Get Fee-Waived $200 Mastercard Gift Cards From Staples This Week!


Staples is waiving the $6.95 purchase fee on $200 Mastercard gift cards through 3/30. This is valid in-store only.

DansDeals will receive compensation if you are approved for a credit card via a link in this post.

Use your Chase Ink Cash Business Card or Ink Plus card and get 5 points per dollar spent.

Or you can use an SimplyCash® Plus Business Credit Card from American Express card to earn 5% cash back.

Some stores may limit you to 1 transaction, but some stores won’t have any limits at all, which would allow you to scale the savings quite nicely.

If you buy a $200 Mastercard gift card you’ll earn 1,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points by charging it to an Ink Cash card. If you use your points at an average value of 2 cents each, then that’s like getting $20 back!

US Bank issued Mastercard gift cards have the PIN number in the package. MetaBank issued Mastercard gift cards use the last 4 digits of the card as the PIN number. You can use them to buy money orders at various grocery stores and gas stations.

Or you can donate the gift card to charity and get a receipt for the full face value.

Or you can give away a gift card as a wedding or Bar Mitzvah gift.

Or you can always use it for everyday spending while earning 5% or 5 Chase Ultimate Rewards points per dollar everywhere!

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My local Staples now carries meta bank MCGC’s instead of the US Bank MCGC’s. The meta banks don’t have the PIN inside. The last 4 digits are the default pin.

Another nice thing is that the card numbers of the meta banks are more randomized and likely less prone to hacking.


Anyone knows if all staples now carry meta bank MCGC?


Are the Meta Bank MCGC more safe? How soon should one use these cards to avoid any problems?


Amex offers had 10% off at Staples up to $50 credit. 10% off plus 200 amex points makes for a somewhat better deal

Avi levy

Having trouble buying a money order can you assist


Dan why do you say there may be a limit; I don’t see that in the fine print

Card Buyer 3

In the fine print in my store’s weekly circular, it does say limit 1 per customer. Just now they confirmed this limit and I purchases just 1. But the cashier said I could come back later today to get another one.


This weekend in a mid-sized city in the middle of the country (where relatively few MR folks seem to reside), I hit up multiple Staples stores at each of which my cashier described a $2,000 per person per day limit for purchasing gift cards of any sort. Since there were multiple stores available, I didn’t push this limit, such as by revisiting later during the day to try to get a different cashier.


Dan- does Chase catch on? have you heard from any1 that has run into problems w Chase?


I’ve recently been approved for the Ink Cash card, and this would be a perfect opportunity for me to spend my $3,000 whilst earning 5 points per dollar.
But I’ve heard that Chase has closed Credit cards of people that buy gift cards to reach they’re sign up goal. do you know if that’s the case?


do simply cash points transfer to airlines if that the only mr card you have?


You don’t need to buy this with a Mastercard. The gift cards are Mastercard branded rather than Visa.


went in last nite with 2 family members – and 3 ink preferred cards – and bought $6K. There were still GC’s left. Went back to the same store this morning and there was now a sign that it was limited to 1/customer, which is all I could get. YMMV


Hi Dan
when buying money orders with meta bank master card gc would you also need to hit first cancel and than debit, just as with the us bank

Johnny D

I’m not sure I get it. So I use my chase and purchase a $200 MasterCard for $200 which I assume expires so I’ll have to monitor my dates and spend ASAP , then I will get 20$ in points or 2% . Is that what the deals about? Can’t I just use a cc that gets me 2% cash back like the cap one spark and call it a day? I must be missing something. Please fill me in.


They expire in like 10 years. Hopefully you’ll be okay with that?

Using a few Chase cards like Chase Ink Cash (Business card) earns 5 points per dollar in office supply stores


Only 1 per customer at 2 different Staples stores I tried yesterday and today. I really hope the promotion turns out to be a big flop by whatever metric Staples and/or Mastercard uses to evaluate it!


some targeted chase offers are offering 10% back at staples