Ink Visa Business Cards Now Earn Cash And Points At Staples!


Ink Plus, Ink Bold, and Ink Cash are now issued as Visa cards which make them eligible for Visa Business SavingsEdge cash back. (Older Mastercard versions can get Mastercard Easy Savings cash back though Mastercards won’t get cash back at Staples).

DDF member myb821 points out that Staples is now on the list as giving 1% cash back on $200+ purchases when you use a Visa business card.  Enrollment is required.

That’s on top of 5 points per dollar that the Ink cards earn on spending at office supply stores (as well as on telecom and cable spending).

You can also get an automatic $3 rebate thanks to Plink, though Plink now only gives 10 bonuses at Staples per 30 day period.

So when you buy a $200 Visa gift card at Staples for $206.95 you earn:
-1,035 Chase Ultimate Rewards points.
-$2.07 cash back From Visa
-$3 Plink rebate good for Amazon or Walmart gift cards.

That’s like getting 1,035 points for $1.88 after the Visa and Plink savings (0.18 cents per mile).  Once you exhaust the Plink rebates you’ll be getting 1,035 points for $4.88 after the Visa savings (0.47 cents per mile.)

What do those numbers mean in practical terms?
-You can use 25,000 points transferred to Hyatt for a $1,500 villa in the Maldives.  That’s $45 at .18 or $117.50 at .47.  With Hyatt points and cash this category 6 redemption is also available for 12.5K points plus $150.
-You can use 30,000 points transferred to Korean for a round-trip to Hawaii on Alaska or Hawaiian. That’s $54 at .18 or $141 at .47.
-You can use 30,000 points transferred to Southwest for about $570 worth of paid flights. That’s $54 at .18 or $141 at .47.
-You can use 80,000 points transferred to United for a round-trip to Israel. That’s $144 at .18 or $376 at .47. (Effective 02/01 this goes up to 85,000 points)
-You can use 120,000 points transferred to United for a round-trip business class ticket to Israel. That’s $216 at .18 or $564 at .47. (Effective for tickets bought after 01/31 this goes up to 140,000 on United  or 160,000 on partner airlines)
-You can use 160,000 points transferred to Korean for a round-trip in Kosmo Suites class to Asia. That’s $288 at .18 or $752 at .47. That’s a flight that would normally cost $20,000.  Just be sure to enjoy the open bar with $200 bottles of scotch :D

Of course on a new Ink Plus or Ink Bold card you would have 75,000 points if you spend that $5K at an office supply store.

The pin on the Visa gift card from Staples is the last 4 digits of the card number, no need to set anything.

You can load the Visa card onto Bluebird at a Walmart ATM or cashier though not all cashiers will do it.  Or you can use it to buy a money order from stores that take debit cards for money orders. Lots more info in this post.

Don’t want a Visa card? You can get tons of other gift cards from Staples for other stores as well.

Store gift cards sold at Staples include Whole Foods, Nordstrom, Starbucks, TJMaxx, Gap Inc, Bed Bath & Beyond/BuyBuyBaby, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Shell, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and much more.  Those cards have no fees.  Buy $200 of them and get 5 points per dollar, the $3 Plink rebate, and the 1% Visa cash back!

HT: myb821 via DDF

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Isn’t Plink every 30 days? and not month. Arguably, you could make 10 purchases on the 29th of the month, have plink post, and then 10 more on the 1st of the next month.


Can I have them switch my MC to Visa


Correct, 10 per rolling 30 day period.

Call/SM and find out.
Or just apply for a new one, they’re all Visa now!


can you buy bbb cards, then spend the money, then return items with rceipt for cash?


75k Dan? How I just got one last week for 50k


If I already have a MasterCard Ink, can I apply for a visa and get the bonus promotion?


Dan I am a newbie and just opened a chase business account and wanted to know try the tri-fecta of opening 3 cards in one pull. Which cards would you recommend I apply for if I did it today. I would like to maximize bonus points for airline travel or hotel. I currently only have the freedom card to date.



Just to clarify, you actually have to enroll on Visa’s site, this isn’t automatic savings for anyone with a Visa card.


Why would BBB give you cash?

50K signup bonus
25K for $5K spending in 5x stores.


Lots of great cards, United, Sapphire, Southwest, Ink, etc, etc.

Yup, now bolded.


Any limit/recommendation on how many cards you can buy per transaction? You’d want to max out each transaction to get the max plink rebate, right?


I know it was discussed already somewhere, but please remind me whether one could apply for the Ink card Visa with bonus if he currently has the same Ink but Mastercard.


Nope, Plink gives a max of $3 per transaction for spending $60 or more at Staples.

You can.
I even have the exact same Ink card for different businesses.


@jeff no chase will not give another card considered like the same card


@ny even if they wont give you another card you can offer to close the mastercard and approve the visa to take advantage of the visa program.


It looks like Staples doesn’t participate in the Mastercard Easy Savings cash back program. Can anyone confirm this ?


@ chaim yes I know but they gave me a hard time they all of a sudden started to list all my credit lines with them and they thought credit was already too much credit and wanted to reduce the amount of credit


Is there any charge to load the $200 Visa gift cards x10 =$2000 each month at the WalMart Atm or register? Can this $2000 be added to bluebird on top of $5000 from vanilla reloads each month?


bbb policy is they’ll give you cash back if you have a receipt, and store credit if you dont. so maybe you can buy something with the gc then return for cash=free points?


anon – thats tehft and chilul hashem. stop this please!
Go rob a bank. just the same.

Dan, link to register for visa does NOT show staples + ask to enter first 6 digits, and somehow, shows that ink card NOT eligible.

anyone else?


digging dipper, it allows only, not store. does not carry 200 value, so you buy 106×2 (must have 200 min to get anything) and pay staples $1 fee extra per card when shipped, so you end up wiping visa potential benefit.


Do you have a Visa and are you signing up on the Visa site?

Wrong, look at the terms.

“Valid on qualifying purchases of $200 or more made in the U.S only at Staples retail locations, by phone at 800-333-3330 or online at
Offer applicable only to qualifying purchases made with a valid enrolled Visa Business card”


This card number is not eligible to participate in the Visa SavingsEdge program. If you feel you have received this message in error, please contact Visa Customer Care Services at 1-888-466-9227 for assistan


Wasted my time.


You have an Ink Visa?
Did you call the number?


Dan, you are correct. Thanks

no similar offer for ink MC?

How to apply for ink visa? new application? get BM?
Will need to negotiate with them to close one and open another?

btw, extended warranty on visa or mc is nothing like Amex.


Does the Ink by Chase qualify me for car rental insurance waiver in Israel?
In other words do I still have to pay the $12 per day?



Can I open an Ink card if I just closed one and still get sign up points? Can I use the fact that it is now a Visa as an excuse for opening a new card?


Is tru that u earn 4 points per $ on amex gold MR when u spend on airline tickets bhot on amex travel I have been getting conflicting answers from them


looking to book biz class from nyc.
what would be lower cost desTtination on class J,C, D, I, Z?
Paid ticket.
Domestic or Intl.
Prefer nice touristic place, warm in APR MAY.
Looking for low cost biz


This is breaking news!! what a great read!!! Thanks Dan


I dont understand how I can book award travel with korean miles on alaska or hawaiian if their website does states that award travel can be book only on korean and not code sharing partners


can u explain exactly how plink points work for the 30 days?
I got…
5 staples credits on 12/1/13
5 staples credits on 12/20/13
4 staples credits on 12/27/13
1 staples credit on 1/12/14
2 staples credits on 1/17/14

how does the 30 day period work?


How many $200 visa gift cards does staples allow you to buy in 1 transaction?


Can you please re-explain how to load mastercards onto bluebird? I have a whole bunch of them from a sale at officemax


According to the Staples website gift card purchases are not “qualified purchases” so you won’t get the extra 1%, am I reading that correctly?
from the Staples website “payments made for pre-paid and re-loadable cards such as certain gift cards,…….. are not Qualifying Purchases.


What does this have to do with the Staples website?
This is from Visa.


are you all buying the visa gc on or in store? i only see $100 as highest denomination online? in store they were all sold out of $200 gc’s last few times i have gone.


There are some seriously retarded questions here.