HAS Advantage Points Transferable To El Al Once Again


In April HAS Advantage points suddenly stopped transferring over to El Al.

In the meantime El Al has been working to create a new credit card with US Bank.
The full details on that card haven’t been released yet, though I’m told to expect an earn ratio of about 1 Matmid point per $40 spent or a 40:1 ratio.

Theoretically that’s better the AMEX ratio of 50:1, however AMEX has cards like Everyday Preferred that earn 1.5-4.5 points per dollar everywhere, which makes the effective transfer ratio between 33:1 to 11:1.

At any rate, the good news is that HAS points can once again be transferred into El Al points.
The bad news? You won’t have long to use them before the upcoming severe devaluation of the Matmid program.

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Mazal Tov.


Wow! Does that have anything to do with your conversation with them?

Shaindy mitnick

What about all the points from our previous has card.. Will el al honor them now?


It took them from Pesach till now to figure this out.
Do you think your conversation made them reconsider?

I’m out of luck since I cashed them in-but like you said these points will be devalued soon enough

slightly positive PR for them—too little, too late

Dan's the Man

Amex also have many different card that earn MR points and also offer decent sign up bonuses at times. What do you think El Al’s credit card sign up bonus will be? Do you think their will be any perks/benefits to people that have the El Al card? or will it just be 2x points for spend on El Al and 1X for all other spend with no sign up bonus and no good perks?

too little too late

For all of us that “took the penny and ran”, this makes it worse, šŸ™


@Eli: of course it does.


Just called EL-AL Matmid department and they had no clue what I was talking about!!


They had no clue about what? The fact that HAS members can now transfer to EL AL or about what Dan said above about a potential new EL AL credit card? Bottom line, can I now transfer my HAS points to EL AL yes or no?


With Elal’s fuel surcharges, can one even get the value of 1% back if redeeming for economy tickets?


on has advantages website they still write that they are Ina business dispute with El al. Am I missing something?


The El Al card is going to have a sh***y signup offer for sure



I don’t recall specifically with Matmid-but you definitely have to wait for the trickle down effect when it comes news hot off the presses.
There may also be a difference as to what time of day u are calling. Late afternoons the call centers are transferred to Tel Aviv-
Have no clue which center would have more reliable info


I take full responsibility. I cashed them out last week.


Want it yesterday that you wrote on DDF that its dead!!
They most of listened to you, just the guy would never give you that feeling


can I use the previous points I have in my Has account????


Yes you can, i had 100k HAS points sitting in my account since last year when they stopped to offer the transfer, i was about to cash it out but didn’t get to it, now i just happily transferred it to matmid.