Flying From NYC To Tel Aviv Round-Trip For 35,000 Membership Rewards+$350


50% Off El Al Award Flights

With this promotion a round-trip ticket between New York and Tel Aviv will be 700 points instead of 1,400 points.  You can transfer 35,000 American Express Membership Rewards points (earned on cards like the American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card) into 700 El Al points.

Note that El Al charges $350 in fuel surcharges and taxes for a round trip from the US to Israel.  (Fuel surcharges can be avoided by using American miles for travel on El Al, but then you can’t take advantage of this promotion).

You can also fly just one-way from NYC to Tel Aviv for 350 points plus $158.

Of course you have to find saver award space which is always tricky with El Al.

-Book by 02/16
-Depart: 02/24-04/06.

Sample valid date as of the time of this post: Newark to Tel Aviv from 03/03-03/12.

HT: 972sg212, via DDF

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intersting, I just got an email “350 points
+ $158”


Any deals on Bizz class too ?


Can Starwood points be used?



Where did the email originate from? Was it from Amex?


@Anonymous: Starwodd points is more worth then PR points.


That’s the one-way price from NYC to TLV.




What about starting a trip from TLV
Is this promotion also valid?
And which dates?


can i get it for may too?
and btw i booked tickets threw AA on EL AL and they just canceled it after few days that it was charged from my CC, can i fight for it? or its over? (got very cheap tickets for $550 non stop


hi how can i get this deal if i do not have EL AL points?
is it also from LAX?

moshe keda

can i book a family trip on july returning august with this deal ?
please reply


Sa did they send you an email that your reservations was canceled? I to have a reservation on el al booked for May 7 through American airlines and am pretty nervous about being canceled is that legal? Are they allowed to once a credit card has been charged and etickets have been issued?

Bimichilas Kovod Horav


I am a bit confused about how you figure 700 matmid points = 35,000 mr points.

Above link says the ration is 29 to 1 for the Gold card. I figure 29 x 700=20,300.

Where did I go wrong?


How much is a business class ticket?


I tried this morning and they said it was only for leaving from NYC not Tel Aviv. Is this true?


How much is a business class ticket


Does this offer work with Haas Advantage miles? if so what would the conversion be? also can it be used starting from Tel Aviv?


it seems to be cheaper to do 2 one ways, since its $158 x 2= $316.. rather then paying $350 for round trip.


it seems to be cheaper by doing 2 one ways and pay 2 x $158 total $316, rather then do round trip and pay $350.


Is there a similar deal for business class?


There aren’t actually any flights available for this EL-AL promo. If anyone finds any, please post


can you get this ticket from tlv-nyc?


How do you book it?

Chuck Lowenstein

This came in 5 hours ago:
For departures
February 24 – April 6, 2014
From New York (JFK/NEWARK)

Starting from 350 points
+ $158*


It is not cheaper to do a one way, as the promotion only applies to flights originated in NYC


for platinum MR points the conversion is 6-1.
so my question is if I upgrade my gold card to a platinum will my current MR points be considered platinum points?
Also if anyone knows the answer to comment #12, please share it with us!


Anything from YYZ? Thanx a million for a great site!!


@Bimichilas Kovod Horav:
the chart you are referring to is the Israely Amex card. Which earns much less points as you can see in the following link (60 shekel for 1 point)

beloow is the link for usa amex conversion


@Famous: so i called cuz my friend said she got her seat number by AA so i also callled &my they canceled… maybe i shouldn’t call in..but i asked them y they said its not valid tickets & there going to cancel all of them, but im not that sure.. maybe dan would know..


I also called AA regarding seats they gave me el al reservation number vs their locator # and that’s where chose seats. So they cancelled your reservation while you were on the phone? If someone can answer if airline can legally cancel you out once ticket was issued.


Dan when flying from NYC to tel aviv on milage with El Al , which is a better deal? Flying 90k AA ADVANTAGE or 1400 el al points? Considering you can sell AA miles for $$$. Ty

s a

so, i don’t know… would love to help

s a

i would love to have my tickets.. but…



no they can be fined 10000 each ticket


Do u think so? I think AA would have to pay cuz they did mistak, so who ever is calling in they just take your info and canceling ticket


I am looking to go from NYC-TLV in june. Anything i can do?

Mike Salim

Does the $350 in fuel surcharges and taxes only apply to roundtrip or is it even for the one way 350 points+ $158?

Menachem Lasker

I already applied for an SPG card thinking is the most awarded card with the most benefit, now I see that my card does not apply for travel rewards, I anyway pay my bill in full every month, is it better if I transfer my miles and my account to an award card within AMEX? if its at all possible?

Menachem Lasker



how can I use Starwood miles to fly to Israel?


I tried registering for a Matmid club account, and it says that Registration entails a one-time fee of 25$ which entitles registrants to a gift of 30 free points.
Is there anyway to avoid this?


Is this over already ?