Get Fee-Waived $100 Mastercard Gift Cards With Free Shipping From Staples Online, Earn Up To 5K Chase Points Or Save With AMEX Offers!

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Update: DEAD!

Get Fee-Waived $100 Mastercard Gift Cards From Staples Online!

Staples is waiving the purchase and shipping fee on $100 Mastercard gift cards through 1/25, while supplies last.

There’s a limit of 10 fee-free cards per account.

Use your Chase Ink Cash Business Card or Ink Plus card and get 5 points per dollar spent on this gift card and on hundreds of other gift cards.

If you buy 10 $100 Mastercard gift card you’ll earn 5,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points by charging it to an Ink Cash card. If you use your points at an average value of 2 cents each, then that’s like getting $100 back!

Alternatively, you can get 10% back at Staples, up to $50 back, via AMEX Offers.

MetaBank issued Mastercard gift cards use the last 4 digits of the card as the PIN number. You can use them to buy money orders at various grocery stores and gas stations.

Or you can donate the gift card to charity and get a receipt for the full face value.

Or you can give away gift cards as a wedding or Bar Mitzvah gift.

Or you can always use it for everyday spending while earning 5% or 5 Chase Ultimate Rewards points per dollar everywhere!

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Can they be used to make a withdrawal at an ATM?


Nope, you’ve gotta get a little more creative in order to convert them to cash!

Elaine Rostker

all the reviews say that they are very hard to activate, does anyone know anything about this?


I remember this being discussed, but when I actually got it, I followed the instructions carefully and it worked fine.


Agreed. Looks like such a PITA.


Yes they can be a real pain at times. Last time i got them I had to be on the phone with the company that issues the card for almmost an hour to get one of them to work


I’ve tried this twice and swore never, ever again. Way too much hassle to get these to work. They eventually will, but for me, the benefit wasnt even close to the amount of aggravation.


What is the secret? I am getting no where over the phone and it’s declining everywhere Dunkin Donuts (in person), Family Dollar (in person), ebay, generic spotify online store, Amazon, etc. I activated them by calling and entering code in letter as instructed. I registered online with an address as customer service instructed for online orders. Any ideas? Or do I have to pull out an old serve card and try Walmart load?


Tried calling 1-877-426-2551 as per Staples reviews…


Do they ship this signature required?


Will these no longer work on Plastiq?


Plastiq is not taking gift cards anymore.


I purchased 5 in the same order. Noticed in the terms that bulk gift card purchases are excluded. Not sure how many constituents bulk purchases. I’ve received two e-mails from AMEX conforming the redemption. Hope I receive all $50.


In Cleveland is $100 sufficient for a wedding gift and usual for a Bar Mitzvah gift?


Maybe it was fine when he was still a bochur. To the benefit of all of us, he’s been cutting and pasting since then! I think Dan, however, it is time to change that line to “gift cards” rather than “a gift card.” 🙂

Blake Markowitz



Still good, just ordered 30 (3 orders of 10 to different family members- not sure if needed to)


the reviews are very poor for this brand of gc, proceed with caution


shows me as $106.95 each even after add to cart…… is it dead?

David R

Looks like it’s dead.


The order limit seemed to be 10 per order, but able to place multiple orders and get more than 10.

Emile Q

Just bought another 10 cards, no problem. Max is 10 per account so open up a new Staples Rewards account if you want more than 10.


What about taxes?


aaaron, you need to be logged into your account to get the fee waived

Tamar it Black hawk? they took my money and give me a 6 months run around to get it back. be aware and stay away (was a visa. – stay far…)
2. which amex card did you get offer on?




Can anyone either explain in detail how to convert these cards to cash or link an article that explains it. TIA


I’ll give you 80 bucks for each $100 card. Just drop by my office during business hours.


back in stock but is now charging 5.95 fee

Makir Tova

I made two X 10 orders to my account and three X 10 to my wife’s and they cancelled all three to my wife’s and the two to my Acct seem to still be pending.


One order of 10 as guest checkout and it got cancelled… No email … Just checked order status


Called and escalated and they wouldn’t budge… They said the limit was 3


I got no email but seems to be cancelled for me, charge disappeard on my credit card


Bought 10 and activated. None of them working. Been on phone for over an hour to deal with it. Not getting anywhere. Tried in 3 difft stores. Anyone have luck with it?


This seems to be a widespread problem with these cards from Staples. Nightmare. If you are successful getting this worked out, please update us!


Me too!!!! they keep on transferring and telling me they are activated and they don’t work!!!


Same issue. Activated cards, but they are declining everywhere. Called number on back of card, told cards are active and working fine – try somewhere else. Did that and they keep declining. Called Staples. Rep transferred me straight to GC Mall. Called staples again and asked for supervisor. Took him almost an hour on the phone to get GC Mall to open a help ticket requesting a refund. Said ticket will be reviewed in 3-5 days and then GC Mall will approve a refund or deny. Total runaround and nightmare.


Just watching this to see how everyone’s claims go. I went to Target and a supermarket self check out today to give every card a nice swipe (all declined of course), because I’ve heard that will make the phone claims go easier tomorrow instead of fighting about whether online merchants accept these and if they need to be registered. One of my orders is being investigated by gift card mall right now and another one I went through staples online chat who email forwarded it to black hawk and I received an auto reply with a case number and status tracker. I’ll see who handles it most to my liking before putting claims on my husband’s orders.


Like everyone else have been on the phone for 3 days. I activated them and registered and they still are getting declined everywhere! At this point I would be happy with a refund way too much of a hassle – Dan should note these comments next time this offer comes up!

Makir Tovah

Add me to the list. All / Any of the cards are being refused by in store merchants. Please share when someone finds a solution. Thank you!

Makir Tovah

I just spoke to Blackhawk network who issued the credit cards. They say they were contacted by MasterCard yesterday (Wednesday) and were told that there is an issue with the Staples issued MasterCard. They say it will be resolved by tomorrow (Friday). The number if you wish to reach them is 8774262551 then press 2 (for a new order) then press 1 to speak to an agent.

Makir Tovah

Mine are B”H now working!


Online or with swipe?