Redeem El Al Matmid Points For $1 Each Off Of Airfare This Month, Fly Round-Trip From JFK-Tel Aviv For 592 Points+$101 Round-Trip!

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El Al is offering the ability to redeem Matmid points at a value of $1 each off economy airfare.

El Al normally charges executives 1,760 points+$350 and non-executives 2,200 points+$350 to fly from JFK to Tel Aviv in the summer.

Ending today, airfare is available for just $693 round-trip, so normal saver redemptions would be an incredibly poor value. Using 2,200 points plus $350 would value each point at 0.17 cents each. The normal cash and points rate values Matmid points at 0.33 cents each.

However with the current promotion you can get a value of $1 per point by searching for an award ticket and selecting points and cash after selecting flights. That’s triple the normal cash and points value!

If you have 100 points, you can save $100 off the $693 airfare:


You can use up to 592 points to save $592 off the $693 airfare:


You must book your ticket by June 10th and begin travel by June 30th. However if you want to take advantage of the $693 fares, you’ll want to book before 11:59pm ET tonight.

Alas, El Al stopped accepting point transfers from AMEX, so there’s no good way for Americans to take advantage of this promotion unless they already have El Al points.

Vaccinated Americans can travel in organized groups to Israel beginning on June 15th. Vaccinated or recovered Americans can also visit their first degree relatives in Israel.

El Al is offering free changes for tickets booked this year.

Will you take advantage of this offer?

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Moishe NYC

Dan, you wrote: “El Al is offering free changes for tickets booked this year.” Please explain exactly what that means??? BTW, when you posted the ELAL sale last month, I bought 2 Premium tickets for June, however Israel is still not allowing tourists…so how can I somehow use my premium tickets in the future? I am not ready to rebook for any specific date, since Israel has not definitively decided their future policy…


Not working for me. I am getting a Value of $0.33 a point.

Moishe NYC

Dan. Thanks. 1. A full credit without the usual ELAL $250 penalty for cancellation? 2. Can this credit be used anytime, even sometime next year?


If I book a ticket with this promotion and cancel do I get the points back or a credit for the money worth of the ticket?


Only economy ?


Yandmk how did you find out about this?


Is it dead?
Just tried TLV-MIA June 17-20. Shows up as 1,334 points + $101, or $733


Hi Dan. We had tickets last year on Turkish Airline. The flight was cancelled. just wondering, how unsafe is it for a frum jew to fly turkish these days

Feina neias

I booked 10 tickets and got them refunded in cash!! Bought LY points for 40 c each so essentially I got 60% more than value, or 60% off any future LY flights ; ). Wake up people!