Join USAirways Dividend Miles And Get 1,500 Miles!


Promo Linky (Exp: 07/31)

Use the following code in the promo field when registering: NM15
The miles will show up witin 48 hours of registering.

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I probably know the answer to this… but i just opened an account yesterday for my wife because US is refunding us some miles for recent travel….I already opened the account and already gave them the dividend miles #. Is there anyway to still get this promo? Think it would work to try calling them and tell them i forgot to put it in?


Quick question: If I open up a “new” account, but mis-spell my last name by a letter or two, would I be able to call them up and have them merge the account?

I had this happen to me accidentally with SPG and they had no problem merging the two accts. Will I have the Same luck with US?


@David: I opened one yasterday, called today and asked. The rep had no problem adding it. Didn’t even need any covincing!



Wow! Thanks!


Does the 1500 miles show up right away or does it take a while?



The post was only 2 lines long…is that too much to read?


How long are the miles good for before they expire?


@Jeff: i got my miles in less the 24 hours