Starbucks-Delta Mileage Earning Partnership Devalued

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18 months ago, Delta and Starbucks teamed up to award 1 Delta mile per dollar spent on Starbucks purchases.

It wasn’t much, but it stacked with earning Starbucks stars, so there was no reason not to take advantage of it.

Sadly, that has now been replaced with earning miles for reloading funds onto your Starbucks account. You’ll earn 25 miles for loading $25-$49.99, 50 miles for loading $50-$74.99, 125 miles for loading $75-$99.99, or 200 miles for loading $100 or more. You no longer earn miles for drink purchases.

That’s a bad deal. You can buy Starbucks gift cards at office supply stores on cards that earn 5 points per dollar spent. Or you can take advantage of promotions and sales to earn bonus funds on Starbucks gift cards. Previously, that stacked with earning miles on purchases, but not anymore.

Reloads made from Starbucks gift cards onto your account won’t earn any miles.

You will earn double stars if you buy Starbucks on the same day as a departing Delta flight, so there’s that I suppose.

But overall, this is certainly a devaluation of the program.

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All the more so why hybrid points are the way to go.


Forgive me but I just don’t get this Starbucks thing, the same way a person who is extremely allergic to anything dairy won’t go into a place that serves dairy how can you go to Starbucks as they serve non-kosher meat products.


Sorry. That’s not how Halacha works.
That’s why we have products that say “may contain traves of milk” and are labeled “parve”, and we have products that say “lactose & dairy free” and are labeled OU-D.

Chanoch Yekusiel

Dan, do these at least earn loyalty points or just miles? The sky pesos team really knows how to dilute our miles.


What about a $25 load from you BoA CCR?