Get A 40% Bonus When You Transfer American Express Membership Rewards Points Into British Airways Avios!

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Update: Today is the final day for this transfer bonus.

Yes, as announced 2 days ago there will be a BA devaluation coming in 3 months.  But perhaps that just might be a good thing?


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Originally posted on 12/15/14:

BA/MR Promo Offer Linky

-Through 01/31/15 you will get 1,400 Avios for every 1,000 Membership Rewards (MR) Points transferred to BA.

This is only valid for US cardholders.

Previous MR->Avios bonus offers:

About British Airways Avios:

-BA Avios are awesome.  They effectively fill the gap that is left by the major programs like American AAdvantage and United MileagePlus.  The major programs provide a fantastic value for long-haul flights, especially for one-way flights, last-minute flights, stopover flights, or flights in business or first class.  But most programs are not great for short flights.

In 2011 BA launched the Avios program and for the past 3 years it has continued to provide an incredible value for short-haul flights.  I’ve booked dozens of short-haul tickets using Avios for travel on American.  A Cleveland-NYC ticket can cost $1,200 round-trip if you don’t stay for at least 3 days or if you book last-minute.  But BA allows me to use just 9,000 Avios for that same flight, a whopping value of over 13 cents per mile.  I can hop over to Chicago or NYC on a whim without any kind of mileage regret like I used to have in the pre-Avios days.

-Avoiding fuel surcharges:
-There are no fuel surcharges for travel on American or USAirways within the Western Hemisphere. Flights start at 4,500 Avios plus $5.60.
-Air Berlin flights still have no fuel surcharges systemwide and remain the cheapest way to get to Israel. They have flights to Israel from Berlin, Dusseldorf, or Munich for 10K Avios. Flights to several US cities cost just 20K Avios.














-Niki flights have no fuel surcharges systemwide. They fly from Israel to Vienna for 10K Avios.
-Aer Lingus flights have no fuel surcharges systemwide, though they can only be booked over the phone.. A flight from Boston to Dublin or Shannon is just 12,500 Avios in coach or 25,000 Avios in business. From there you can fly elsewhere within Europe without paying fuel surcharges.  Plus you can fly to Boston from cities like Buffalo, NYC, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, or Washington DC for just 4.5K Avios. These flights can only be booked over the phone.
-Alaska flights have no fuel surcharges systemwide with flight starting at just 4,500 Avios. These flights can only be booked over the phone.
-LAN and TAM flights have no fuel surcharges systemwide. Some of their flights can only be booked over the phone.
-Flights within Australia, Europe, Japan, and many other countries and regions have little to no fuel surcharges.
-There are also no fuel surcharges for flying on Qantas within Australia.
-Fuel surcharges on award-winning carrier Cathay Pacific are also pretty low and you don’t even need to fly all the way to Hong Kong (though you should-great city with awesome kosher food, airport lounges with kosher food, and a business or first class flight you’ll never forget!) to get a taste of their awesome service, seat, pajamas, and amenities. They fly a daily 777 nonstop between JFK and Vancouver which I reviewed in this trip report.
-You can significantly cut the fuel surcharges when flying on Iberia by transferring your BA Avios into Iberia Avios
-British Airways 5th Freedom Flights (flights that don’t depart from or arrive to the UK) have significantly lower fees. For example even though Singapore-Sydney is a longer flight than NYC-London the fees in first class on Singapore-Sydney are less than half of those from NYC-London.

-There are no expedite or close-in fees for last minute award ticket bookings with BA Avios.  That saves you $75 compared to other programs.

-You can book one-way tickets for half of the miles listed below!

-Earning or redeeming any amount of Avios extends your entire account validity for another 36 months.

-You can cancel tickets and redeposit miles for the lessor of $55 or the taxes you paid.  That means you pay just $5.60 for cancel a one-way domestic itinerary (and you always should book domestic flights as one-ways). That saves you $200 compared to opther programs when you need to cancel.

-British Airways only charges 10% extra miles for a lap child flying internationally, even when traveling on AA. AA and other domestic carriers charge a whopping 10% of the full fare, which can add up to be a small fortune.

-Points transfer instantly from MR to BA and there are no fees or taxes for transferring points to British Airways.

-You can search American, Alaska, and USAirways award availability on and looking for sAAver awards. BA can’t book AAnytime awards, but you should be able to find all AA sAAver awards on does not display all available awards on all airlines, airlines like Alaska, Aer Lingus, and LAN have to be booked over the phone.  Additionally you will have to call BA to make a booking if you see a sAAver award on that’s not showing on

Sample uses:

-7,000 MR points will transfer into 9,800 Avios, more than enough for a round-trip short-haul ticket between New York and places like Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, Montreal, Pittsbugh, or Toronto or between Miami and the Bahamas or Cancun, on OneWorld partner American. It’s also enough to fly from Melbourne to Sydney, or to many cities within Europe.

-11,000 MR points becomes 15,400 Avios, more than enough for a round-trip flight between New York and Chicago or Florida, from LA to Cabo, or from JFK to Bermuda.

-15,000 MR points becomes 21,000 Avios, more than enough for a round-trip flight between Germany or Austria and Tel Aviv, Chicago and LA, Hong Kong to Singapore, or JFK to Cancun, S. Maarten, or S. Juan,

-18,000 MR points becomes 25,200 Avios, more than enough for a 25K round-trip flight between the west coast and any of the Hawaiian islands, New York and the west coast, or New York and Costa Rica. It’s even enough for a round-trip flight between Boston and Dublin or Shannon, Ireland with no fuel surcharges on Aer Lingus! You’ll have to call to book trips on airlines like Aer Lingus or Alaska.

-25,000 MR points becomes 35,000 Avios, more than enough for a 34K round-trip flight from NYC-Boston-Ireland on Aer Lingus with no fuel surcharges. You must call BA to book Aer Lingus flights.  Fly from Ireland to elsewhere in Europe for 9K Avios round-trip without fuel surcharges by booking over the phone as well.

-29,000 MR points becomes 40,600 Avios, more than enough for a round-trip flight between Dallas and Hawaii or New York and London (though you’ll be hit with fuel surcharges for crossing the Atlantic on most airlines). It’s also enough for a round-trip flight nonstop flight between NYC or Chicago and Dublin or Shannon, Ireland with no fuel surcharges on Aer Lingus.

-36,000 MR points becomes 50,400 Avios, more than enough for a round-trip flight between New York and Brazil or Argentina.  It’s also more than enough for a round-trip in a lie-flat business class seat between JFK and Vancouver on Cathay Pacific or on business class between Boston and Ireland.

-43,000 MR points becomes 60,200 Avios, enough for a 60K round-trip flight between New York and Tel Aviv on Air Berlin with no fuel surcharges.

-50,000 MR points becomes 70,000 Avios, enough for a round-trip flight between the US and Hong Kong in coach. Or fly round-trip in Cathay Pacific lie-flat business class for 100,000 MR points (140,000 Avios).

American Express is a advertiser.

Need some Membership Rewards points?

-American Express Membership Rewards points transfer instantly at a 1K:1K ratio to Flying Blue and can be earned from credit cards like The Amex EveryDay Preferred Credit Card from American Express and The Amex EveryDay Credit Card from American Express

You can also earn Membership Rewards points from charge cards like the American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card and The Platinum Card® from American Express.

-Key perks of The Amex EveryDay Preferred Credit Card from American Express:
-Signup bonus: 15K Membership Rewards points (21K Avios with a 40% bonus) for spending $1,000 within 3 months. There is a $95 annual fee.
-One of the best cards that exist for everyday spending thanks to a 50% point bonus for making 30 transactions per billing period. That’s 1.5 points per dollar everywhere you shop. At a conservative 1.6 cents per point valuation that’s a minimum of 2.4% back.
-4.5 points per dollar on up to $6,000 per year at grocery stores if you make 30 transactions that month (3 points if you don’t). At a conservative 1.6 cents per point valuation that’s 7.2% back.
-3 points per dollar on gas and Uber if you make 30 transactions that month (2 points if you don’t). At a conservative 1.6 cents per point valuation that’s 4.8% back.
-Up to 99 fee-free additional cards that each qualify for AMEX promotions.
-Transfer points to all Membership Rewards airline and hotel partners.
Signup bonus:
The EveryDay Preferred card has a $95 annual fee, but that’s low considering it’s one of the only card that gives 1.5 real airline miles (not fake bank miles) per dollar everywhere. The only other card that does that is the United Club card which costs $395 per year.

-Key perks of The Amex EveryDay Credit Card from American Express:
-Signup bonus: 10K Membership Rewards points (14K Avios with a 40% bonus) for spending $1,000 within 3 months. There is no annual fee.
-The only no-annual fee card that can transfer points into real airline miles.
-20% point bonus for making 20 transactions per billing period. That’s 1.2 points per dollar everywhere you shop.
-2.4 points per dollar on up to $6,000 per year at grocery stores if you make 30 transactions that month (2 points if you don’t).
-3 points per dollar on Uber if you make 30 transactions that month (2 points if you don’t).
-Up to 99 fee-free additional cards that each qualify for AMEX promotions.
-Transfer points to all Membership Rewards airline and hotel partners.

-Key perks of the American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card
-Signup bonus: 25K Membership Rewards points (35K Avios with a 40% bonus) for spending $2,000 within 3 months. The $175 annual fee is waived for the first year.
-3 points per dollar on airfare.
-2 points per dollar on gas and groceries.

-Key perks of The Platinum Card® from American Express.
-Signup bonus: 40K Membership Rewards points (56K Avios with a 40% bonus) for spending $3,000 within 3 months. $450 annual fee.

-Every calendar year you can get a $200 airline fee refunds.  That means in your first cardmembership year you can get a $600 refund thanks to a $200 credit in 2014, a $200 credit in 2015, and a $200 credit in 2016 if you get the card right now…

-Centurion lounge access: Bring your entire family or you and 2 guests into lounges in Dallas, Las Vegas LaGuardia, San Francisco, and more to come. Miami will be the next to open.  There are also lounges in Argentina, Brazil, India, and Mexico.
-Airspace lounge access: Bring your entire family or you and 2 guests into lounges in Baltimore, Cleveland, JFK (JetBlue terminal), San Diego, and more to come.  These are modern lounges with free premium coffee, bottled water, and self service soft drinks.  Additionally you and every guest also gets a gift card valid towards purchasing premium alcohol, local craft beers, cocktails, and meals.
-Priority Pass lounge access.  There are over 600 lounges worldwide that accept Priority Pass and you can access all of them for free.  In Newark you can access the Art & Lounge.  That’s the same lounge that El Al provides for their business and first class passengers. It has exclusively kosher food and Israeli art.  In Tel Aviv you can access the Dan lounge.  See the Priority Pass site for their complete list of lounges. Note that you can’t access United lounges with the Priority Pass membership that you get from the Platinum card.  You don’t get any free guests, but secondary Platinum cardholders can get their own free Priority pass membership.
-Delta SkyClub access:  Platinum cardholders can also access Delta Skyclubs, though they can no longer bring in free guests there.  However you can add 3 additional users onto a personal Platinum card for $175 (That’s just $58.33 per additional cardholder per year).  Secondary users do get full lounge access so they will have access to Delta and Priority Pass lounges for themselves and they will be able to guest others into Airspace and Centurion lounges.
-TSA Pre-Check makes flying pleasant again. Shorter lines, no need to remove your shoes, belt, jacket, or hat. You can keep your laptop and freedom baggie with liquids in your carry-on. And you go through a good old fashioned metal detector instead of assuming the position in a nude-o-scope.  It costs $85 for 5 years but you’ll get an $85 statement credit when you pay with a Platinum card. Additional cardholders get it free as well.
-Or you can get Global Entry which includes TSA Pre-Check for free.  Normally Global Entry costs $100 and it also lets you bypass the customs line when returning from abroad. If you charge it on your Platinum card the fee will be refunded.  Additional cardholders qualify for a Global Entry fee refund as well.
-Platinum cardholders get Starwood Gold elite status for free.  That gets you free Wi-Fi or you can get a 250 point rebate every time you stay at a Starwood hotel-even if you are on an award stay!  It also gets you free upgrades and 4pm late checkout.
-The card also comes with free checked baggage insurance and it has no foreign exchange fees.  And of course it comes with all of the amazing purchase protections that other American Express cards have as well.
-Lost item protection: If you buy something on your Platinum card up to $10,000 and lose it within 90 days of purchase it will be fully covered.  No other card I’m aware of offers lost item protection.  Many cards offer stolen item protection, but that requires a police report to be filed and often it has a cap of just $1,000.

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any limit?


No limit!


Can somone tell me which amex card do i need to transfer my points to avios my blue wont transfer


Dan, I transferred a boatload (100k) MR’s to Avios in October, when I thought we were going to cancel an Amex card (yes, I know there were alternative solutions). Do you think Amex or BA would credit the extra Avios now? Whom to ask, AX or BA (or both?)? Thanks.

dan but not DAN

i have 150,000 MR points. no plans for upcoming travel – is this the best use for them?


The cards in the post can all transfer points into miles.

BA can’t do anything.
AMEX is unlikely to match, especially from several months ago, but you can always ask.

@dan but not DAN:
Depends on your travel needs and patterns.

For nonstop domestic flights in coach this can’t be beat.
For international flights…it depends on where you’re going.

Bryan Henry



Is the BA avios points more worth from amex points ? To sell for a dealer ?


@Bryan Henry:
I know, right 😀

But this should raise the “street value” of AMEX points for the duration of the promo.


I assume CA Amex isnt participating?


Finally! I have waited all year for this!! Thanks for the heads up!


I am trying to transfer my MR points but it still shows the regular 1:1 ratio! Could it be because I live in Canada?



Enjoy the holiday present from AMEX/BA 🙂

The Canadian program is run totally separate from the American program.


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Why arnt people more excited!!


now the luxury issue….how much do I transfer? Life is so hard 🙂


do platinum authorized users also get starwood gold status?




can all cards with MR points transfer to airlines my mom has an old optima platinum but I dont see where to transfer


Will amex match the upgrade offer they had on the amex everyday card if I apply today


In regards to comment 8. Are Amex points are worth 40% more than avios in regards to selling?


I am!!! I just transferred 96K amex pts and got 134K BA pts! Awesome!


Wow. Huge bonus. I just opened an everyday card last week ( yep, on your recommendation Dan 😉 ) and even if I spend the $1000 to get the signup bonus, I wish I had more. Is there still a way to borrow membership rewards points?


I’m pumped 😀

Same issue here. Sitting on a lot of BA and MR.
Good problems to have.

They should be able to get that.

Not familiar with that card. The cards in the post can transfer.


BA points are probably worth 1.2 cents on the street and AMEX points about 1.5.

Technically those values would make AMEX worth about 1.7 with the promo, though 1.6 seems like a more likely compromise.


I think they got rid of that, but you can always call and ask.

Or figure how to manufacture some quick spending!


How do you book an air berlin flight using BA points? phone? online? thanks!


“The Canadian program is run totally separate from the American program”. Is there anything to be done about that?


can I make a few transfers and still get bonus?
Do the names need to match?
Am I better splitting the points or transfer into one account (350k)?

Sam the man

So its its net 15% better than starwood transfer 20k ?


Can Amex points be transferred into someone else’s BA account?


I need to update it, but start by reading this,

Open an American card?

There’s no limit on the transfers.

You should be able to transfer to others over the phone, though you can even transfer online if you add them as an authorized user.

@Sam the man:
Starwood gives a 25% transfer bonus only if you transfer in 20K increments and transfers aren’t instant.

This is instant and works on all increments.


Woohoo! Was waiting and waiting for this…only reason spouse and I got Everyday cards when we canceled a couple PRGs earlier this year. Thanks for the heads up, Dan!


Similar to comment #4 except I transferred Amex to BA LAST NIGHT, any reasonable chance Amex will match the difference ? Thanx


Same answer applies to you. Good luck and keep us posted.


Can i transfer amex points to someone else’s BA account? if so how?


Please read previous comments.


says need a transaction every 36 months not to expire, is points in a transaction? how about if flight was booked then cancelled and miles back redposited?


@Dan: Thanks Dan!


Yes, both of those count as transactions!

Plus BA is great, even if you do go 36 months and they expire they will reinstate for free for 3 months for you to earn or burn a point.


Is BA Avios the cheapest in miles from NYC to HI ?


must be to the same name on account?


is there a reason to rush and transfer Amex to BA now or I can wait few weeks to do it like mid January?


BA specializes in shorter-haul nonstop flights.

HI isn’t served nonstop from NYC by any BA partners and it’s not a short-haul.

The west coast to Hawaii is a good deal on the other hand.

Please read previous comments.

No rush, anytime before 01/31 is fine.


sorry just read your previous posts….
where should i add em as an authorized user on my avios account?!


On your AMEX account.

Or just call AMEX MR and try for an exception. Can be done.


Wat I meant was that the previous everyday preferred card was 20,000 instead of 15,000 so if I apply today will they match the previous offer. Also does serve credit card transactions work for the spend threshold and the 50% bonus per 30 transactions ?


Does the delta sky miles transfer?


There was never a 20K Everyday Preferred public offer that I know of.

Serve should count for threshold and 50% bonus, but it doesn’t earn any base points from AMEX cards.
Use a Chase card.

English please?


how long in advance does BA allow bookings? Is it more then a year?


No airline can book tickets more than a year out.


The only amex card I have is delta sky miles card. Will that transfer to ba for the bonus?


This is a great deal, and I’ve transferred some points. My only concern is that when I look at award availability for this winter on various US Airways domestic flights (I live near a US hub), the availability is quite poor — worse than what we’ve seen since the merger. I am looking mostly at warm-weather leisure destinations, and this obviously would be popular in winter. But we’re talking almost zero award availability except very off-peak times, usually mid-week.

I’m sure I’ll be able to use these new Avios points I’ve transferred (I also travel internationally, and there are opportunities there). AA flights might also have better availability than US flights. But anyone thinking it will be “easy” to use these points for cheap domestic travel may be quite disappointed.


Nope. Can’t transfer those anywhere.

That’s not a good card for spending. Get an AMEX MR, Chase UR, and Starwood card where the points can be transferred.

I’ve always found USAir availability to be marginal in coach, though they do open up as the flight gets closer.
Their domestic first availability has always been the best good, but that’s rough with Avios.

Assuming from PHX, I hope for your sake that AA doesn’t do to you what UA did to us in CLE. Hard to see AA not knocking off a couple hubs though and PHX seems like it would be the first to go.


Is there a list anywhere to which airlines MR transfer into and at what ratio?


Is there any good value using BA from NY to a warm place besides FL?


I’ve found Avios points very hard to burn if you have limited flexibility (family + limited vacation time). Yes, they are awesome. But I still have 6 figures collecting dust. Award availability on US airways is a bit of a mystery.



My company owes me 100k MR points, I would like to go to HI within the year, should i keep the points or process the transfer now? In other words for HI whats more valuable MR or Avios?


On the Amex Preferred Everyday, do you get 4.5 points at grocery stores even if you buy non-groceries?


Trick is checking daily.

I’ve been waiting for a MIA flight to open for weeks.
Checked twice a day, grabbed it when it opened.

Depends where you live.

As you didn’t write where you live, you probably are from NYC where everyone thinks that’s where everyone lives 😉



@Dan…ya sorry. We tend to forget there’s a world outside NY 🙂


dan im looking for pesach nyc to mco, cant find with BA, any tricks or will open up eventually?


BA isn’t great for NYC-Hawaii.

Check several times a day.
These things open up closer to the flight.


whats the amount needed from nyc to israel thru air berlin business and what are the fees amd availability ? thanks


Can someone explain to me how to book the flight to Israel over Air Berlin?

I transfer my points into Avios and then how do I search for the Air Berlin flight? Is it through Avios website or through Air Berlin? Do I call a Number?



People live outside NYC?



Yeah, it can obviously be hard for family travel. Especially since many of the short haul flights are on RJs, with limit capacity. There aren’t many of these flights where US will load 4 saver award seats, especially at the same time.

FWIW, I do think US Airways award availability is WORSE this winter, which is problematic because it was never very good to start with! As Dan notes, FC availability is better, but it really makes no sense to use Avios points for this at 3x.


I’m trying to link my BA account to my Amex, but the Amex site asks me for a BA 4 digit numeric security PIN; it won’t accept my long BA password. I went to the BA site to try to change my password, but it says new passwords must have > 6 characters with letters and numbers.

Has anyone done this process recently, that may be able to help?



It’s asking for the 4 digit code on your card.
The AMEX site will never ask for your airline password.


How close? I should take the chance and wait close to pesach?


Cr@p.. I am getting this message “The ability to transfer points to a frequent flier or frequent guest program is not available in the Membership Rewards Express(R) program” Is it because my AX Gold card points rolled into my ancient no-fee platinum account? What program should they be in? Help please!!


Just keep checking.

Call AMEX if you have a full MR card.


And I just transferred a bunch of miles last week too! Argh!


Os there any to transfer from my wifes MR account to my BA?


Apologies if this is a dumb question, but I dont have this card yet. I am looking to fly from DC to New Orleans, could i do that using Avios? When I check on the BA site, it says they dont have flights to New Orleans. Thanks


Read the previous comments.

Read the previous comments.

Please read the BA knowledgebase and facts posts that are linked to at the beginning of this post that will explain everything.


Does this bunus work with a Canadian amex as well?


Read the previous comments.


I transferred points last week. Anyone call and get the bonus for a transfer 7 days in the past?


Read the previous comments.


I made a transfer last night. Called up and they honored the bonus!

b rian

@Dan, Could you show how to book flight from dallas Texas to Maui Hawaii or from West coast to Maui using Avios points. I am very hesitated to transfer all my MR points to avios if I cannot book above flights sucessfully. I have very bad experience using Avios points for Maui trips in the past.


Did they say it was honored? or did they make an adjustment for you.


Wow, you mean you called instead of just asking here if it could be done 😉


@b rian:
Read these:

Obviously they made an adjustment.


I have chase points from my sapphire and chafe ink. Can I transfer these to Amex then to ba? Does this make sense ? Or any other way to get ba miles outta them?


LOVE the bonus, simply HATE the availability of awards and cracra fees..I know, AA awards domestically can be worthwhile, but getting any type of international biz/first/premecon ticket is very challenging. And, the IN-ability to try and track via things like expertflyer makes it just that much harder..

bonus is bonus, but if one can barely use them it makes it a hard sell. ;-(


Lol, no.
You can transfer to BA, but there’s no bonus.

Many other programs work well for international flights.

I don’t mind having a program that works so well for domestic flights.


Did Amex stop allowing multiple card apps in one day? Fri I did a 2 BM one got instantly approved the other they asked me to call to confirm info, when I called, the rep said, I see u got approved for one card today, and u can only apply once per seven days, so we will run the second app in a week( I asked her to drop it, if that’s the case) Was it just that rep, or no more multiple apps in one day??


Have them run it in a week, no big deal.


I hear ya. I didn’t really need the second card, just figured if it was a throw in, with one pull, I’d go for it, but I cancelled. But now with this promo my mom got two good offers one for plat one for gold, so was wondering if I can do a 2bm for her. But I guess I’ll have to try…


I have 100k amex points..

Is transferring to BA increase the value of thee points or is it the same vale $.. cost wise. In other words what is the value of amex points vs. BA avios points .. I have 112k


Read comment 23.


can i transfer starwood ? and ur? ….. I have 76k starwood if you can transfer is it worth it Im in israel and need to get to NY twice a year


I meant, maybe he didn’t realize, but he made the transfer after the offer was out already.


Done. Waiting for our BA companion voucher. AE Everyday is my groceries card so only picked up a 4800 bonus but hey, great deal!!


I read through but didn’t see this particular question…

If I’ve no concrete plans to use BA points, is it still worth to transfer my AMEX to BA and hold them there, or is it better to keep them at Amex?



dan, how do you figure 3 200 dollar airline credits from platinum for the first year of membership? wouldn’t the first year end december 2015??



Having the same issues. Cannot link BA account to Amex even though under my name!


Sure, but the 40% bonus is only for AMEX MR.

Then why would he call for it to be honored?

If you just made a transfer you have better odds of getting an adjustment than an older transfer.

Look at you travel needs for the next 6-12 months and transfer for those needs.

You would have until February 2016 to close the card and not pay a 2nd annual fee.

So do it over the phone.


If I have both Canadian and U.S. MR point accounts; is there way to transfer to U.S. account so I can be eligible for this bonus?

Sara Rosenberg

Does this apply to Canadian AMEX cards too?


why aren’t they allowing me to “submit” the application for the BA credit card?


Call AMEX.

@Sara Rosenberg:
Read the post and comments.

Try another browser.


I have 31K AMEX MR points is this the best way to use them or do you recommend other program??

Thank you.


I attempted to submit the application on 4 different browsers and it ain’t workin. what could the problem be?


That’s like asking “I have $500, what’s the best way to use it?”

Try another computer?


@Dan: is starwood going to offer the same deal@sam:




How do you get 3 $200 airline credits in one year? 5014 & 2015 I understand, but how do you get 2016 in the mix?


Dan what’s your avios number so I can transfer points to you?


See comment 98.

Lol, do I look like I was born yesterday 😀


I am a little confused. I went to american airlines website and found flights from NY to florida “Super saver” award availability..when i go to the avios site aa flights are showing up but only stop overs not the flights i see on the aa site, which are super saver and direct..Arent the super saver flights supposed to work on the avios site? Am isupposed to call british airlines and have them look on aa for those flights and then they mnually book it? how do i get these flights? i appreciate the feedback greatly


Only amex us? What about UK?



Are they having any Direct flight from NYC to Brussels?

If so how do I book them.


dan, i need to have a ba card to transfer points from amex or its possible another way? also im looking 4 a ticket to palm springs ca, which one is better us airways points or avios? thanks


if I transfer starwood points to BA do I also get 40% bonus?


Do you need a BA Credit card for this deal or an BA Avios account is good enough?


Hi,I wrote comment 31 and followed your advice to call Amex. So far I tried several times without luck, they would not reimburse me retroactively. The last rep even told me this is a BA promo and Amex can not do anything about adjusting the points. In any case I bought a ticket to Israel on Air Berlin the night before the 40% promo began, I checked the very next morning and the availability was gone. In the end all is good B”H.


If I want to transfer to an au avois account do I need to wait to activate card or can I just transfer as soon as I add the user?


im selling all my miles is this deal worth money wise?


@josh: displays nonstop flights and Avios awards charge by the flight segment.


You don’t need a BA card.


BA Avios account is fine.

As soon as you add should be fine.


I’m waiting for my 15,000 MR bonus to post for $30k spend. They told me it could take up to 8 weeks to post & can’t be expedited. Any suggestions?


150,000 Amex transferred.


From NYC:

Would love to take my wife to either Paris or Italy. Are BA points good for this?


So I have now 100,000 Amex points,do you think I should transfer to avios?
I have no plans on the moment to travel .


What’s the best way to check award availability to hkg via Cathay (using ba miles)


I need to do a $4000 purchase today! Please help. What is the quickest way? I already maxed my redcard. Any other idea? I am at a office Depo now. Tia


I have AMEX UK, it is showing 1:1 to BA Avios. Is there any way to get this deal on Amex UK?


first thanks for this an All your great work, it’s fabulous..can I open a membership with British Airways and still get the 50,000 bonus Points offer Afterwards ? Basically I want to transfer chase freedom points into the membership now and then open the card in a month from now (have to renew soon my auto lease….) And get the bonus offer..


Are you sure that the cancellation/redeposit for avios rewards is the lesser of $55 or the taxes? I checked with BA customer service and on the web site and both said that it’s $55.


Not really, sorry.

They’re better used on short-haul domestic tickets.

Depends how you usually redeem your miles.


Buy gift cards?
Pay your taxes?

Not unless you also have AMEX US.




Do I need an aadantage account to check for award availability on I can’t seem to find the award flights on the site


Click redeem miles on the homepage.


Does not work with Bluesky amex cards.


@bluesky: are you serous, those are cash back cards

want some sun

Any way to get to Miami from NYC for 4.5 avios instead of the 7.5?


Transferred my MR balance for 105k BA Points!

Dan but YES DAN

Tricky question..
I just got the Amex Business plat (100k bonus) 3 days ago. I am going to make a $11k purchase to get my mile 100k bonus. is there any way that they make my miles available if I pay my bill immediately?? that would be worth over 40K miles for free…


dan do u mind clarifying

If i wanted to buy points from someone else
1. what is the rate nowadays?
2. and do i get the bonus?
thank you for your savings-ur the best

Dan but YES DAN

Can someone please help?
Tricky question..
I just got the Amex Business plat (100k bonus) 3 days ago. I am going to make a $11k purchase to get my mile 100k bonus. is there any way that they make my miles available if I pay my bill immediately?? that would be worth over 40K miles for free…


Can I transfer my wife’s Mr to my avios account?


Hi Dan. 2 questions pls, #1- i see you wrote on “22 things u should know about avios” that you shouldn’t book a lap child when booking domestic, just have the child added for free at the counter. so how come do i see a 10% points charge when i do book lap child?? #2- can i use American Airline gift cards to pay for luggage and will they credit the the rest that still on the card?



Hi –

I have cash reward with Blue Cash. Is it possible to transfer them to Avios points?



Finally transferred 100k!


Hi Dan, why would i get this message when trying to transfer?

“Unable to process your request

We are sorry, your Card is not eligible to use points for a point transfer.”

Anything i can do?



What card do you have?


Amex Zync


logged in to my BA account to do this and noticed my points expired 4 months ago.
how can i get them back?


That’s not an eligible card.

Call them and let us know what they say.


You don’t need an avios card for this do you?


the guy said its impossible
so I am hukaing
just wondering if any car rentals or hotel bookings can save me


Do you have to make an avios account…how?



Call Singapore call center.
US call center is mostly brain dead.

Read the related post. I linked it in this post just for you.


Premier rewards gold would be eligible right
and you mentioned a couple good uses of the avios points can be flights to Israel and domestic flights? any other good uses of avios, how is it with Europe is it also a great value?


Read the related post link please, everything is in there.


Hi Dan i thought you said if you buy from priceline or other similar online travel agencies you still get 3X points on Amex because actual airline appears on cc statement but recently noticed that we booked through cheapoair on transaero and cheapoair appeared on cc statement? Will we get 3X?


No, I said Priceline and Orbitz pass the charge along to the airline.


can ask you this here? really need to clarify. Thanks!!
Dan, thanks so much!
1) What other ways to get to berlin or kiev cheap?
******Also, can you please clarify baggage/luggage allowance from JFK to TLV on UIA(Ukraine)–I think is 2 checked bags included.
2)Is that correct?
3)What is checked baggage policy on Transaero & Aeroflot JFK-TLV??
Thanks for all the great info!


if I transfer and don’t use it for a while the points what do I do to keep it active and avoid expiring for few years ?


Ugh, I just noticed that my Avios account isn’t already linked to EDC. Note on the site says it can take a couple weeks for international partners to confirm link. Wondering if there’s any chance I can take advantage of the promo now…


Do Avios points expire or are they good as long as usage of them occurs at least once a year? Thank you.


Hm, I see the option to enroll in BA’s club & for that it says the account will be automatically linked to Amex. Maybe I’ll do that and then merge the two BA accounts later…


If I just got the amex everyday card can I meet the spending requirement with my amex serve? (Like does Amex let you meet spending requirements for their credit cards using the serve card?) Thanks! Shabbat shalom!


Sorry for so many messages; just confirming that I re-enrolled with BA, got a new #, and the MR transferred into Avios on that account instantly.


my bonus wount post till February, can amex lend me points?


is American express / delta card will work ?


@DC how many did you transfer?


@Brooklyn: 70k MR points. Did this twice, once for myself & once for spouse.


@DC thanks I just did 75K now I gotta find a nice place to fly too


what is the best rate u can get for selling ba miles


@dan do you have a contact of anyone that would be willing to buy either MR or BA at a good price???????


Dan, is it wise to transfer MR to BA to use for tour experiences in London? I have extra MR after I booked AerLingus with it. Thanks for your input.


How do i transfer from my spg account to ba?
any advise appreciated


Any guess how much the resale value of BA will decrease because of the devaluation?


Just transferred 400k MR to Avios= 560k

Thanks Dan!


Why can’t I transfer spg ?


Any way to do this from a cell phone? I can’t access the transfer option on the amex mobile site and its not letting me switch to the desktop site.


Does anyone know of a good card for balance transfers that you can gain points from it?


Does anyone know which cards are good for balance transfers that you can gain points from?

ba guy

I cant figure this out, on AA business flight is available, how do I get the same domestic flight on BA? it says they don’t fly from that airport, is this because its a stop over?


If i book a ticket and cancel within 24 hours will that extend the life of my miles?


When exactly does the offer end? 12AM Pacific, Central, or Eastern Time?


Still works!


I have the SPG Amex, and have over 50,000 SPG points. Can i transfer my SPG points to Avios and receive this promotion?




How the heck can 21k get you to tel aviv? It’s 60k at least….


Hi Dan,
I am trying to book tickets via avios, and it is telling me round trip from NYC to miami is 15k points. I see that you posted it is 5k round trip, what am I doing wrong?


is Brazilian airlines available or it going to be avail in march thanks



With a 40% bonus it’s 30K, enough for a one-way to TLV.

Read what I wrote again.

“11,000 MR points becomes 15,400 Avios, which is enough…”


does anyone know why usairways flights are not showing on british airways website with avios. a week ago they were showing all usairways flights on


how do I ask this to dan


Dan I don’t knw where else to ask u this, but I had my 1st cc for abt a year now (line of credit 1500) I always paid in full each month, what cc do u recommend I get? would I get approved to the us airways card? PS I tried looking up my score on credit karma and they said my file is to thin to show a report.
Thanks dan

chana k

If anyone who transferred on Jan 31 or later and has proof that it was transferred then and they got the bonus 40%, can you post that info here:;topicseen#msg1056550
for someone who had trouble with his transfer.