Need To Meet A Spending Threshold Deadline? Get Waived Fees On AMEX Gift Cards!

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For waived card fees use code (03/15): EMVALAX
Shipping is extra, but under shipping method you can pick the “premium shipping” option for a free trial period of $99/year next-day air free shipping.
“If you choose to cancel before your 3-month free trial ends, all shipping charges during this period will be waived and you will not be charged the annual enrollment fee.”

If you need to meet spending thresholds for bonus points (like 15K Starpoints for spending $15K within 6 months on the AMEX Starwood, 15K MR Points for spending $1,000 within 3 months on the AMEX Premier Rewards card, 25K MR Points for spending $1,000 within 3 months on the AMEX Platinum Card, etc.) but don’t have enough stuff to buy right away than this may be for you!

Just buy the amount of Gift Cards you need to get you over the spending threshold bonus and then you’ll be able to use the GC as you need them on your everyday purchases.

There are never any fees for inactivity on the card. If you don’t finish using the GC by the expiration date then AMEX will send you a check for the remaining balance.

You can use Visa, MC, or AMEX, and the GC’s are treated as a purchase, not as a cash advance, and will earn miles or points.

The most GC’s you can buy in one order is $5,000.

Terms and Conditions: “By using the Card you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions in their entirety. Should you wish not to be bound by these Terms and Conditions in their entirety you must, prior to using the Card, request and obtain a refund of the value of the card by calling the 1-877-297-4438.”

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How long until they expire?


hey Dan… your site, you’re great….quick question: can i use the GC’s to pay my starwoods bill?


i just got one and its good until 2014


If I don’t use the full amount of the gc and they send my back a check will I still get the points for the card?


@Ari: No. That would probably be considered a balance transfer from their perspective


why cant one just buy them at local 7-11 with a credit card get the threshold and starwood points because your paying 7-11 not amex and not pay for shipping


7-11 charges a fee to buy the card.
Besides if you do the trial shipping the shipping will be free, you just have to cancel the trial.


Did you buy it online?


van you call and request a “refund” right away? does the refund go to the recepient?


when using the amex gc in the store will you get the same purchase protection as if using an amex cc???


aint this better than the mint shtick, (if u got the money to lay out?)


no its not better then the mint shtick because there is no way to cash out the gift cards as Dan’s post says ” it is meant for people that need to reach spending threshold quickly and have time to spend out the GC’s u cant get check back from Amex!

David Z.

Has anyone tried buying them and then calling to tell them you dont wish to be bound by these Terms and Conditions in their entirety? Would they send us a check or just refund the credit card?


They refund the money to your credit card.


what about buying them on the amex and then going in to a chase bank to pay a chase credit card? would that work or would that also be a balance transfer?


I think the link to the Amex Platinum is not correct, it gets you to an application that doesn’t mention the 25K bonus.


Seems like you need to clear your browser’s cache and cookies to get it to show the 25K offer.


why not buy a visa card in any wallmart etc


I just received Starwood Amex and says in welcome package that gift cards do not count as Starwood points. HAs anyone tried getting Amex giftcard and received points for it on Starpoints?


It costs $$$ to buy those.

Yes, I have.


Dan, Can I cancel the premium shipping online? Thanks!

Kevin K

I don’t believe the amex gift cards are always counted. It looks like they are not coming through on my Chase British Airways 100K card, and I couldn’t find any indication that it works on a giant thread about the card. You can always paypal yourself the money for 2.9% + $0.20.