thank you



Iberia and Finnish Airlines have much lower fees that using AA miles on BA.


Dan, If i transfer points in everyday till august 7th, there won’t be any cap from AA for the extra 5k points they add on top of the 5k SPG adds?



60k spg will get you to phl-tlv nonstop.

high end hobo

any comment on reports that CX is severely limiting F awards using partners miles?


@sholom123: Europe is a big place. You also don’t say where you want to end up. But I think US Air might fit your criteria.


Hi Dan – If I’m planning to sell my Starwood points does it make any sense to do this and then sell the AA miles instead?


looking to fly NY to TLV after Aug 15…. have enough star points. Im wondering if i should wait for promo from Air France, or is there a way with American?


Can i do it on usairways website ?


Is the “nights and flights” promotion stackable with this offer. So if I spend 70k SPG points(40k transfer to AA + 30k for 5 nights) will I get 40*1.5 = 60k points deposited in AA account ?


How can I get to the Maldives from Israel with AA points?
Who flies? give me an example route.


P.S. You don’t have to spoon feed me you could give me with a fork too.


@Dan: Dan, you wrote “@rediplus:
The trick is learning how to search for partner awards, most of which are not on”

Do you have a post on how to search for those partner awards? Thanks a million

dov bennish

@israel pretty hard. united miles are alot better for that route. you can fly on etihad or qatar to abu dahbi or doha and from there take royal jordanian
@anonymous check for availabilty on oneworld airlines not bookable on then call aa to book
for etihad check for saver availabilty for air tahiti nui check


Btw this expires August 7


@dov bennish: THANKS

Starwood bonus

Will there ever be a promo to transfer into starwoods?

dov bennish

@anonymous your welcome.
@starwood bonus you mean from membership rewards its normally once a year at 2 to 1


what other bargains are available ex tlv?


@dan Dan, If i transfer points in everyday till august 7th, there won’t be any cap from AA for the extra 5k points they add on top of the 5k SPG adds?


@love2travel correct


Is the “nights and flights” promotion stackable with this offer. So if I spend 70k SPG points(40k transfer to AA + 30k for 5 nights) will I get 40*1.5 = 60k points deposited in AA account ?


Does anyone know – if I’m planning to sell my Starwoods points does it make any sense to do this and then sell the AA miles instead (if that’s even possible)? I don’t know much about this stuff.
Thanks – much appreciated!


yea im like 6000 short of 20000 any ideas??


@Josh: spg is worth more then aa and aa you have to be carful when u sell


When i search for a flight frm NYC to LHR it shows good mileage but another 600 in charges. anyway around this? I already have 100k aa miles and can tranfer 60k starwoods. what will that get me?


If I transfer points between people at the same address does it reflect right away?


@zal: Transfer between SPG accounts? That takes days, 3-6 days from my experience. I had to transfer few thousands from my wife’s SPG account to mine to top it off to 20k. took 3 days this time and initiated the transfer to my AA and that only took 2 days. But from past experience, SPG to AA can take upto a week.


The AA Business Class partner deals from Israel to Male and Australia are very good if you can get them, but availability in Business is very scarce.


@JK: Try looking for flights with AA not BA, It usually makes a big difference.


Seems like it has been extended to August 31st


What makes you say so?


offer has. Been extended till the 31st

Dan the best

When I transfer star points to Aeroplan, does the name have to match??


@Dan: Is you suggestion regarding Alitalia more theoretical than practical?

We know that DL releases very few seats at saver levels, which are usually the only ones available to partners.

The future of Alitalia’s frequent flyer program is very questionable, given the hard date for expiration of all miles.

Alitalia’s website is horrendous, and I’ve never tried it but you also say most of their agents are not very capable.

I think the only way I would risk putting points into AZ frequent flyer program would be if I was on the phone with a rep who grabbed the seat for me (not sure if I could trust that) and then transfer MR points for the redemption.

It is notable that Award Availability is always best on airlines with HEFTY fuel surcharges (BA, LH – through most *A programs), after all, the surcharges greatly diminish the value of the miles, as that is a cost that is added to the time spent searching for availability, and the cost of the miles.

While on the subject of AZ, I think they (and probably Etihad which now owns 49% of AZ) should get copies of Gordon Bethune’s book from Worst to First (thanks Dan for the recommendation).

AZ and FCO airport have a long way to go so that people would actually want to fly them and connect there.


The “nights and flights” award options do not stack with the American Airlines bonus. StarwoodLurker on the flyertalk message boards has mentioned that they will not. When SPG sends over the miles they are coded differently than when you do a normal SPG miles transfer. A lot of bloggers are getting this wrong even though the SPG spokesperson has given out the information.


The suggestion is only if the availability is there.

SL also posted that night and flights wouldn’t work with LAN, but it worked for me.

Anyone actually try it and have an issue?

Bernie the Bowler

It is just not worth transferring your SPG points to AA even at this 50% offer. Using the points for hotels is much better. You can play point games for airlines in other ways.


I was expecting this to work only in 20K increments. I transferred 35K, expecting to get 45K on the other end (20K + 5K SPG bonus + 15K + 5K AA bonus). I was pleasantly surprised to discover that after SPG transferred 40K as expected, AA applied the 20% to all 40K, for an 8K bonus instead of only 5K.

Also, the entire transfer went through in less than a day. After executing the transfer online, I called SPG and asked to expedite it (I have a AA reservation on hold I need those miles for). They told me since I already did the transfer they can’t rush it, but if I’d called before transferring they could expedite it. It looks like it went through pretty quickly, anyway.


Could I transfer from my friends spg account into my American account





my first name on the SPG is ISAAC
and my first name on AA is ISSAC
can that be a problem ? but last name is good


Dan, I have over 300,000 miles on AA. I used it primarily for Israel trips via ElAl. Now that there’s no arrangement with ElAl anymore, is there a good way to get to Israel (I always used the miles for business class) so that I should take advantage of this deal and transfer more points in from SPG??? Please help. Thanks


What is the best way to get to Bronze or Silver with BA without flying?


I’m not sure In understood correctly. Can I transfer 60k in one shot from SPG to get 90k AA?

Or can I only do 20k at a time?

Thank you.