No More Quantity Limits On US Mint Coins!

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I received a shipment yesterday of $10,000 worth of coins from the US Mint!

When I first posted about the Mint deal last June there was a limit of $500 per President.  I wrote about my somewhat difficult experience depositing the coins in that post as well.

For those of you not familiar with the mint deal, you can buy coins at face value with free shipping and charge them to any credit card.

Since then I’ve switched to Chase bank where the tellers don’t even bat an eye at my typical $5,000 coin deposit. I’m in and out within 3 minutes.

More recently I noticed that the quantity limits for the Native American dollar coins were no longer listed on the site.

So I placed a $10,000 order and I got them less than a week later!

Sure I need to shlep 4 boxes each weighing 40 pounds to the bank, but hey, 10,000 Starwood points is 10,000 Starwood points!  (Using a past Starpoint redemption of mine that netted a return of 52 cents per Starpoint that’s worth $5,200, although more conventional wisdom would place a value of about $300 on them…)

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Current limit seems to be 99 cases of $250- total $24,750.00 🙂


Is there any chance of the coins getting lost in the mail or not all the cases arriving? If so, is it worth the hassle of dealing with that?


how did you spend your points to get 52 on the dollar


I don’t think you SPG calculations are fair. There are 2 reasonable ways to calculate value of points:
1. How much would you spent for the same thing if you would pay out of pocket? Will you ever spent $1500 for a hotel room? If yes, on this hotel room that night, then you might get 52 cents per point.
If you just calculate rack rates and say I saved $10k on this F class flight, you are just misleading yourself. (Does your wife says sometimes: “Got this $200 skirt for $10 when it will be very difficult to find this skirt selling even for $50? 🙂
2. How much would it cost to get the same flight, room, etc. in the cheapest possible way (Priceline, Hotwire, Special discounted rate, another hotel or airline with a cheaper price, etc.)? Also, how many points or miles you might be loosing by getting a free flight/ hotel? If LAN flight was $1000, but you can same thing on Spirit for $200, you did not same $1000 by using your points, just $200 🙂

sam the man

please advise that most banks need you to unroll the coins and put them into special deposit bags.i just did that for 28000.


Dan, Thanks for the tip. I buy coins on a daily basis. I had the funiest story. I went to TD bank a few times each branch is different. So this branch, which I went to the time before and he said if its wrapped they will take it. This time I went and the teller was like we dont take it, sitting next to her was the guy that told me yes. He looks at me and goes “how much do I have”. I had alot and he said yes but was like “where did you get them from”? I told him US Mint, he was so lossed. It was funny. Maybe I should switch to Chase as you said you were in/out 3 mins and they didnt bat a eye.

Keep posting things like this. Doesnt hurt to have more miles. 🙂


since you can buy them at 3.5C direct from starwood they CANT be worth more then that!

But hey $350 is noce too


My bank told me last week that this is the last time they will be taking from me the coins they said that it cost them 80.00 every time I bring it in because they have to send it back so they are taking a loss on it


You can only buy a maximum of 20,000 points a year at 3.5cents so depending on how many you use they can possibly be valued at higher than that.


Are they charging for shipping now? I just placed an order for $3000 (my credit limit max, thanks AMEX) and it says $4.95 for shipping. If I do that then I’ll be over my limit. Help!


Nevermind! When you go to put in the Amex CC number it says $0 shipping. WOOHOO!



They are worth not for how much you can buy are, but for how much you can sell them. 🙂 Also, you can buy as much as you want if you open more then one account for your family members.
But, lets say they are worth 50 cents a point. Makes everyone feels very, very good, in particular Starwood! 🙂


Order limit is still in place for the PRESIDENTIAL COINS but not the Native American coins.


Thanks for the tip but wont the irs question all that money that i am depositing in my account????


Just a tip: I bank @ WAMU and the branch told they dont have a big enough vault to hold 5000 coins, so they made shlep to another branch which does business services that can facilitate the deposit.


it will take alittle longer but I simply keep my deposit to a max of $1000 and will drive to the 5 different branches within a 15 min drive

at times I will deposit them into more then 1 Bank if Im short on time and pay off the CC from both accts

Not too many branches will want to deal with 5k in 1 shot


hey if they make u open the coins just bring them to td bank they have free coin counting by the time u bring it to the teller they can’t do nothing cuz it’s already in their coin counter


It all depends on your relationship with your bank manager and your personal teller I usually have the same teller and try to stick to the same branch. I usually deposit over 50k at a time so when I bring 15k of coins she didn’t even opened the box. Each box is 2,500 coins and they weigh 46 pounds each, so they opened the door and make me carry it in! The first couple times it’s funny but after a while they think your nuts!




does anyone know of such a thing with regard to the canadian mint
if there is let me know


for the record whenever you deposit more then 10,000 the bank files it with the IRS


i got an order for $10,000. (Thanks dan!) Do they file from $10,001 or even $10,000?!

sam the man

what i do is pay with my credit card and pay my bill in the bank using the coins so you dont have to deposit anything

no fax payday loans

I have to say: you are brilliant. I never thought of buying money on credit just so you can rack up points on your card. I am starting this tonight.


Dude!! This is trippin me out!! This so sick!!! Yes moe, $9,999.99 will go unreported to the IRS. Anything 10k and over will be CTR’d. I’m FOR SURE trying this! And you’re absolutely positive this is legal and not fraud in any way?


@mitch: Actually mitch, you have no clue what you are talking about, so dont talk like you do. That amount would be reported. Banks have systems in place that catch the people that try to slip under the radar. Even 2*$5k can be caught. And yes, I do know what the heck Im talking about.

dan fan

is it legel?


no more free shipping
how do u get free shipping


I went to my local Citibank branch and as soon as I walked in the door holding 2 boxes all the tellers gave a look and said “oh no!….Not more of the gold coins!!”. The branch manager said that so many people have been coming in with these and they have no use for them and have to ship them back so now they are charging to deposit them. The branch manager told me it would cost about $250 or so, so I left.
I went to another Citi branch a few miles away and they took the whole 7500 deposit no problem. They did ask me where I got them and said that there was another guy there last week making a deposit with them and another guy the week before.
FYI- For TD Bank coin machine- it only holds $100 worth of the dollar coins, so if you try and deposit more, it will say that the machine is full and to get an employee to help you out. So you wont be able to deposit there in any large quantities.


Having problems depositing in brooklyn at soverign. When I went to lakewood they would not take it there either. They all said they are getting too much of this.


my husband had an issue at wachovia in baltimore greenspring shopping center- said theyre gna start to charge to deposit them- he went to another branch and im not sure if he was able to deposit them or not- is there a way to cancel the rest of our order with the mint? i dont want to end up with 5000$ worth of coins that i have no use for


Take them to the wachovia location on reisterstown rd and northern pkwy. They’ll be more than happy to take them.


thats actually where my husband took them in the end- guess theyre used to dealing with shaddy ppl (if u know the area you know what im talking about 😉 ) and have no problem taking thousands of dollars of coins


I try to split my deposits up between different local branches of my bank.

I just 10k (4 boxes) of coins and I was curious what they’re paying to ship these. So I ran the weight/dimensions and zip codes on the UPS website, and it looks like they’re paying around $200 to ship each box of 2500 coins via UPS next day air. (If they used UPS ground, it would only cost around $35/box.)

Doesn’t exactly inspire much confidence in our government…


The mint most definitely does not pay the rates you see on, they probably get 50-75% off of the published rates.

Regardless the fact that they are selling money is indeed bizarre.


There appears to be a limit of $3000


Actually the mint makes money even though they pay for shipping. Its because the actual cost to make a $1 coin is far less than $1. It costs maybe 10-20 cents to pay for the cost of minting the coin. Thus an easy 80-90 cent profit per coin minted. This is called Seignorage. Of course this will contribute to our inflation, but the government doesnt care about that.

Read more about it here:


I placed an order for $10,000 7-10 days ago
The website accepted it but it never shipped.
I called and they told me there was a limit and canceled the order!

I was not able to order more than 2500-3000


Just got 15K in the mail!


can you do this month after month?


Does anyone know whether there is a limit on the native american coins? I already ordered 20k of them. Can I order another 10k?


I just got my first shipment of 2 boxes of James Madison Coins. I took it to the Leonia NJ Branch of Bank Of America and the teller took the 2 boxes ($500) with no problems. I asked if they could do larger quantities and she called the manager over who told me that really anything over 100 dollars in coins needs to be sent out for counting and that is Bank of America Policy. In the short form-the manager said dont bring these coins here please. Does anyone know of a Bank in the Bergen County area that takes the coins without a problem?


we just got a shipment in the mail and my husband took them to the wachovia in md where we deposited them last time and they said they were not taking them again. I called wachovia customer service and they said there is no reason they should not take them and she will be finding me banks in my area that will take them- she said there is no policy that says that one cant deposit that amount in coins and she finds it rediculous that they would not take it…ill update when i have it…


I live in Baltimore and would like to know where the best Bank of America to deposit 2-3k at a time would be.


A reason why banks won’t take them is because they don’t have room for them in their safes. Some banks have a limit as to how many coins they can store. Small banks usually have a $2,000 limit but big banks such as the ones in downtown areas can hold an unlimited amount.


wachovia customer service called my bank and told them that no where does it say that they wont take them or charge to take them-only for corporate accounts is there a charge so we had no problem depositing 5500$ worth of coins and will be ordering more soon to compleate our bonus 15000 points.

Dan- do those extra points post right away or do we have to wait the 6 month waiting period?

Chaim-try the bank of america in greenspring shopping center if that doesnt work look up a bigger financial center for them


limit seems to have returned , at least on some coins


I ordered $7,500 of dollar coins (no limit on the Native American boxes), and it got shipped in two shipments, $5,000 and $2,500. However, the US Mint pre-authorized $7,500 initially, and then authorized $5,000, so it went over the $10,000 limit on my Starwood AMEX by $2,500. One of these authorizations will fall off in a few days and the credit limit will become available again. It was nice that American Express “allowed” this, but it is one of those details in this US Mint undetaking to be aware of.


How can I order these coins? (says 2 limit)


I had trouble today at my faithful Chase branch in California. They said that they were no longer accepting the coins as a matter of policy. I went across the street to Wells Fargo – no problem. Just keep looking I guess!


No limit deals are not there now.
Only 2 box limit


I wonder… if you go to a western union or something and pay a small fee to make a money order which u can send to your credit card company, will they take it?


how do you get free shipping?


Is there any other way to build star points


how do you get free shipping?


does this still work? the mint writes that you wont be getting points on you’re cc?


im not positive about this but i think the no quantity limit deal on the native american coins is back….


THIS IS WHAT THEY HAVE ON THE SITE NOW “The immediate bank deposit of $1 Coins ordered through this Program does not result in their introduction into circulation and, therefore, does not comply with the intended purpose of the Program”


I just went to a Chase bank on the corner of Flatlands and Flatbush Ave and they did not let me deposit my coins there. They told me even if they would let me I would need to pay for the storing of it until Gardner picks it up additionally I would be charge the fee for picking it up.



Evan: did u find a bank in flatbush that took your coins?


Do you it should be a problem finding a bank in Philly that will accept 5 or 10k worth? Sure it’s a schlepp from bank to bank, but if I could be sure that on (at least) the second or third try it would work, it’s def. worth it. Any thoughts?!


Can this still be done? If so, which coins should I order and how fast do I get them?

Also is there CURRENTLY a bank (Chase, Wachovia etc.) which is known to take them or does it depend on the branch? Are there any banks that never take them regardless of the branch?