It’s Time To Mileage Run! Earn Up To 75K Bonus JetBlue Points After Just 1 Round-Trip If You Have Or If You Transfer Points To Virgin America!

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Update, 6/28:

I remember when JetBlue cried foul back when American attacked them in 2004 with $69 nonstops from JFK and Chicago to Long Beach and launched their AVBOS/AVNYC promotion, which offered a free round-trip ticket to anywhere in the world if you flew twice on American from Boston or JFK to Florida or California. I got 8 free systemwide tickets with that promotion and used 1 voucher to fly free from Sao Paulo to Tokyo with stopovers in Dallas, JFK, Los Angeles and Miami.
12 years later JetBlue has launched their most generous promotion in response to losing the bidding war for Virgin America.

-I sent in and got my match confirmation right away, but JetBlue got bogged down quickly and they are playing catch-up to respond to people. Keep checking your email for your registration confirmation and post a comment about when you registered and if you received confirmation yet.
-Multi-city itineraries (like JFK-Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach-JFK do count for this promotion.
-Officially, tickets booked before registration and 2 one-way tickets won’t count, though it’s possible that the system would credit the points anyway.
-The name on your SPG account does not need to match the name on the Virgin account and nearly all transfers have been completed in less than 24 hours. You can only make 1 transfer to a Virgin America account per 24 hour period.

Originally posted on 6/24:

American Express is a advertiser.

Earn Up To 75K JetBlue Points After 1 Round-Trip If You Have Or If You Transfer Points To Virgin America!

JetBlue is offering bonus points for flying 1 round-trip flight if you have Virgin America Elevate points as follows:



You need to email JetBlue a screenshot of your Virgin America point balance, name, and member number (along with your JetBlue member number) by 7/4 to participate. You can transfer Starpoints to Virgin America in just 1 day, so even if you have no points currently, a transfer of 40,001 Starpoints would give you 50,001 Virgin America Elevate points to qualify for the highest offer.

You can earn Starpoints on the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express and on the Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express.

You can also buy Starpoints for 30% off currently. Normally they cost 3.5 cents each, but with this sale they are just 2.45 cents each. If you you have 20,001 Starpoints already you can buy another 20K for $490 with this sale and then transfer them into 50,001 Virgin America points as 20,000 Starpoints converts into 25,000 Virgin America points and 40,000 Starpoints converts into 50,000 Virgin America points.

You can have a friend buy Starpoints as well and transfer them to your Virgin America account to get to the full 50,001 Virgin America points.

Points also transfer from Citi or AMEX to Virgin America, but at a paltry 2:1 ratio rather than the 20K:25K ratio that Starwood offers.

After emailing JetBlue and getting confirmation you just need to book and fly on any paid roundtrip on JetBlue by 8/31 to earn 75K bonus JetBlue points as shown in the chart above!

The bonus points will post within 4-6 weeks after the flight. The bonus points are in addition to the regular points you’ll earn from the paid flight.

Don’t have anywhere to fly? It can definitely be worth taking a mileage run to earn 75K points.

For example you can fly in and out of Boston from JFK for $120 or from Newark for $116.



Or you can fly from Newark to Boston for $102 round-trip if you spend the night:



What are these points worth?

Virgin America points:

Virgin America points will never expire, as long as you earn or redeem a point every 18 months.

Here’s a look at what your points will be worth for various one-way Virgin flights (Prices were researched on 6/24 and will fluctuate). Note that Starpoint rates listed below are assuming that you maximize the 25% point bonus for transferring Starpoints in blocks of 20,000 points (which you may or may not be able to do depending on the number of passengers, so you may have leftover miles):
1. Los Angeles to Las Vegas on 7/12 is $38.10 or 1,173 Virgin points (about 938 SPG)+$5.60. That’s a value of 2.78 cents per Virgin point (38.10-5.60/1,173) and 3.46 cents per Starpoint.
2. Newark to Los Angeles on 8/17 is $138.10 or 6,056 Virgin points (about 5,236 SPG)+$5.60. That’s a value of 2.18 cents per Virgin point and 2.72 cents per Starpoint.
3. Chicago to Los Angeles on 8/23 is $128.10 or 5,568 Virgin points (about 4,454 SPG)+$5.60. That’s a value of 2.2 cents per Virgin point and 2.75 cents per Starpoint.

The exact point requirements will vary based on the price of the Virgin flights, but those are some pretty sweet values!

You can also redeem points on partner airlines and you can view rates via this link.
Partners include Hawaiian, Singapore, and Virgin Australia with low or no fuel surcharges and Emirates or Virgin Atlantic with high fuel surcharges.

For example:
-A roundtrip from JFK nonstop to Frankfurt on Singapore is just 20K Virgin miles (about 16K SPG) in coach.
-A roundtrip from JFK nonstop to Honolulu on Hawaiian is 35K Virgin miles (about 28K SPG) in coach or 80K Virgin miles (about 64K SPG) in business.
-A roundtrip from JFK nonstop to London on Virgin Atlantic is 15K Virgin miles+$475 (about 12K SPG) in coach, 25K Virgin miles+$790 (20K SPG) in premium economy, or 35K Virgin miles+$1,150 (about 28K SPG) in upper class, Virgin’s version of business class with an on-board bar with access to their highly-rated clubhouse lounges.
-A roundtrip from Los Angeles nonstop to London on Virgin Atlantic is 25K Virgin miles+$475 (20K SPG) in coach, 30K Virgin miles+$790 (about 24K SPG) in premium economy, or 50K Virgin miles+$1,150 (40K SPG) in upper class.
-A roundtrip from Los Angeles or San Francisco nonstop to any of the Hawaiian islands on Hawaiian is 20K Virgin miles (about 16K SPG) in coach or 50K Virgin miles (40K SPG) in business.
-A roundtrip from San Francisco to Hong Kong or Seoul on Singapore is just 40K Virgin miles (about 32K SPG) in coach.
-A roundtrip from Los Angeles to Tokyo on Singapore is just 40K Virgin miles (about 32K SPG) in coach.
-A roundtrip from Los Angeles to Sydney on Virgin Australia is just 40K Virgin miles (about 32K SPG) in coach, 60K Virgin miles (about 48K SPG) in premium economy, or 80K Virgin miles (about 64K SPG) in business class.

JetBlue points:

-If you open a JetBlue Plus World Elite Mastercard you’ll get a 10% rebate whenever you use points, making the 75K points worth more than 82K points. Plus you’ll get 9-17 points per dollar on JetBlue, free checked luggage, 5,000 bonus points on every card anniversary, $100 cash back annually for spending $100+ on a JetBlue vacation, a 50% rebate for in-flight purchases, and no foreign transaction fees. If you spend $50K annually on the card you’ll also get Mosaic status which includes free changes and cancellations on JetBlue tickets for the Mosaic member and for everyone on their itinerary, 2 free checked bags, 15K bonus points for earning Mosaic status every year, free even more speed checkin and security access, early boarding, 3 additional points per dollar spent, free alcoholic beverages onboard, and a dedicated Mosaic 24/7 customer service line.

-JetBlue points never expire. JetBlue also allows families to pool their points together.

Here’s a look at what your points will be worth for various one-way JetBlue flights (Prices were researched on 6/24 and will fluctuate).
1. Chicago to JFK on 7/26 is $78.10 or 4.8K points+$5.60. That’s a value of 1.51 cents per point (78.10-5.60/3,700). JetBlue Plus cardholders would effectively pay 4,320 points, a value of 1.68 cents per point.
2. JFK-Los Angeles on 8/22 is $138.10 or 9.2K points+$5.60. That’s a value of 1.44 cents per point. JetBlue Plus cardholders would effectively pay 8,220 points, a value of 1.61 cents per point.
3. Long Beach-Las Vegas on 7/4 is $43.10 or 2.2K points+$5.60. That’s a value of 1.7 cents per point. JetBlue Plus cardholders would effectively pay 1,980 points, a value of 1.89 cents per point.

In summary, you can expect a value of at least 2.2 cents per point from Virgin America points on their flights, so 20K Starpoints would earn at least $550 of Virgin America flight. Or you can redeem 20K Virgin America points for a round-trip flight to Europe!

That’s a very compelling use of Starpoints alone due to the 25% bonus for transferring points which will make your Starpoints worth at least 2.75 cents each. That’s more than Starpoints cost to buy with the current sale.

If you are also flying JetBlue by August, or if you want to take a mileage run for about $120, you can parlay those Virgin America points into another 75K JetBlue points that can be worth 1.5-1.7 cents each if you’re not a cardholder ($1,125-$1,275 of JetBlue flights) or 1.6-1.9 cents each if you are a cardholder ($1,200-$1,425 of JetBlue flights).

If you have no Virgin America points, then transferring 40,001 Starpoints would earn you 50,001 Virgin America points (At least $1,100 in Virgin America flights or 2.5 round-trips to Europe) and 75K bonus JetBlue points ($1,125-$1,425 in free JetBlue flights in addition to the points that you’ll earn from the JetBlue flight) after taking 1 paid round-trip JetBlue flight.

Will you participate in this promotion? Hit the comments!

HT: 12HRS, via DDF

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when transferring from spg to elavate do the names need to match?


VX miles expire after how long?


I haven’t seen data points for that. If you try let us know!



Do I need to send screenshot, then transfer, then take a flight?

What to do in what order? Thanks.


Can a flight booked with JetBlue points also count to trigger the bonus?


So, in theory, im “buying” 75K points at the small cost of a round trip (transfer aside) I dont get it, whats the catch?


No, the screenshot needs to show that you have Virgin America points!
So transfer, then screenshot, then flight.

No. Paid flight only.

No catch, enjoy!


Any way to keep elevate points alive if you don’t fly on VA for 18 months?


Isn’t the catch that the Starpoints you transfer are now permanently Virgin America points so much less flexible?


Any earning or burning extends them.

Well, yes.
But the value of the Virgin+JetBlue points far outstrips the Starpoints.
Especially given SPG’s uncertain future.

Dan's the Man

Are you sure JetBlue doesn’t care how I get the Virgin miles?

Also if my wife and I both have Starwood points that we could transfer can we both get the 75K bonus from JetBlue even if we have our JetBlue miles pooled together?


I have a jet blue flight this Sunday can I do this all after the flight?


@Dan’s the Man:
JetBlue is only asking for the account balance, not how you earned the points.

Each JetBlue member can earn the 75K points.

It seems like you need to book flights after emailing them and getting confirmation.

Flatbush Guy

If I have Virgin Atlantic points can I transfer them to Virgin America?


Hi Dan,
You write “You can transfer Starpoints to Virgin America in just 1 day or 2,” are you sure it doesnt take longer? Do you need to do some kind of expedite?
Thank you


Not sure if losing 50k starwood points (40k) to go into virgin is worth it


That’s how long it takes for Virgin America.

You’re talking about earning 1.25 Virgin America+2 JetBlue points for each Starpoint. It’s worth it.


Awesome, great post! doing for the wife and it, 150k trueblue, and I am mosiac


Anyone here ever book a Singapore flight to Frankfurt using 20,000 VA points? what are the taxes on the ticket? Does it need to be book RT or OW is possible for 10,000 points?



One-way would be 12K, round-trip is 20K.
Taxes should be $147 round-trip or less, but if you call, let us know the exact amount.


how to transfer from SPG site – cant figure it out


If I have MR POINTS how long does it take to transfer?


@Dan: I did call, Singapore didn’t approve the ticket so I could not know the exact amount, was told by agent that with Singapore you need to HUCA sometimes to get them to approve the bonus tickets.



Signup for a Singapore account and search for saver award space on their website before calling.


If I have MR POINTS on an account that was cancelled best place transfer them to?

bob einstein

can i sign up for for an v. elevate account (i don’t have one currently) and just push the points over? i.e. does the elevate account need to be open for a while already?


There is no “Best” place, it depends on your needs.

@bob einstein:
You can.


In this case is it better to transfer them straight to virgin or spg?


One important caveat here is that Starpoints take 1 or 2 days, and there is a real possibility that in that time JetBlue will change the rules to not allow transfers to count. In that case, you will be stuck with your points were you don’t want them.
I don’t think the above scenario is unlikely at all, considering that while I type, JetBlue is probably realizing what’s going on.


Do you yourself need to take the jetblue flight or can you just buy someone a flight and associate it with your account and still get the 75K bonus?


Direct to Virgin.

I don’t think the DoT would let them get away with that.

You need to take it.



“Points awarded in conjunction with this promotion are considered bonus points and do not count towards earning Mosaic status.”


Dan, where does it say the round trip booked by Jetblue points does not count to trigger the bonus. The only part of T&C that seems to be relevant reads” “Offer does not apply to non-revenue travel”. But flights booked using Jetblue points are revenue travel, so this part specifically denotes that a round trip award flight works as good as a paid flight.


Why are you so confident they won’t say it’s targeted to those who received the email?


@Dan: Terms say they can change it when they want. If they change the rules before the transferred points show up, you won’t be able to claim that they are changing it retroactively for you. They don’t care if you dealt with Starwood before the change, as Starwood is not part of this promotion.


Why do you think flights booked with JetBlue points are revenue travel??

Because it’s on their site and says nothing about it being targeted.

That DoT won’t see if that way. That would be a highly deceptive practice.

Me points

Dan is it not worth it to use amex points for transfer?


Will transferring SPG to VX, same last name work?


@Me points:
100K AMEX=50K Virgin, plus pay excise fee.
40K SPG=50K Virgin, and no excise fee.

Probably, but I haven’t seen any data points on that.
If you try, let us know!


There are taxes to transfer MR 2 virgin?


@Peteco: there is no way for JB to know how you got your virgin points… they want a screen shot… and its doubtful they are going to ask for statements or other forms on docs to prove you actually flew… they are angry that virgin is being bought by alaska and trying to win the customer…


Dan- I think Jetblue needs to approve people for the promotion before booking flights correct?


@yankel: @Avi: jfk-fra using virgin points is 12k + $75 for a one-way.



You are right. Jetblue considers award tickets as non-revenue tickets. (page 3)


Does the paid flight have to be on my name or can I book for someone else through my account?




Only the passenger will get the bonus points.


@dan is there any reward program that would make sense to transfer to spg then to virgin


You would be better off just buying the SPG with the sale.


Dan, are going to do this?


What if I already have a paid flight for August booked will that count.

Or do I have to book a new flight.


If I already booked a jet blue flight can I use that flight for this purpose or must I book another flight?



I logged it to my Elevate account to search for Singapore JFK-Frankfurt awards..but I dont see how I can do that… any advise?





I have 30k in virgin. Is it worth it to buy 20k more spg points for $490 to get to the next tier?


I emailed to register.

Officially a new flight, but YMMV if that will be required.

You need to call to book partner awards.



can transfer to virgin from UR?


I already have a jet blue reservation for August. Must I book a new flight with Jet Blue after I email them with screenshot or as long as I fly I am ok even though booking was made before I emailed them?


Sorry Dan. I see Morris asked same question. What does YMMV stand for?7


@ Joshing:
Your mileage may vary = no way of knowing for certain.

Dan, you said to hit the comments – as someone who lives in Chicago with no particular interest in travel to California or Hawaii, and most of my trips are to UK or NYC, it would seem unlikely to be worth while for me. Agree?


Dan, do we have any idea at what ratio will Virgin America points be converted to Alaska miles?

Richard Yee

Email for this JetBlue promotion is


As someone who does not have too much time to travel within the next two months making it hard for me to catch a Jetblue flight this is my question for you:
Can I book a flight in my name and simply not make the flight? (Will it still count?)

-Paying $150< for 75K Jetblue points seems more than worth it to me


did anyone get a reply from jetblue after they emailed?


Can I transfer points from my wife’s spg account to my virgin account?



Officially it’s for new bookings, but YMMV.

Still could be uses for both points.

Probably 1:1, but that’s a guess.

@Richard Yee:
It’s in the post as well.

You need to actually fly.

Yes, I’m registered.


@Dan: Virgin points cleared for both me and my wife. Settles the name match question.


Can you open a jet blue account and an elevate account?
Or they both had to be open before?


@Zal: mine just cleared from my account into my wife’s


@Zal: My points cleared into both mine and my wife’s account.


@Dan: Points cleared into both accounts.


Thank Dan!
Great deal!
Any idea on cheap jet blue flight out from Fll?


Question: if I don’t plan on flying on these airlines in the near future, do you think I could sell the Virgin & Jet Blue points for more than I can currently sell my SPG points (which is 1.5 cents)?


Dan why do you keep saying that I have to fly when it doesn’t explicitly say that in the T&C. I am thinking to book a JB flight and have my son fly as I have no time for this petty stuff. Thoughts?


My screenshot doesn’t have my last name on it just the first name any idea how to fix that?


My screenshot from Virgin America is not showing my last name any suggestions how to fix this?


the people who’s points cleared into their wife’s account, is her legal last name the same as yours?


Hi Dan

@Tommy asked if it takes 1 or 2 days to transfer point from SPG to Virgin America, and you replied “That’s how long it takes for Virgin America”.

I just transferred points from SPG and called in to make sure and they said it will up 7-10 days. Are you saying I should expect it to transfer in 1 or 2 days?



@Daniel: The points were in my account within 15 hours.


Btw I booked last week with virgin America from jfk-lhr and costs 15k plus $650 fees not $475

SoCal Dude

@Ralph: First & last name show in upper right corner along w/total points.


Can you book a flight and not fly?


BDL>DCA>BDA on Aug. 2, 3, 9, 10 for $70.60 RT.



I think the number is all that matters.

Deal guy

When transferring from Citi TY points, how long does the transfer usually take?


@Ralph: you need to widen the browser window

Go full screen if that doesn’t do it try increasing your resolution or zooming out


What’s the expiration policy on JetBlue points?


@dan Is there any way to tranfer from ink or ur


24hrs and still waiting on an SPG purchase and first transfer of 20,500. Got an SPG transfer request confirm stating it could take up to six days. I know it rarely takes as long as they reserve, but just a data point.


@eli: u need to do on a pc


Emailed JetBlue last night, still no response. Anyone get a response since Moitzai Shabbos?


Can I use a JB flight flown by a family member 2 weeks ago?


@Rishabh: Thank you.

My SPG points transferred into Virgin America overnight.

You can only do one transaction per 24 hours – so if you are looking to take advantage of the SPG 20,000 = + 5,000 transfer bonus (like I am) you will have to make two separate transfers.

Thank you Dan.


what is the email fro JetBlue to send them this info?

Thank You


@daniel you can make one transfer of 40,001

Mountain Man

For the record Virgin America points to Hawaii are a great value, perhaps better than Avios (though you have redeposit fees). From LAX or SFO you can get a one way to OGG for less than 10k. From Denver it’s as low as 12.5k each way.


different last names worked for the transfer too


can i transfer from AAadvantage?




Does this work with 2 separate Jet Blue One Way fares? I have several one way trips coming up.


Do I need to get confirmation from JetBlue before buying the ticket ?


@Mendy: Good to know 🙂

Thank you.


Purchased points posted around 24hrs after purchase. 2nd transfer initiated. Hopefully both post early this week and I can get confirm right after.


@Miriam: I assume you are joking


Any idea how long after we send the email to register that we will get confirmation that we are enrolled?


@Ak: Nobody is sure…some folks received them on FRI but since then the list that JB has to respond to is getting longer & longer & we don’t know if they’re working on weekends. Go to DDF for more updated data.


I just transferred spg to virgin america and it says it will take 4-6 business days. Is that accurate, I thought it should take 1-2 days? Also, once I am registered, do I need to book a flight by July 4 or Aug 31, or do I need to book my travel for a date before Aug 31?


@Anonymous: my SPG transfer took approx 12 hours over the weekend.


Jetblue emailed back confirming registration for me in about 24 hrs:
You are now registered for #GoForthWithJetBlue Points Match!

Way to let your independent flag fly! To take advantage of the #GoForthWithJetBlue Points Match and earn your bonus TrueBlue points, just book and take a roundtrip JetBlue flight by August 31, 2016.

Once you fly, your points will automatically be added to your TrueBlue account within 4 – 6 weeks.

Thanks again for spreading your wings!

See you onboard soon,
The TrueBlue Team

Shawn Parker


Which screenshot did you send them? Was it of the entire “elevate” page?

I have a bit of a problem because I mistakenly dont have the right D.O.B. on my elevate account and Im worried if send a screenshot of the whole page theyll give me problems, and I just opened up the account yesterday.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Going to JetBlue’s website, and looking for deal directly I couldn’t find it. Could it be that they ended it?


I just got off the phone with JetBlue and just received the confirmation email that I’m registered
The agent did say they got backed up from the weekend

Dan's the Man

@Ralph: Calling got them to send you the confirmation email faster?


Question for all – do any of your Elevate dashboards that you sent to JetBlue indicate you just signed up (my sign up date says 6/25/16). Just wondering if I’m going to be the only one….Thanks


Do you need to fly or can you just book the ticket?


You need to fly


@DavidS: Yes, those of us who just signed up have dashboards indicating such.


@itsyehuda: And you were approved from JetBlue, no problems?


Yes 🙂
And I just booked my ticket DTW- BOS


how long does the transfer of spg- virgin take? a full day?


@Anonymous: I didn’t get the email yet, but have seen positive data points from another member on the forums.


@ajk: Mine was less than 24 hours. I initiated transfer on Sunday, the 26th. By mid-morning of 27th they points had hit my account. I topped off above 50k with a Membership Rewards transfer, which was almost instant (under 5 minutes).


Once I get approved from Jet Blue, can I book a ticket for someone else or do I need to book a ticket for myself?


Received an email confirming that I am registered. Will book a flight for the weekend BDL-DCA for sometime in August.

Flatbush Guy

Has anyone received a response from JetBlue after submitting the email w the Elevate points yet?


@Flatbush Guy: I haven’t heard back from JetBlue either. I sent mine in over 36 hours ago.


Just wanted to provide an update.

Created Elevate account 4 days back with same street address as my friends starwood account (different last names)
Transferred last night 9 pm EST from SPG to ELevate
10 am EST today, I see points in my account

Hope this helps people out!


ewr-pbi rt fll-ewr counts ?


@hi: That doesn’t look like a round trip to me. The offer is not for two one ways or an open jaw.


how do the virgin points stack up for someone who travels mostly domestically (US)?


Emailed my request to JB on Saturday @11am, received the confirmation of enrollment on 6/27 at 11:55pm.

Mountain Man

Would any multi city work say DEN-BOS and BOS-JFK vs. just booking DEN-JFK with a stopover in BOS?


Dan, is there a link to ways to use partner airlines from the Balt/Washington area?


What do you get from citi points to V/A?


@Shawn Parker:
I sent the an image that matched the example they gave here under the How to Participate subheading:

It only shows first and last name so DOB shouldn’t be an issue.

Dan's the Man

Is it ok if I book the roundtrip JetBlue flight for my wife on the same itinerary as mine? I have the JetBlue credit card and want us both to get the free bag so I need her to be booked on my itinerary. This will still count as her roundtrip for her to qualify for the Points Match, right?


what is my real value I’m Gaining

40k SPG = 50,000 Virgin ok even trade…. or negative if you didn’t want Virgin
$120 = 75,000 Jetblue
Jetblue points worth = $1,125

so I’m getting $1,000 of points maybe more … maybe less
to do a point run?


I am a little confused how do I sign up? Is it through and if yes, then what does the email need to contain?



Can I buy tickets for someone else (like my parents) and get the 75000 points

Spencer F

Emailed my screenshot on 6/25 in the morning, received confirmation on 6/27 in the evening.


48 hours passed since I submitted my screenshot… No response yet..still waiting…


I dont have any spg points and there is a limit of only buying 30,000 points per calendar year so what’s the best way to get the rest of the points to get my 75,000 jet blue points ..


can i transfer from my spg account to my wifes virgin america? spg just told me no. so, im creating an spg account for my wife so i transfer 40k from my spg account to hers. but they say the transfer wont be instant, it needs to wait 30 days to verify we live at same address? is that correct? any ideas?


@Menachem: “The name on your SPG account does not need to match the name on the Virgin account and nearly all transfers have been completed in less than 24 hours. “


“There is an annual maximum purchase of 30K Starpoints per account, so if you need 40K or 40,001 Starpoints you’ll need to have a friend buy Starpoints as well.
That friend can then transfer points into your Virgin America account. However you can only make 1 transfer to a Virgin America account per 24 hour period, so after transferring 20K (or 20,001+ points) from one Starwood account to Virgin America, you’ll need to wait 24 hours to do the 2nd transfer.”


I mistakenly include in the screenshot the 50k spg transfer. I hope that wont be an issue.


Its been over 24 hours since I sent my email to JetBlue and havent heard back yet. How long is it taking for everyone? Also, if I dont hear back in the next few days, what does that mean and will I still hear back after july 4th?


@Mike: I just got off the phone with JetBlue. Even without asking about one-way flights, the agent said that you could take 2 one-way flights to fulfill the flight requirement. She even reiterated it, when I mentioned that the requirements stated “round trip”.


@dan seems to only show my first name on virgin account summary
Is that ok? How do I get it to show last name?


Top of the screen has your full name.


Been waiting for JetBlue email reply since Saturday night…decided to call now, spoke to nice lady at TrueBlue, she found my email, registered while on the phone, received confirmation email, booked a flight to Vegas to spend 58 minutes there, and then flying back home. (Maybe enough time for one pull on the slots – who knows??😀😀)


Dan, i just opened a new Virgin Elevate account. Is there a minimum number of points that i need to show in the account in order for Jetblue to approve me? Would 500 points be enough?


@ADub: I called earlier and they said I have to wait for the confirmation email, did you say anything specific for which they were able to process it over the phone?


does this promotion requires to book the ticket on specific dates or available any dates so i can fly already this week?


I can’t get the full name and mileage at the top of screen to show, tried changing resolution, different browsers, using tablet, nothing works. It is the landing page, but doesn’t want to display like in the jetblue sample screenshot. Don’t know what else to try, any suggestions, thanks


@dan I sent in the email showing that I had 50,001 Virgin America points yesterday around 11 AM PST. Still no word from JetBlue. How long should it take to get the match confirmation?


I transferred SPG to Virgina Elevate over 24 hours ago and it has not transferred. I guess it’s being backed up b/c of the sudden increase in transfers?


as i do not have any spg as of this moment but have 300k in amex what is your advice as to the value of this deal ? could i go about acquiring spg points quickly ?


Buying SPG is the way to go. Points will post within an hour.


Anyone else get this – 50,001 points. What am I missing?

The points balance proof you provided doesn’t meet the requirements of the promotion. If you would like to try again, please resend a screenshot that includes all of the information as shown below.