New Flying Blue Promo Awards Now Bookable: Chicago, Houston, Or Washington DC To Tel Aviv For 12.5K Miles

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Flying Blue Promo Awards (Click here to view worldwide promo awards)

Air France Flying Blue Award Search (Login required to search for award flights)

Flying Blue is the joint program of SkyTeam member Air France and KLM.
They consider Tel Aviv to be part of Europe which can make for some decent deals.

Flying Blue does charge fuel surcharges on their own flights but not on Delta flights. However availability is much better on their own flights than on Delta flights. When there is Delta availability though it’s significantly cheaper to book the Delta flights with Flying Blue miles than with Delta Skypesos.

-They normally charge 25,000 miles each way in coach to Israel but they run rotating promo awards valid for select cities. Currently for North America that includes half priced flights from Chicago, Houston, Or Washington DC.

-Promo awards are only valid on Air France or KLM.

-Travel is valid in either direction and is valid for one-way or round-trip travel.

-You need to book the current promo awards by 08/31.

-You can travel between Houston or Washington DC and Tel Aviv in October or November or between Chicago and Tel Aviv in November.

-In some cases it may make sense to use BA Avios to get to Chicago, Houston, or Washington DC.

-You can transfer AMEX points to Flying Blue at a 1K:1K ratio or Starpoints to Flying Blue at a 20K:25K ratio.

-You can see the miles and fees for one-way tickets in the images below:












































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30 Comments On "New Flying Blue Promo Awards Now Bookable: Chicago, Houston, Or Washington DC To Tel Aviv For 12.5K Miles"

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What’s the UR ratio to flying blue points?


From Chicago why are the fees drastically different depending on the amount of points while Washington and Houston are roughly the same


Does anyone know cancellation policy on these tickets?


@Anonymous: with in 24 hrs – u get ur points and money back, after 24 hrs – $70 cancellation fee


@Joe: UR doesnt transfer to Flying Blue. ONLY amex MR and Spg


@Steve: check the stop over cities, taxes apply to them also

Club 2000

Af stop flying to tlv 🙂


How does one transfer from SPG to flying blue?


AF site says promo flights are not refundable. Do you know something we don’t ?


Is YQ the same ex-TLV?


Given the current “troubles,” can I assume DL is actually releasing award seats to AF/KLM (if not now, when?). Of course, you’d still have to find a DL seat to JFK (not part of this promo), which I assume is still almost impossible.

If you could pull this off and find a DL seat for 12,500 miles, it would be a heck of deal. And I would bet that the “troubles” will be little more than a memory in a couple months, so travel would feel safe.

Dan's the Man

@Club 2000: No they didn’t.


well i found a dl flight for 25k one way. its nice if you can find in peak season (sukkot) but for november if your paying close to 350 in fees and the value of 25k amex points around 400$ its almost 750$ for a stopover flight its not such a steal in the winter season


We are trying to book tickets. How do i proceed. Whats the website


Anyone have a phone number?


Try 1-800-DAN-DEAL
THAT’S 1-800-326-3325


@Eli: You’re mistaken, promo awards are non refundable after 24 hours.


@iahphx: Did you read the post?
Promo awards are only valid on Air France or KLM.


Do you need to have a flying blue acct with miles in it to search availability?


Can I use my Delta points to book this?


I have booked flying blue and it is not refundable when booking promo. Award miles tickets.

Neil Friedman

Is there any way to convert sapphire preferred points to flying blue?


@Neil Friedman:
Read comment #1 and #5

Jonathan Parker

Is there a way to find which flights are on DL metal? I don’t see a way to get DL flights only KLM AF. Is there a way to find DL flights?


Is this still available?
all options online are showing 75K points


@Jonathan Parker: Did you read the post?
-Promo awards are only valid on Air France or KLM.


@Gshumu: No


@Faye: No


I have points with Chase Sapphire Preferred. Does anyone know how to convert them to Flying Blue points?

Miriam Lipchik

Thank you SOOOO much Dan, I completed my first purchase of tickets using SPG points and Barclays purchase redemption, at the end of all the cheshbonos I’m paying $700 for 2 tickets to Israel from NYC!!!! Thank you.
Gmar chasima tova!