Targeted: Add An Additional User Card To An AMEX Platinum Card And Get 20K Points For Spending $2,000

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Targeted: Add An Additional User Card To An AMEX Platinum Card And Get 20K Points For Spending $2,000

AMEX Platinum cardholders can login via the link above to check if they have an offer to get 20K bonus points for adding an additional user and spending $2,000 within 6 months. The bonus is limited to one additional user per card.

You can choose from an additional Platinum card, which includes access to Centurion, Delta, Priority Pass, Escape, and Airspace lounges and includes Marriott and Hilton gold status, or an additional Gold card.

You can add up to 3 additional Platinum cards for a flat $175 annual fee or a Gold card for no annual fee. With either additional card you can get Global Entry/Pre-Check for free!

You can apply for an additional card for users 13 and older.

Note that additional user cards do count against the additional user’s 5/24 count if they want to apply for Chase cards. However if you apply for a card and are rejected due to 5/24, you can call Chase and request that they manually exclude the card from your 5/24 count by saying that the additional user is not financially responsible for the card.

Are you targeted for this offer? Have other additional card offers? Hit the comments!


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Worth adding the additional user for $175 to get 20,000?


My Gold card was targeted for 10k/ 2k spend


Me too. In the offers in the online account for my Gold personal card, 10k/$2k.
Got another offer via email for 5k/$1k on my Amex Blue personal.


do the additional users have access to the lounges?


Is each AU another 20k with 2k spend or just one?


Opened the platinum a month ago and already added my wife as an Authorized User.
I’m targeted for this offer.
Any chance or advice on getting the 20K retroactively?


Does the spending have to happen on the additional user card or can be on the primary as well?


I’ve been targeted for 10k for 1k spend on personal green and similar on my marriott brilliant. I called to ask if had any offers but could be there is a way to see online too like this one


Got targeted with 20k to activate pay over time? Is it a good idea?


In your case, you don’t even need to use the pay over time feature (which will cost you a fee or interest), you just need to click activate. It’s basically saying “click here to earn $20K points. Of course they want to pull you in but that’s always up to you.


I don’t think that’s true.

I also think you can add another card for yourself — some people want to seperate charges


Can I add myself as an additional cardholder or a person without a SSN?


You can apply any name but they’ll cancel the additional card if you don’t give the SSN and DOB within 60 days. Obviously doing that often can attract their negative attention.


can i use the additional card without entering a SS#? or i can only use the card once i enter SS#?

Mr. CC

Can be used until Amex cancels it


“We’ve received your application, but we can’t give you a decision right now.”

What does that mean??


Is there anything to lose by adding an additional user card?


Can make issues with 5/24 for the AU. See the bottom of the post.


Dan, you said somewhere that there is a way to add a 12 year old child as an additional card user. How do I go about that?


IIRC limit of 5 gold users for free

Yechiel Z

Aside for the Global Entry – any benefits on the Gold card (additional platinum version)


Just signed up yesterday for the platinum 100k sign up and 10x grocery and gas. And just got the offer 20k for 2k Thanx!


X10 on gas is for everyone or was a special deal?


“We are sorry, you are not able to apply for an Additional Card online.”

Any idea what that is supposed to mean?


I am getting the same message. I tried calling, but they said I need to use a link to get the promotion. They suggested I try clearing cache and cookies? Or maybe I’m just not targeted?


I got the same msg. Chat team on App and Desktop can’t help either.


Amex is the weirdest.
My annual fee posted for my bzns plat.
Called retention.
They gave me an offer of 40K spend in 90 days to get 120k points.
I took the offer.
But, because of the high usage, amex has reduced my limit down to 4k.
I have already spent 20K in 25 days, but, imagine spending 40K with only 4K limit.
Absolutely annoyed.
On the bright side, I got targeted for this offer and added 3 AU to my account.
Spending is all organic and nothing is manufactured.


Didn’t Dan say the offer was limited to 1 additional user per card?


The rep specifically told me that I can add upto 99 authorized users and get 99 × 20K points; each!
Really slick!


I got the same on my business gold .theoretically Can make a max of 20k x99 which is 1.98 million


I think you can add 99

But the 20k is only 1 time

Can someone confirm?

Tahoe Trekker

Add one or more new Additional Card Members to your account and you can earn 20,000 Membership Rewards points for the *first* Additional Card Member that spends $2,000 or more in eligible purchases on their Card within their first 6 months of Card Membership starting from the date on which the Additional Card Member is added. The maximum you can earn as part of this offer is 20,000 Membership Rewards points. Purchases made by other Additional Card Members on your Account will not count toward the $2,000 purchase requirement. Purchases made by eligible Additional Card Members will not be combined to satisfy the $2,000 purchase requirement. Your purchases as the Basic Card Member will not count toward the $2,000 purchase requirement.


Anex says that gift cards and balance reloads are not targeted for this promotion. Do you know if they really look at that or it’s just part of their official terms and conditions?


Thanks Dan just added a AU


Got an offer over the phone for my marriott bonvoy to add an au spend 1k in a year for 5k


I ran out of people to be added from previous years. You can actually add friends/relatives from abroad who do not have a SSN but they have a valid US tourist visa.


Figures that Amex would do this after P2 and I added each other as AU……


I added a au thru link in this post but when i called rep said the offer is only 10k

yossi h

does this offer expire tonight too?