INCREDIBLE! American Continues To Lead The Way With Elimination Of Award Redeposit Fees!

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After years of devaluations and cuts, American has gone above and beyond in enhancing their elite program this year.

In April they shocked the world by bringing back the ability to spend your way to lifetime million miles elite status for the remainder of 2020. Alas it appears that the million miler spending promotion will not be extended for 2021 spending. The million miler announcement overshadowed their extension of elite status from 1/31/21 to 1/31/22.

In August they matched United’s free tickets changes, but did it much better. They included Canada in free changes and they allowed voucher refunds when changes are made to a less expensive ticket.

Plus they also removed basic economy restrictions. Passengers with basic economy fares can now purchase upgrades, priority boarding, preferred or main cabin extra seating, or same day confirmed flight changes.

Elite members on basic economy fares can now get free upgrades, use upgrade certificates, select free preferred or main cabin extra seating, and make same day confirmed flight changes!

Last month they announced that they will lower elite status requirements and allow spending on their cards to replace spending on flights to help earn elite status.

And today they announced that:

  • Starting tomorrow, award redeposit fees will be eliminated on all routes! If you cancel on you’ll get a full refund of the miles spent with no fees.
  • Mileage expiration is now paused through 6/30/21. American previously announced that miles won’t expire until a member hits 22.5 years old.
  • Phone booking fees are being eliminated.

This is some truly amazing news for AA miles! Award redeposit fees were supposed to go up to $150 per person. That never happened due to COVID-19 and now comes the news that they will be eliminated altogether!

Your move Delta and United!

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Amazing! That they eliminated fees? No, that you even gave aa a good word since you hate them.


Really, I thought the four years of love are supposed to of started


Great News! American has altered course in 2020, like I have never seen them before. Very pleased with the pro customer updates!


AA has the worst books among all the airlines. I would not give them a penny of my money.


And when you give your “penny” to another airline, let us know if you can get that penny redeposited for free if your plans change


AA is the most likely of airlines to not be able to pay you back your money. Also AA is not the only airline that does redeposits and refunds.


Ok…. enjoy those blue chips then


As far as I know Delta doesn’t charge redopsit fees either. At least they didn’t when I canceled


Do they refund the $5.60 fee as well? So basically they’ll be as refundable as Southwest?


So now I can start redeeming all my aa miles again question is what to do with all the JB miles Ive accumulated.


Is award redeposit fee a separate fee from a cancellation fee? Or same thing?


Thanks for this post


Will this also apply to web specials awards?


How can we tell if we are eligible for a Citi AA bonus. I do not recall when I last earned a bonus and when I closed the account. I don’t want to waste an application if I can’t get the bonus.


Does aa have a low fare calendar like southwest?


Amazing. what is the timeline as to when award flights can be cancelled. How much time before the flight, and does it depend when the flight was booked?


Devaluation somewhat of having EXP status now that anyone can redeposit


Can you forgive AA now?


When will they service ewr to tlv ?


Will they refund a award ticket made on for a Cathay pacific flight ?

Dr. Mamarz

I doubt this will last once covid isn’t an issue. I feel its more an acknowledgement that even with vaccines Covid will affect air travel for at least another 2 years. Once things are back to normal watch the fees magically reappear. They just want to reduce any resistance to buying and planning air travel. Bag fees aren’t going away and first chance they get the “gotcha” fees will be back.


does this apply to partner awards as well?