[WOW: Points Are Now Posting!] Marriott Will Cancel All Existing Travel Packages Next Month, Refund At Peak Point Levels

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Update, 3/10: Points have been refunded as I calculated in the post below! For example, below is the 420K point refund for a 7 night category 6 certificate that was converted over from an old category 9 certificate.

That certificate originally only cost 390K points for 7 nights and 132,000 airline miles, making the original travel packages an incredible deal after all! 

Just be sure to reserve future hotel stays before points are devalued on March 29th to lock in current award pricing.

Update, 2/8: Here is my saga getting points refunded for a category 8 package that was already attached to a hotel stay.

Originally posted on 1/19:

I wrote last week and again yesterday about Marriott terms (which were later deleted) that indicated they would be discontinuing their travel packages.

What, you expected Marriott to actually let their members know about a major program change?

Their media relations team and customer service refused to confirm that the packages would be discontinued, but sure enough, they are no longer available for sale.

I guess we should now also be nervous that Marriott could devalue their airline transfer ratio without notice?

All travel packages with unredeemed hotel certificates must be redeemed by 2/28.

If you don’t redeem them by 2/28, Marriott will automatically convert them into points at the peak level on 3/1. To be fair, that’s a generous outcome, though not as generous as honoring them to their expiration date after they kill their award charts. But I guess it was too much to ask for Marriott to honor their existing award charts for certificate holders? Or they don’t want to give away that kind of value after the upcoming devaluation…

Changes to hotel reservations with travel packages will not be allowed after 2/28, though they can be refunded to points at the old peak rate.

People that bought a travel package before the deadline may not have gotten a hedge against devaluation, but they will wind up well off.

  • If you bought a category 1-4 certificate and 110K miles for 330K Marriott points you will get a refund of 210K Marriott points after 2/28 if you don’t use your hotel certificate.
  • If you bought a category 5 certificate and 110K miles for 390K Marriott points you will get a refund of 280K Marriott points after 2/28 if you don’t use your hotel certificate.
  • If you bought a category 6 certificate and 110K miles for 510K Marriott points you will get a refund of 420K Marriott points after 2/28 if you don’t use your hotel certificate.
  • If you bought a category 7 certificate and 110K miles for 570K Marriott points you will get a refund of 490K Marriott points after 2/28 if you don’t use your hotel certificate.
  • If you bought a category 8 certificate and 110K miles for 750K Marriott points you will get a refund of 700K Marriott points after 2/28 if you don’t use your hotel certificate.

In other words you would normally need to use 240K Marriott for 110K miles, but if you bought a category 8 package, you will have only used 50K Marriott points after the refund. Score!

Kudos to Marriott for treating existing travel package holders fairly this time. That’s more than could be said last time, so I guess Marriott learned their lesson?

On the other hand, this probably means we are in for a rough devaluation if Marriott is paying people back with peak points rather than allowing them to keep using their hotel package certificates. Does that mean my prediction about some hotels doubling or tripling in points cost will come true?

We will only get part 1 of the devaluation in March 2022 when some 97% of Marriott hotels will still stay in the current point range, the next part will go into effect in 2023 when those ranges will be discontinued as well.

Do you have a travel package? 

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Eve cohen

Hi Dan,

Had an old package tier- cat 6- made a reservation for the Ritz in Hertzliya. Then came Covid and my reservation was cancelled and then the packages were devalued so I could no longer use it for Ritz Hertzliya. I emailed the hotel at the time and said I don’t want to cancel I want to rebook but they said I can’t because the certificate was devalued. Now there are no hotels in Israel with the lower value package. Do you think an email to the CEO would help even after this long time? Is it a waste of time especially now with the announcement of packages being discontinued?

Wasn’t able to get into Israel for 2 years because of lockdown and I am now going to Israel in April if AA still flies with the 5G debacle.


I am being to think the same people who ran Sears now run Marriott… Better go book my upcoming stay before these points become worthless.


I guess that this is the silver lining in the otherwise horrible move to dynamic pricing. Looks like the days of staying at aspirational properties are over.

In my opinion, if Marriott values their points at less than $0.03 each (which they certainly will), then there is no reason to have a branded credit card. You’re much better off with a 2% rewards or cash-back card which are offered by most banks.

The sad part is that your average consumer will never understand this (or likely even become aware of this change) and will keep continue spending as usual.

Ten Bucks a Week

I would argue that there is still value in holding the card, but not spending on the card. Imagine if they use $0.01, then your 35K cert is worth $350. I’ll hang onto the card.


Your math works out, but no way that Marriott will give that much value. Give them a few months and they’ll find a way to Bonvoy this benefit as well. My guess is that the annual reward won’t be in points anymore but just capped at a certain dollar limit.


I’m not a points maven at all. I have 80k points and 4 few nights. Do I have to take action if i don’t have any travel plans yet?

Ten Bucks a Week

Well, I have an upcoming stay in February where I’m spending my last one. It was a good ride while it lasted. In all I have used 3 of the 5-nights (some SPG) and 5 of the 7-nights. It has taken me to Vienna, Milan, Tokyo, Sapporo, Salt Lake City, Taipei, Austin, and Park City. And all that was in 7 years.
Appreciate this site so much and will continue to be a daily user.


I have 7 nights category 1-4 and 7 nights category 8
With no bookings on the horizon I travel a lot my issue is that I never stay at the same hotel for 7 nights what do you recommend and is there a way to split the 7 nights ?
Thanks in advance



Just to clarify regarding “you will get back the current peak points rate at that time”…. So if we book high-end hotels now and then cancel after Feb. 28, if the property goes up we will get the higher number of points back? If so, isn’t it a no-brainer to go ahead and book some of the highest-end properties with free cancellation as a hedge again deval?


Dan – I have a Category 6 package that I just recently booked for a 1-week stay in February. So if I keep things unchanged, I will use my last package up before 2/28. This package was bought before merger at old pre-deval rates. Would I be eligible to get 420K points back?

Would love to hear more thoughts and scenarios on whether to book/redeem or exchange for points. I suspect that given the exchange being offered, we may be in for a blood bath


Good news for me. Have a certificate that I was having trouble finding a full weeks use for. Will gladly take the points, and try to book things before 2023.


“If you bought a category 6 certificate and 110K miles for 510K Marriott points you will get a refund of 420K Marriott points after 2/28 if you don’t use your hotel certificate.”

Sorry if this is obvious, but not following the math. How is the 420k arrived at that is mentioned here? Isn’t the current peak rate 100k per night for Cat 6?


Thanks for the write-up.

Have those “refund” amounts been confirmed by Marriott? Seems to me that each is high by one night’s award cost because there’s the 5th night free (e.g., a 7 night peak award booking in a cat 4 costs 180k (6 * 30k) and not 210k).


What will happen with Partial Package – 7 nights category 1-4 that expire on 06/30/2022


Are we sure they’re giving the value for 7 nights? In all practicality, the 7 night certificates give you 6 nights worth of points because you get 5th night free on points reservations.
If these valuations are true, it probably isn’t worth using the certificates. Better to remove them and just use points instead, and take the cashout value for them, right?

Jake M

I have a “Partial Package – 5 Nights category 5” certificate from a travel package that I believe was purchased around 2017-2018 and received multiple extensions and now expires on 6/30/22. Any idea how many points I would get for it?


So I have 5-night cat 1-4 partial package from an SPG conversion back in 2017 which I got with 120K Alaska miles for 235K in Marriott points. I wanted the Alaska miles and didn’t care for the points. The original certificate was a Cat 1-5 before Marriott became Bonvoy, but after the change in their Category tier, it became a 1-4. Of course I have not used my travel package and have a 5-night certificate for a Cat 1-4 exp 6/30/22. Marriott offered me 35K in points in the previous years which I refused. Based on the chart for peak Cat 4 stay, would I be getting back 30K x 5 nights for a 150K in points if I don’t book my reward? I don’t have a stay in mind to book now so I should just let it convert to Marriott points on 3/1/22?

Deal Guy

If someone has a 7 night cat 1-4 from 2018 (originally cat 1-5), which was 270k Marriott for those 7 nights plus 132k United, they will now get back 210 of the 270k?

Deal Guy

If true, it is a Great deal. 132k United for 60k Marriott. Nice job Marriott!


@Dan What do you think will happen with the air mile transfers. I’m looking to book ke F before their deval but don’t know when asia will be open or if Marriott will cut the rate with no notice. Do you think it’s relatively safe to assume the air mile rate won’t be changed until late 22 early 23?


Hi Dan,
I have 1 week stays at a category 8. I’m I understanding that I can’t book any category 8 anymore, as in they have devalued the certificates? Or can I still book any of the category 8 hotels?


Any idea what will happen to the FREE night certificates that come with the credit cards? Do those also need to be redeemed by the 28th?


nope. You still can use your one day cert as usual; but more than that, you can use cert+points (up to 15k) later too.


So.. with this post, the best option is book a hotel before 2/28 then cancel if I want to take points, right? I have a cat 7 cert, so I can get 490k either I do not use it before 2/28 or cancel after 3/1, right?


I feel like making a speculative booking before Feb 28 might backfire. Sure, if you’re reasonably certain that you’ll use the booking then go for it. But if you need to cancel you’d need to spend time contacting Bonvoy and hope that the agent knows what they’re doing. I’m more confident that just letting Bonvoy’s March 1 refund processing play out as described will be the less stressful path.


Hey Dan I have 350 k Marriott points what you recommended to do with them.

I go to Israel every year for the chagim.

And I am a titanium member



Hi Dan and anyone,

I am looking at my converted and extended packages and they are called ‘partial package – 5 night category 4’ and then same with a ‘7’.

Do those names seem correct? I would like to get the 150k and 210k for them respectively as we can’t travel easily before June 30.

But just having the program go down so much in the last few years, I am cautious and worried that my ‘partial’ package is something that will only get me 10k.

Thank you


No complaints from me. I bought the package since it was a cheap way to get Alaska air miles (basically the week hotel cost almost nothing) and was going to struggle to use my cat 1-4 package before it expired and typically don’t stay a full week anyway. The points they are giving me never expire since I have a credit card, and if I stay 4 nights I get a 5th night free so that hopefully compensates for any increase coming in march due to dynamic pricing. Dynamic pricing is expected to devalue points (how much is the big question) but as long as I’m flexible and don’t need to book peak dates I should easily be able to get 7 and maybe more nights (and a lot more if I book a cat 1-3) with the points they are refunding me. My only question is I originally bought a cat 1-5 package years ago before Bonvoy was rolled out which got converted to a 1-4 (and extended due to covid) so how many points will I actually get?


Dan –

I have two pre-merger Travel Packages which can now be used at Category 6 hotels, I originally paid a total of 390,000 points and received 120,000 miles for each Travel Package. Can I expect to receive 410,000 points for each or will the payout be based on my specific situation?


Today’s the day! Expecting to receive a pile of points from this conversion, then immediately use them up and become a free agent.


You are not the only one. I have the wifey mad at me for canceling our 7 night certificate a couple weeks back


Hi Dan, Will Marriott be refunding the 7 night certificates. I have been waiting for March 1 to have a little more flexibility on my trip.


I didn’t get my points from the travel package on 3/1/22. I’ll see if they come in the next few days. I really don’t want to have to call. Nobody ever knows what a travel package is, or what to do with it.


Still didn’t get the points for a cat 6 7 night certificate. Support doesn’t know how to help and just says to sit tight. Hope they’ll come through soon!


Spoke with Bonvoy today, they said it can take until EOD today. I do see that in the last 24 hours the package description has changed from ‘ Partial Package – 7 nights category 6’ to ‘ Partial Package – 7 nights up to 420,000PTS’, so they are doing something!


Thank you Shawn for the update. I logged now and checked and mine. It lists, “up to 210,000pts” now. What a relief…they are making some progress!


What a disaster, now they’re saying it may be a few days. I wanted to make a booking starting Friday… looks like their plan to convert Mar 1 didn’t work out. Maybe it has something to do with their site and reservations being down for a few hours every day. In any case, now we are unable to use the certificates at all, and cannot use the points!


i got an email from them that i have unused travel package that they said can be converted to points. i called them to confirm. i don’t see it on the webpage and nothing happened yer

Joe D

@dan Have you heard anything regarding the posting of the points from the travel package conversions?


Got my 210000 points today! I got an email with the subject line “Cancelled Award Order Confirmation.” I logged in to confirm, and YES, my points were there!

Better late than never!

Thank you Dan for keeping us up to date!!!!


What’s with the 1 night certs??? When can we top off with points??


Will the points refund issued today extend the expiration date of points for another 24 months?


Award wallet shows they didn’t for what that is worth. Maybe it needs a day to update?


Did travel packages show in your account? Just received 210k points for package I never knew I had.


I received 210k for a travel pkg I used…


Pretty sure that is what happened to me. I only did one a few years back.


Got my 210,000 on 03/10/2022, which is great because I had no luck finding availability for 7 nights over the past couple of years. I sold one of my certificates before Covid for $500, which I think I’d rather have than the 210,000 points, but it’s all good..


Can I get anything for free night awards from Amex cards. That 35k expires end of June? Tia


Datapoint: Applied Chase Marriott, pending, applied Amex Marriott, appved, called chase recon, appvd, all bonuses posted. This route meets strict letter of all T&C’s….


Thanks again Dan for another helpful post!
For someone who is a relative newbie in this game-Can you explain what exactly is happening on the 28th? I was about to open my second marriott card and now am second guessing myself due to this apparent marriott apocalypse which is about to happen.

I signed up for the bold when there was a promotion a few months ago for a 125k signup bonus and am hoping to get another signup bonus and stay at the St Regis Bahia Beach in Puerto Rico for 3 nights. Can I somewhat safely assume that the 85k a night rate will stay the same for another month or two until I get the next bonus and can book my stay or not take the risk? What would you advise?

Thanks again for a helpful site!


I would not safely assume that. Expect the price to go up significantly.


My credit card gives a 1 night up to category 5 stay per year. I have one of these unused. What will happen to it?


Hi Dan,
I have about 360K marriott bonvoy points and was planning on booking vacay for july- just to be clear, I should use points to book before 3/29?