Has Your Target Started Limiting REDcard Funding?


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The Target AMEX Prepaid REDcard offers one of the easiest avenues to earn miles on new and existing credit cards for free.





















I wrote about my experience switching from Serve/Softcard/ISIS to REDcard back in October.

In December I wrote about the nuances and differences between REDcard and 3 other AMEX prepaid products and a poll showed that 21% of DansDeals respondents had already switched over to the REDcard.

I’m sure that would be even higher by now.  Although the REDcard has yet to roll out to the major population centers on the coasts, there is an active secondary market for these cards where people sell cards that are loaded with $1 for about $20-$25.

Since that post, stores that don’t sell the REDcard are no longer able to activate cards, but they are able to load cards.

However there have been many DDF reports of individual stores clamping down on REDcard loading.  I haven’t experienced that in Cleveland, where you can actually buy the cards. In fact I just loaded $2,500 each onto several REDcards this morning.  The local employees have been beyond accommodating and helpful, a complete night and day experience from the WalMart days.

But others are reporting that their store isn’t allowing them to load more than $1,000 per day.  Some are reporting that their store is matching IDs and won’t let you load REDcards that belong to others.  And others are reporting being denied the ability to fund their REDcards with credit cards or gift cards.

None of those rules are systematic, so they’re just being made up by individual employees or managers.  Some have reported success when being told by one cashier to go to customer service to just go to another cashier.

So what has your Target REDcard experience been? Share in the comments!

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Interesting…In the CT market, I have not had any issues at all. I usually bring 4 cards and put a total of 2500 on each card. Most staff are happy to help and NEVER check my ID.


I do the same thing in Cleveland and never had any issues. Been a real pleasure and a great way to rack up the miles.

Joe S

No credit cards allowed in one store, but other store was fine earlier this week


@Joe S:
Which store didn’t allow credit card funding?


If as you say “Since that post, stores that don’t sell the REDcard are no longer able to activate cards, but they are able to load cards.” then why would you post this up and risk making things worse?

Super Speed

Its interesting, but Lakewood seems to still allow almost anything. I’ve had success doing $7500 on 3 cards in one shot.


I was told 1k per day. Customer service seemed to relish telling me that


Depends on the day and sales rep. My main sales rep at CS never gives me a problem. The other CS rep only lets me load up to $5K. The store manager also only allows up to $5k, citing federal laundering limits. I try to avoid her 🙂


Dan, am I correct that you mentioned previously that you had a Target that
codes as grocery on Amex?


No issues in LA with CCs, though I never tried with GCs.


Are people concerned about having multiple charges of $1k on a credit card for the same day? It used to be possible at my Target to max the load all at once with one credit card payment, by multiple-swiping the REDcard (e.g., $1k + $1k + $500), but they’re no longer allowing that. So I’m reluctant to do more than one credit card payment at a time.


the only annoying thing by me is the cashiers make stuff up like “only customer service can do this” or “i can only do 1000”. so i smile, say thank you, and move on to the next cashier


Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn did not allowed me.
Flatbush Ave doesn’t allow more than 1000 per day
Erskine is all with your luck, but also pretty difficult…
So I go out of state when I travel, such as in Texas or other places…

Sam the man

So far on my third month loadind 5 cards 5k
Each i havent had any problems in detroit and new jersey


No issues loading $2500×4 in Pgh. market.
Though a pharmacist once told me that she couldn’t (or maybe wouldn’t) do it.


We are in NY.

We are very cautious, only load $1000 at a register at a time, then go to another register/floor or Guest Services. We’ve never had an issue as a result.

We’ve been worried that loading all at one register is what is going to cause its downfall 🙁


The idea of liquidation gift cards at target is nonsense to begin with, people think that target employees are there to help them get rid of their GC’s


Dan why don’t you use the FT method?


@Yitz: FT method is dead!!


I live in San Diego, CA and have not had any issues, I even had one cashier close the lane for me as he loaded my 3 cards


Brooklyn (the Junction) is terrible. Managers do not allow gift card funding or funding an account in someone else’s name (even if the credit card is in your own name). Lower level employees allow these things though (in my experience). So just make sure not to allow a manager to get involved. They also impose random funding limits.


In Jan and Feb I put $18,700 on my UA Explorer card. Hoping to put on another $6,300 in Mar so I get 1.4 miles per dollar. That’s 35,000 miles from thin air!


Dan the least you can do is link the chicken little thread in JS and HT Noturbizniss for that:)


All of the Targets I frequent in NY require loading at the customer service desk only. However, when I went two days ago, the load was required to be done by a manager only, even though it was only $425. When I asked they said it was a new store policy. No ID checked.


Additional NYC locations:
Westbury works like a charm.
Valley Stream is YMMV
College Point no problems.


In New York I’ve had different experiences- 1. Cashiers couldn’t load the card, 2. Customer service one person said you can only do $1,000 tops (as per management) different customer service worker let me do $2,500 (on different occasions), 3. Went to a target about 30 minutes away who gave me no problem doing $2,500 (he even told me lots of people come in to do the $2,500 and when my credit card was denied he was like ‘just call them up and it shouldn’t be a problem)

Joe S


Paramus Bergen NJ


You paid the annual fee for chase ink?


Dan, nothing personal but I consider this a dumb stupid suicide post 🙁


is t


Atlantic terminal target in Brooklyn has made it a store wide policy that no credit cards can be used. Cashiers will all send you to guest services and guest services recites the no credit card line every time. Looks like everyone was trained to look out for the redcards.


Hackensack, NJ – Loaded mulpitle times with no problem but you have to fo to Customer Service.


@john @dan

I totally agree. This is going to contribute to Redcard ending up in the “has been” pile.


@Dan as of when did stores that don’t sell the cards stop activating them? My friend brought a card to an nj store on Wednesday night & it worked but when I went to the same store today it wouldn’t work, they scanned it but nothing came up , just wondering if the card is broken or they switched it since Wednesday night b c I would still drive out to that store with another card if I knew it could work


@Yitz: What’s the FT method?


Back to the comment about ppl buying the cards that were loaded with a $1 and selling for $20-$25. How are they reselling it, if it was activated with a different persons ID and social, isn’t that an issue?


I went to Mass to get the card and use it in NJ. The cashiers do not know how to do it so I end up at Guest services all the time. There its a breeze. I never tried more than 2500. I usually go to staples buy the 200 gift cards and then ‘load’. They always seem so nice and accommodating. I generally try to go mid day so as not to cause too much wait time for my fellow shoppers.

Maxie m

@hvaces42: I was wondering what you were doing here on this thread 🙂


According to CM on DDF it is already marked for death on 4/1. He says memo is coming out on Monday.I guess we can wait until then to see if its true.


Those red cards from amex there not around in this aerea anymore is there any way or someone knows how to aquire one of those cards ?!


@anonymous Maybe this is why Dan posted now?


@Maxie m:
trolling 🙂 Is the sky falling yet?



From FM:(which had info from focus group that it would be rolled out nationally…)

When people are willing to pay upwards of $6.95 for a $200 “debit” card (ok technically credit like instrument) you’d got to be wearing rose colored glasses to think it’ll stick around…and hence why the MSers are pounding the living crap out of this card right now.

I hope I’m wrong…but I doubt it.


The last time I tried to load from 2 cards at the Gateway Mall Target in Brooklyn I was told only 1 transaction allowed under new rules. Will try the Flatbush Junction in March since I’m just about at thr $5000 limit already.
We all new it was to good to continue as it was.


i thought he was making a joke, referencing back to last year when VR passed away


@Mark: Where in CT have you been able to load. Getting a Redcard in the next couple of days. Thanks


I fail to see how a post asking for people’s experiences is going to change Target’s policies.

The fact of the matter is that this is all way too good to be true, so enjoy it while it lasts!

No, not for AMEX.


Why is paying $95 for 70K miles a bad thing?

This thing is going to go down no matter how many dumb posts you read on it.
It’s not sustainable. But that won’t stop me from enjoying Target’s largess while it lasts.

It’s going to go there anyway.
No way they launch nationwide without changes.

Not an issue.

Especially in NYC where there are just took many people in too small of a space all wanting to play the game.


@Jack: Can you tell me how to load with $200 gift cards? Can you ask to load $2,500 and then just keep swiping the gift cards until you reach $2,500, or do you have to ask for a bunch of small $200 loads?



$200 loads.


I enjoy no problems loading at the same store as you but maybe advertising which store it is-
Is a bad idea.


How do you get 4 redcards?


dan is there any way to get those red cards still within a 2 hr drive to pick up a card

Not in Raleigh

I bought the card in Charleston, SC, but for some reason they don’t work at Target’s here in Raleigh. Two other friends tried it (as 2-3 locations) as well,and it simply won’t work to reload when the cashier or customer service people try to swipe the Redcard to reload $ on it.
It works as a prepaid card for Target purchases, but that’s about it here.


Because you wrote this: Since that post, stores that don’t sell the REDcard are no longer able to activate cards, but they are able to load cards.

Which sounds like you are saying that the reason why they do not sell anymore is because of what you wrote. Maybe I misunderstood that statement but it comes across that way. Is that what you meant?


4 people’s SSNs.

A 2 hour drive from me? Sure.

@Not in Raleigh:
I’ve read about issues in NC.

It doesn’t come across that way at all, sorry.

Since that post does not mean because of that post. It means in the time since that post was published.


Paramus, NJ store didn’t let credit card funding today at customer service.


Bought a card in Boston activated it there and loaded it again at a Target in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago at customer service. The only problem I had was the register not the cashier would not allow me to do more than $1000 at a time although the cashier tried multiple cash registers. So I did the $2500 in multiples of 1000-1000-500 in separate transactions. The cashier at customer service seemed familiar with the card even though it has not rolled out here.


@dan < 2hrs away from where where is that have any number for that target store to pick one up or they stopped activating such cards ?!

Dallas Dan

Dan, what is better for earning points the quickest and cheapest–Redcard at Target or Bluebird at Walmart, all things being equal from a cashier/customer service perspective?

Lakewood guy

Why isnt PayPal cash reload sold at Walgreens a discussion the cost is $6.90 for a thousand and you can transfer back to your bank account


YMMV? What’s that?


So far in the 3 Targets in Dallas, TX that I’ve been going to things have been a breeze BH.


In Brick, near Lakewood where I live, works just fine. Went there today, loaded up 2 redcards


Your Mileage May Vary

Brian Cohen

a friend and I have been experiencing similar issues with the target at atlantic terminal in brooklyn. The one near brooklyn college seems to have limited to $1000 per day. I just loaded in south Philadelphia with $2500 per card with no problem. I have been documenting on my blog: http://www.gateb3.com


so i can use my 1 year olds social and get another redcard?


The good news is that the issues (aside from NC) seem to be local and different and sparse (comparatively speaking) so far.

Myself, I’ve noticed no big difference in loading, but because I go to many Target stores regularly to get the activated temporary cards (I sell them online for people who don’t have them in their stores) I’ve seen that during this process some employees now want to “advise/educate” you that this are not the kind of cards to be given out to others as gifts.


has anyone complained they target isnt allowed to make up their own policies by store?

beverly beard

How you do u get more than one Redcard? I read that you cannot have BlueBird as well as a Redcard so I got a Redcard for my husband as I already have a BB card.


@beverly beard: cancel your bb and get a red card. You can not have more than one red card pp


I understand that you did not mean that, however it does come across that way. Here is what you wrote: Since that post, stores that don’t sell the REDcard are no longer able to activate cards, but they are able to load cards.

The implication could easily be understood that it was due to that post that they stopped activating cards.
You may not read it that way but I do, sorry.

Next time be a little more careful or have your proofreaders do a better job.


Is English your first language?


@hvaces42: picking up the pieces 😉


Anyone with experience in Target Spring Valley, NY.


Nobody with a clear understanding of the English language would read it that way IMHO.
unless…. you wanted to read it that way hmmm I don’t know.


@Sam: notyet, how did u get the card? must have one


Hey everyone!!!!! Good news!!!! According to an online rep, all stores will have the prepaid cards available on March 1st.


Having the card doesn’t mean funding it with a credit card will be available. So your news are not real news for anyone on dansdeals


Have been asked for ID on numerous occasions. Never been able to load more than $1000 at a time.


recent change in NJ targets: cash registers won’t allow multiple funding at once – you must do separate transactions of 1000, 1000 and 500


How many can you have in your name?


Did you use 4 different email addresses?


I’d say if it does roll out that’s the end of it (cc funding that is)

Siyug Lachachma

Dan i know its you business to bring traffic to the site but sometime less talk will do/serve the public better/longer

Brooklyn Guy

Target in Brooklyn, Atlantic Ave. They are refusing to load with credit cards


@Sam: worked like a charm.


@Siyug Lachachma:
Please explain how this post will effect Redcards.

It’s not something that’s sustainable in the long term anyway. Is it just that you already know about it so you don’t want anyone else to know about it?



I’ve been denied all over Brooklyn… any one checked out Long Island?


No problems in Chicago as of early feb. 3 loads 1k-1k-.5k in a row per day early February. Now need to wait till march.
One time my sapphire card got denied, so I thought it was because of a fraud alert. No problem I just used my freedom card and will transfer UR points right into sapphire later. But then I was able to use the sapphire just a few minutes later (I wanted to see if it works) at a nearby grocery. That led to me to believe that somehow my sapphire card got flagged specifically for large target purchases. In addition that weekend when I logged in to my chase online account ally credits cards showed “n/a”. I thought that was the end and soon I’ll be getting a letter saying my cards are closed. But now everything is back on the chase site and all my UR points were honored for target purchases. Has anyone had any similar experiences? @dan: do you have any suggestions?


I have went to the target in Lakewood (the howell location) and they allow loading with cc there is no line and they accommodate very well. Thank you dan for every thing.


Joe- I also live in Bergen county nj. Which target is best to use?

redcard fan

success on 2 diff. days in ny loading 2500 on 2 cards. but i made sure to go to the cs rep. who was awesome the first time. heard other cs reps murmering that “we can’t do gc loads”. so it could depend on the cs person you get.

andy shuman

Does that include Ave H?

andy shuman

The question was for Boris.


@redcard fan: which target location in NY?


@Anonymous: Hi Joe, Today is Tuesday. Any more info on that Monday announcement you mention in post 39?


Do you know what day is 04/01…


I do. It’s the day you make the April’s Fool joke, not the day you reference in an April’s Fool joke. Now we get to wait to see how FF’s post 77 works out about the March 1 full rollout announcement


@RickNoVA: yes, i also spoke to someone now at geust services over the phone (24/7) and sofia mentioned that it is true that they will be getting the cards out in ALL stores by March 1st, however, she said it is not yet official. In addition, ive emailed executive office of american express.(chairmansoffice@aexp.com) on sunday regarding a call back needed to verify the same information told to me by target guest services. an amex executive rep called me today and did confirm this information but again mentioned that until official, he wont comment further. I also asked geust services if there will be any changes in the funding source like credit card funding, on which they said there is no change on that. On sunday, one agent in geust services promised to report to his executives info i provided stating that some stores are charging $5 for the card while others are not. He said there is absolutely no reason one store should have another policy than others. All share the same target policies. Cant wait for march 1st.


@Dan:dan, im not sure were to post this but i want people to be aware : some of my family members which sighned up for the citi executive cards last Feb 2014, are reporting that they are getting $100-$200 statment credits now. This is what i know: i myself have kept the card open till today. A charge of $200 was billed on my january 2015 bill and i saw a credit of $200 as well on the statment posted as congrats! Purchase bonus. So in fact i did not have to pay anything that month. After the agent in customer service did not know why this was credited, i called tech support (since they always know more that those agents) . They mentioned that on my account , She can see there is something called “$200 credit for first 12 months of cardmembership” . When I mentioned that I already received this credit last year, she said” it looks like the system is proving $200 per calender year” and this is exactly what I saw. Now, for the ones who applied for the 75k points get only $100 automatically applied.
I do want to mention, that the spending had to be done before the membership year ended, and that is the exact date from when you were approved ed for the card.

So again, ALL those cards who got the 100k or 75k offer last year, will see the credit. If they got a match offer to have the 75k adjusted to 100k, they would of also received an additional 25k plus $100. However, since the match offer was done manually, this credit, too, has to be posted manually. The system would only credit $100 automatically

Thank you


Hey Dan,
Just wanted to let everyone know my experience tonight. I went to the target in the bronx where I have had no issues with in the past. Tonight It was having issues going through with the credit card, but my credit card was charged for 1k, 1k and 500. I decided to give it some time to see if the amounts posted.
By now 1500 of it has posted so I called the number on the card and he said that they were having technical issues tonight and it will be resolved.
HOWEVER he also said that I should not be using credit cards to fund the card only debit and that in the future I should not use a credit card. So it looks like they are going to start cracking down.


Just loaded 2.5K at Target in L.A. with absolutely no problem whatsoever. 2 swipes of 1K and another swipe of 500 on 2 different SPC’s for threshold spending. Used same assistant as Customer Service desk. What a pleasure compared to nasty Walmart! Then proceeded to get 5% of my in store purchases. As a precaution, I called Chase beforehand to ‘pre-approve’ my large purchases to make sure there’d be no problem getting declined.


Target in Spring Valley, NY is limiting funding to $1000 per day. Was asked for ID on one occasion. They are definitely cracking down.


target palisades mall near monsey is limiting to one transaction of $1000. asked me for ID.

Target in Spring Valley, NY is limiting funding to $1000 per day.

Target on nostrand/Brooklyn collage , must show drivers licence ID limit $1000 a day.

Atlantic mall is dead.

gateway off belt pkwy is dead.

I called redcard “updating policy to in store funding by debit card only as of April 1st .
another MS bites the dust … dan please help!


I bought a reloadable prepaid american express card for target in a store but it says on the card “$3 loads & atms” is this the same card as you all are talking about here? This is the link to the card, I can’t figure out if it’s the correct prepaid REDcard: http://www.americanexpress.com/us/content/prepaid/american-express-for-target-card/how-it-works.html

NoVA Rick

@LG: Different card


new rule: ….
was at Target on nostrand/Brooklyn collage todat..
new rule… must call senior manager to do it. as soon as you say “can a load redcard” .. they radio “LD” on their little walkie-talkie. made me wait for 10-15 min
(must show drivers licence and limit $1000 a day.)
if you get card declined they don’t allow you to try another one

redcard wannabe

is there anyway for me living in ny/nj to get a red card like online or over the phone does anyone have any experience with having someone oot gettinng it for them?


Just did load in Target Monroe, NY. Was told that there’s a new policy that you can only load max $500 per day via CC. Cashier said maybe the manager might be able to override it but she couldn’t. FYI.

Zalman Thaler

Got my own prepaid redcard from target in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago, went went back with the one I got in the mail, loaded $2500 in 3 transactions, just got one last night for my wife. They asked for id, I showed them mine, explained I was getting for my wife, they just changed the first name. Staff was very accommodating.

Aaron L


Any updates since this post? Specifically of Targets in Brooklyn?
I just got 2 red cards (me and wife) and hope to be able to load both locally in bklyn.


Any update on the new policy of max $500 a day? Tx!

Bernice S

Target Flatbush & Ave H– no credit cards, debit or cash only and will only be done by head of security

Target Atlantic Mall cash only


You always talk about using the Visa $200 gift card (from Staples). Does the Amex $200 gift card work equally well?


We wanted to let you know that you will no longer be able to load your Target Prepaid REDCard® by American Express at Target stores with a Target GiftCard or a non-Target branded credit card. You can continue to load your card with cash or debit at Target stores.

You can also add money to your Target Prepaid REDcard® by American Express online through direct deposit or transfer from your linked debit or bank account

does that mean anything to worry about ?