JetBlue Points Pooling Now Valid For Non-Family Members Of Any Age

Eric Salard [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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JetBlue Points Pooling Now Valid For Non-Family Members

JetBlue launched points pooling back in 2013. They allowed 2 adults and 5 of their children to pool their points together. I took advantage of the amazing JetBlue Points Match promo and merged together all of our points into one pool.

That’s a rare feature in mileage programs. British Airways Avios allows family pooling but by doing so you disable to ability to redeem your points for anyone outside of your family pool, which makes that a poor option. JetBlue will allow you to continue to redeem for people outside of your pool, which makes it far more beneficial than the BA program.

JetBlue has now eliminated the adult and family restrictions in their pools.  You can now pool together points from any 7 people of any age. The Pool Leader can redeem points and designate other Pool Members to redeem from the pooled balance.

  • Points Pools can consist of up to seven TrueBlue members. At a minimum, there must be two people in a Points Pooling account.
  • Any TrueBlue member age 21 or older can start a Points Pooling account and be the Pool Leader.
  • The Pool Leader will administer the Points Pooling account and can nominate other members of the pool to redeem points.
  • Upon accepting an invitation to begin pooling, Pool Members contribute 100% of their points to the pool.
  • Members are not permitted to join multiple Points Pooling accounts.
  • Members can leave the pool with their remaining balance of unused points.

Do you pool your JetBlue points or any other points with other people?

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5 Comments On "JetBlue Points Pooling Now Valid For Non-Family Members Of Any Age"

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JetBlue shut my account down to pooling with an account that the dob was changed in order to pool.

Do you think I have a shot of telling them being that you now allow pooling I shouldn’t be banned from JetBlue?

Jet Blue fan

You violated the T&C’s. But nothing to lose by asking.


Yes I pool with JetBlue


Is this a response to my question?

Jeff B

Technical question;

If someone left a pool, they take their remaining balance, but how does that work? When there is a redemption from the pool how do they divy up whose account it pulls from? Some in pool may have zero balance…