Overnight Devaluation: TRYP Jerusalem Award Night Costs Have Doubled

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Wyndham is one odd loyalty program.

They used to have an award chart that they got rid of in order to make all hotels cost 15K points. Then they brought back an award chart with all hotels costing either 7.5K, 15K, or 30K points per night.

While other hotel chains with an award chart (typically, ahem Marriott) let members know which properties will be changing categories before they actually change, Wyndham does things differently and refused to give any heads up.

Last night the TRYP Jerusalem doubled in cost, going from 7.5K points to 15K points per night. Ouch!

It’s another reminder that points don’t earn interest and they shouldn’t be hoarded.

The Ramada Jerusalem, Ramada Netanya, and Ramada Hadera Beach remain at 15K points per night.

Which other Wyndham properties have you noticed changed in award price yesterday?

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wyndham claims that every year the hotel can review and decide to raise its prices to whatever they want

Which Credit Card to use?

Major loss of outsized value in the points space in Jerusalem. The location was great, centrally located for tourists, walkable to the Great Synagogue, Ben Yehuda Street, First Station, the Old City, etc. However, the rooms are really small and, in my experience, only have king-sized beds, but are tastefully appointed with modern bathrooms.

But for 7,500 points a night it was a steal! Wyndham sells points for 1.3 cents each (max 10k per year) so a night at the property could have been “bought” for 7,500 points or $97.50 if you paid cash for the points. (“Free” if you got them as a welcome offer bonus.) But at 15,000 points (or $195 at that point value) the rate is much less compelling and I would consider other properties with larger rooms.


This is exactly right!


C’mon…Even with the tiny rooms we all knew it was too good to last.


They did give a warning about a month ago that x amount of hotels will be going up in points and x amount will be going down. They did not mention which ones though..


“You can’t transfer points from any banks like you can to Choice, Hilton, Hyatt, IHG, and Marriott.”

FYI Cap1 recently announced that they just added Wyndham as a transfer partner for the Venture card.

Joe S

Not surprising as Wyndham gave a month’s notice, just wouldn’t tell anyone which hotels. This was probably one of the nicest 7.5K properties in their whole portfolio, at 15K it’s of average value, especially since you don’t get breakfast with points reservations here. Location is great and it’s a new hotel, but rooms and bathrooms are tiny.


any nice hotel for 2 nights at other Wyndham properties for 7.5k a night?



I booked the TRYP when you posted the sale and status matched to diamond when you posted about that(thanks). What are the chances the upgrade me when I check in

sue kaskel

I used all of my points and booked 2 rooms for 07nts in June at the lower rate just a few weeks ago BH!


what does TRYP stand for? where in Jerusalem is it?