Lufthansa Devaluing Award Chart; Awards From Israel To The US Face A Whopping 67-86% Increase!

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Lufthansa’s current award chart has some good values in it.

They just published a new award chart going into effect on 5/9, but for now it appears that it’s only available in German.

It’s not pretty.

Domestic flights on Star Alliance partner United are currently a steal at 12K miles each way in coach and 17K miles each way in business.

Those will go up to 15K miles each way in coach and 20K miles each way in business.

Flights from North America to Europe will go up from 52K each way in business to 56K each way. In First Class it goes up from 85K to 91K each way.

Flights from Tel Aviv or Eilat, Israel to the US via Europe, for accounts with an Israel address, are currently 60K miles round-trip in coach, 105K miles round-trip in business, and 170K miles round-trip in first class.

That’s because Lufthansa allows residents of Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Syria and Tunisia to use the Europe award chart when originating from those countries. As of 5/9 that won’t be allowed anymore, so they will fall under the Middle East award chart.

Lufthansa requires flights that connect in a 3rd region to use a special 3 region award chart. That means a flight from Tel Aviv to the US via Europe, such as a flight on Lufthansa via Frankfurt or Munich, will go up to 100K miles round-trip in coach (66.7% increase), 195K miles round-trip in business (85.7% increase), and 310K miles round-trip in first class (82.4% increase).


You can transfer Marriott points to Lufthansa at a 60K:25K ratio if you want to take advantage of the current award chart by making bookings by 5/8.

HT: Chuchem, via FrankfurtFlyer

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Wondering why any1 would care, is there any shortage of us addresses.


And the fuel surcharges…


Please remind us in May, thanks!

Yossi Fisch

Why would anyone book Lufthansa to TLV, their surcharges are off the roof


Very lousy product anyway


Does this have anything to do with the fact that they allowed combination of certain accounts into family pooling accounts and maybe they will open that up now to the rest of the countries.


Are there any sweet spots left( besides for the ability to book First Class in advance)?


Would still consider on peak season specifically Senator members Waitlist