HOT! Transfer 20,000 Starpoints Into 37,500 USAirways Dividend Miles!

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Update 2: Last day to transfer! USAirways makes it clear in the terms and conditions that as long as the hotel records your request to transfer by 07/31 that you will get the bonus miles as long as the transfer is complete by 09/30.

Update: Chaim reports that his bonus miles have posted! The promo runs through 07/31.

Originally posted on 05/23:

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USAirways Promo Registration Linky

USAirways is giving a 50% bonus on hotel points being transferred into USAirways miles through 07/31.

Normally 20,000 Starpoints transfers into 25,000 USAirways miles. With the promo 20,000 Starpoints will net 37,500 miles.

The 50% bonus miles post weekly.

USAirways begins flying nonstop from Philadelphia to Tel Aviv on July 1st.  They charge 80,000 miles in coach and 120,000 miles in business class for the round-trip.

USAirways also has a very competitive Star Alliance award chart which is far stronger than United’s due to lower rates and the lack of United’s evil Starnet alliance award flight blocking.

In addition you will be able to use USAirways miles on Continental when Continental joins the Star Alliance later this year.

So here’s the real question, what’s worth more to you, 1 Starpoint or 1.875 USAirways miles?
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Every time I fly US Air I have nothing but problems. They cancel flights for no reason, lose bags all the time and are always delayed. No thanks, no matter how sweet the deal I’ll pass.


At the end of last year, there was a promotion to transfer starwood points to delta. Every point transfered would give you three points. I did it and it NEVER worked. All i got was 5000 points for transfering 20,000. I wouldnt trust these deals unless u confirm it with us airways!


This is a much tougher choice than 62500 Skymiles


There are over 20 Star Alliance carriers to redeem on…

This promo worked for dozens of people who registered for it. If you did register correctly did you follow up with Delta about it?


but you can not book a mileage ticket on for flights on their partner airlines. so you have to call in with all the schlepping that involves like waiting on hold for a long time. (i was on hold for an hour until they found a return last summer from ZRH-NYC. yes i know that was peak season, but still…)
plus you have to pay the extra fees for booking over the phone instead via web (and that is besides the taxes).


Does this work for AmEx Reward Points?

Avid Reader

Didn’t you call them USless Airways in the past?


In general you’re better off calling about award tickets as availability over the phone can be different than online. Besides if the itin cant be booked online an agent can aften be persuaded to waive the phone fee.


@Avid Reader:
Sure, but that’s regarding flying on US, their alliance is still second to none.


does this work for hilton points?


10,000 hilton points converts into 850 USAirways miles.
With the bonus you’ll get a total of 1,275 miles.

And people wonder what I have against Hilton HHonors???


Dan first of you are the best, thanks for all that you do for us.
Now I got stuck in the middle of the Starwood>Amtrak>choice>southwest, I still have 250000 in choice,
Option 1) transfer it into delta (currently have a promo 5000 choice to 2000 delta points) = 100000 (I just got 125000 delta points on the March 1-3 deal)
Option 2) transfer it to US Airways miles (current promo 5000 choice to 1500 US Airways miles) = 75000


Useless airlines forget them

loyal reader

I am a little confused re continental airlines changing from skyteam to star alliance..or is the other way around. Can you please explain? I have been accumulating and using Continental miles. Must I use them and on what airlines and before what date?


I spoke to both starwoods and usairways and they both said that they do not know of any such promotion!
please let me know where you heard this from so i can call them back. thanks.


Tough decision! I’m not sure what I’d do there…

@loyal reader:
Continental is leaving Skyteam on 10/24. Shortly thereafter they will join Star.

I heard it from a little bird.


Hey DAn Thanks A MILLION for being here.
I spoke to US air Today and they said that Starwood is not a partner to this promotion, can anybody confirm getting the additinal miles? Thanks


why is everyone talking about 80.000 miles to fly coach when you can get coach for 50.000 on flying blue


It took a little while but my 20,000 starpoints transfer got 37,500 usairways miles. 1st the 25,000 miles posted and later the 12,500 bonus miles posted.


Dovid- would you be interseted in swapping some of those choice points?

good on ya

because with flying blue you pay heavy fees 300- 400 bucks
with usair u pay baisicly nuthing


I transfered quite some points myself and here is how it works.
The points from SPG show up on your US account on monday. No matter what day you requested the transfer. The 50% bonus posts exactly one week later on monday. It worked every time like this.
I think this is an amzing deal.
40000 points gives you 75000 miles, with 80000 miles you can have a roundtrip ticket business to Europe. I would say this makes a real good use of spg points.


Ye but through Alitalia mileage program you can use 40,000 spg points and fly on their partner CO direct from NEwark in coach. I just booked for Succos using this. So no need to jump on this promo unless US airways is the only one that will have availability


Sure, but how much was the fuel surcharge with Alitalia?


With US one pays much less fuel surcharges. For 80000 miles you also get a direct from Phili to Tel Aviv, even an extra 20000 points will get you a 120000 business to TLV, so not to bad.


does anyone know if you get the bonus when you transfer amex memberhip points