Redeem Your Starpoints To Play Softball In Wrigley Field!

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Option 1: Redeem 15K Starpoints for 2 tickets to play softball on 7/30 in Wrigley. You’ll also get a Wrigley Field tour and food/drinks. You are able to request to be on a specific person’s team.

Option 2: Bid to field your own team of 12 players to play softball on 7/30 in Wrigley. You’ll also get 12 customized Cubs jerseys, a Wrigley Field tour, and food/drinks. Last year this sold for 183K points for the team.

You can join other DDFers in bidding for the team package in this thread.

Unfortunately the event will take place during the 9 days.

Last year a group of 12 DDFers got together to redeem the full team package.

SPG even catered kosher meals for us. We had an awesome time playing and the customized jerseys were very cool as well:



#TeamDansDeals (I guess I missed the shorts memo?)






The surprise for the day was that we weren’t playing regular softball. We would play Chicago style softball with a 16 inch ball.

Alas you don’t play on the actual diamond, the games take place in the outfield. But it was still an awesome and surreal experience to be able to play in the friendly confines:















While we crushed in our first game, we got beat by the team that would wind up winning the championship in our 2nd game. They wound up winning double the amount of Starpoints that they paid to participate in the event.

#RBISingle #SPGMoments @ #WrigleyField #TeamDansDeals takes #Game1 14 to 5!

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Me, JJ, and AJK in the dugout:


















I didn’t even think about it, but apparently wearing an Indians hat during an event at Wrigley with a Cubs jersey was controversial. When anyone asked me about the juxtoposition I just said, “What do you mean? I’m just previewing the 2016 World Series matchup!”

Everyone laughed when I said that, but little did they know that 2 months later the 2 teams that hadn’t won a championship in a combined 176 years would indeed take place. Alas, my throwing out the first pitch before game 7 didn’t help the home team take home the trophy.

Short on points?

You can buy up to 30,000 Starpoints per year here. For this month only they’re 35% offPlus you can buy more than 30K with multiple members by transferring points for free between members living at the same address.

-The Starwood Consumer AMEX and the Starwood Business AMEX offer a 25K signup bonus. The Chase Marriott card offers 87,500 Rewards points (transferable to 29,167 Starpoints) for spending $3,000 and adding an additional user card. After hitting the signup bonus it’s not worth spending on this card. You’ll get 3 Marriott Rewards points per dollar by spending on a Starwood card instead!
You can view credit card offers by clicking on the “Credit Cards” tab on top of the DansDeals banner to view links for card offers. You can click on the link that says “View hotel cards” and scroll down to card offers.

Win an auction? Post a comment and be sure to post a trip report on DDF!

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as a big baseball fan i have to say this SPG experience stuff is awesome. i’ve starting hording.

@Dan not sure i’ll be able to top your world series experience 😉 but even something like this softball game would be pretty cool


Dan, you can’t get clearance from your Rav again?


Always during the nine days 🙁


Sorry not much interest in baseball…torontonian here. …😜….but speaking of starpoints do u have a post explaining in detail how to use jl to book one world awards ? For example i found tlv ~dxb on aa and ba availability with rj but when i called the jl usa call center they didn’t see it…..maybe there’s a better number ? Also did the rate for jfk ~ mxp in Emirates first go up from the 50k(1way ) u mentioned in ur post. ?thanx


Sidebar, flying blue promo awards available from JFK to TLV Sep. for 18750 points


Will there be a team from Dansdeals bidding? I would like to reserve two spots on the team if possible. I have the requisite number of SPG points to pay. It wold be great if someone made a siyum also.


baseball is one game that I despise, extremely boring, zero fun and zero fun! shouldn’t be saying it but what else should i say

Magic Moshe

Dan signing up for DDF Team….let’s practice pitching before the game….no more 2 hoppers to the catcher. 😉


starting time 12pm,
when do the games end? planning flight out that night,
was there place to store luggage?


can someone explain what the difference between option 1 and option 2 is? is option 2 you just field your own team, while option one is your on a team but your playing w strangers?


ohare airport shows 15miles, 30-60 minutes away…. would 6pm flight out of ohara be cutting it close?


” A grand prize of SPG® points will be awarded to the winning team!:

any idea how many per person?


I tried huca…..any other suggestions? .you mentioned in your post about buying spg at 30% discount that Alaskan charges 360k rt milan to jfk for ek first but with jl just 100k rt ….unless one way isn’t half ? But it definitely shouldn’t be the 90k they said on the phone ?


did the individual tix for 15,000 points sell out?