Get A 30% Bonus When You Transfer American Express Membership Rewards Points To Etihad; JFK-Europe Round-Trip From 16.9K In Coach Or 28.1K In Business!

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Get A 30% Bonus When You Transfer American Express Membership Rewards Points To Etihad

Offer expires 6/15/16.

Etihad miles expire 24 months after they were earned.

Etihad awards have nominal fuel surcharges and are bookable online. For example you can fly from JFK-Abu Dhabi in an Etihad First Class Apartment with on-board shower for 235,112 miles or about 180,855 AMEX points round-trip.

Partner award charts can be found here and are much more lucrative, but partner awards are not bookable online, which means you have to play call center roulette. You also need to book partner awards 14 days in advance.

Every airline has their own award chart. For example:
The Brussels award chart can be found here. There are no fuel surcharges.
-You can fly from JFK-Brussels in coach for 21,972 miles or about or about 16,902 AMEX points round-trip.
-You can fly from JFK-Brussels in business for 36,620 miles or about or about 28,169 AMEX points round-trip.
-You can fly from Brussels-Tel Aviv in coach for 12,096 miles or about or about 9,304 AMEX points round-trip.
-You can fly from Brussels-Tel Aviv in business for 20,160 miles or about or about 15,508 AMEX points round-trip.

-The American award chart can be found here. There are no fuel surcharges and the off-peak dates are far more generous than when booking American awards with American miles.
-You can fly from the US to Hawaii in coach between January 12–March 8 or August 22-December 15 for 35K miles or about 26,923 AMEX points round-trip.
-You can fly from JFK to Los Angeles in business class for 50K miles or about 38,462 AMEX points round-trip.
-You can fly from JFK to Los Angeles in first class for 65K miles or 50K AMEX points round-trip.
-You can fly from JFK to Europe in coach between October 15–May 15 for 40K miles or about 30,769 AMEX points round-trip.
-You can fly from JFK to Argentina or Brazil in coach between March 1–May 31 or August 16–November 30 for 40K miles or about 30,769 AMEX points round-trip.
-You can fly from JFK to Europe, Argentina, or Brazil in business class for 100K miles or about 76,923 AMEX points round-trip
-You can fly from JFK to Europe, Argentina, or Brazil in first class for 125K miles or about 96,154 AMEX points round-trip
-You can fly from JFK to Tokyo or Seoul in coach between October 1 – April 30 for 50K miles or about 38,462 AMEX points round-trip.

You can also book one-way awards on American for half of those rates.

-The GOL award chart can be found here. There are no fuel surcharges. You can fly from Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo to Iguaçu Falls for 6K miles one-way or about 4,615 AMEX points.

Post what other great deals you find!

American Express is a advertiser.

-American Express Membership Rewards points can be earned from credit cards like The Amex EveryDay Preferred Card or The Amex EveryDay Card.

The Everyday Preferred card awards 1.5 points per dollar everywhere, 3 points per dollar on Uber and gas, and 4.5 points per dollar on groceries if you make 30 transactions per month. It has a $95 annual fee.

The EveryDay card awards 1.2 points per dollar everywhere and 2.4 points per dollar on Uber and groceries if you make 20 transactions per month. It’s the only no annual-fee card that can directly transfer points into miles.

You can also earn Membership Rewards points from consumer charge cards like the American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card and The Platinum Card® from American Express, and from business charge cards like the AMEX Business Gold Rewards Charge Card or The Business Platinum Card. 

The Blue for Business® Credit Card from American Express has no annual fee and a limited time increased signup bonus. It earns a generous 1.3 points per dollar everywhere, but you’ll need one of the membership rewards cards listed above to transfer points from that card into airline miles.


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From Brussels to Israel is 12096 miles… So if from JFK to Brussels is about 15.5k that’s pretty sick mileage


Can you book one ways with AA metal?


Yup, great deal.



does it need 14 day advance booking?


Can anyone put the best route w/stop JFK/EWR to TLV?


I tried for hours over the phone with them.. Most reps are clueless..


What would that go for in lie flat?



Probably by booking 2 Brussels tickets. JFK-BRU and BRU-TLV. Would be about 26K AMEX round-trip.

Have you tried the UK call center?

Same as JFK-LAX samples in the post.


waste of time i called them up and they said NO AVALBILTY ON X CLASS TILL JUN 17 JFK-BRU



I have 420k amex miles, bc this is all foreign to me i would pay someone to get these tickets for my family of 7 from ewr or jfk to tel aviv leaving oct 9 or oct 13 coming back oct 26 thank you


Will this work with AA if only Anytime Awards are available, or does it have to be available on Saver Award?


Have you tried the UK call center?

Partners can only book saver awards. That’s true for pretty much every airline.


How would I do lax-Tlv how many AMEX would it be?


uk number please


I’ve heard about how hard it is to actually book these award flights for partner airlines. However, I didn’t know about the UK call center. Is it as simple as calling that center?

I want to make sure I can book flights from REP-BKK and BKK-MLE on Bangkok Airways before I transfer my AMEX points to Etihad. Will EY let me place flights on hold or at least let me know availability prior to making the transfer?

Shay Peleg

Anyone actually manage to book anything?

loves dan

once u transfer can you book in anyones name ?? (like family or your GF ? TIA


Does anyone have the call center number?


Does anyone know if it is safe to fly to Brussels airport now?


Any partner airline go from DTW direct to Europe and then on to TLV?


When using AA as an affiliate, is Israel considered Europe or middle east?


Is there anyway to see availability on line before transferring the points?

shay peleg

@Rachel: Lightning doesn’t strike twice


Can I book from FL to Israel… If so how


How can I look up Brussels Air availability?


@shay peleg: Malaysia airlines ….


how do you book from jfk to lax? the website keeps deleting my lax destination when i put jfk


What are their change and cancel fees?


@shay peleg: ummm shay, don’t think Isis got that message in Paris. Please let them know that hopefully they will listen to you


@yanky: would you like a tea with that:)
Suggestion: GOOGLE IT!!!


@RWein: kayak that route or check with Google flights
And if you find a match with the listed partner airlines , walla get get the flight numbers And cross your fingers those routes are value ones….

High end hobo

PRG-ICN in J is also a steal.


Would there be any way to get from NYC-SIN or NYC-DPS using this offer?




There are some interesting opportunities here. I booked from the old AA award chart: apparently Abu Dhabi didn’t get the message that it’s been devalued! Thirty percent off a lucrative chart that doesn’t exist anymore is sweet (assuming you’re willing to fly coach, of course).

I’m curious what else might be out there. Etihad also has some generous change/refund policies, so it’s often BETTER than booking with AA. They do tend to add some improper taxes, though, that I haven’t been able to get taken off. It’s usually $20 or $30 more per int’l ticket. And the booking process can be a mess, depending on who you get on the phone. Remember Hang Up and Call Again. Research the available award seats before you call (like go to for American seats).


Just to clarify my previous post: the BEST deals on Etihad’s AA award chart are in off-peak coach, but there are also some good biz class award prices that you can no longer get booking with AAdvantage miles.


Dan thanks so much for this amazing deal!
Is there a way to know there is availability on the dates that I want BEFORE transferring points to ETIHAD?
Also, if I book JFK-BRU and then BRU-TLV will I need to collect my baggage in BRU or they will send straight to TLV?


Does anyone have any experience of actually booking a ticket on either Brussels or Czech into Tel Aviv? If so what were the charges? Did Etihad acknowledge that you could use their points to fly in to Tel Aviv without an argument.


Was anyone successful in booking any tickets all the way from the USA to Tel Aviv? I spent about an hour on hold last night while they were trying to figure it out and did not get anywhere.


What about other cities that have direct Brussels flights that are not on the chart, like Chicago? Is it possible to book awards to a city served by SN not on the chart?


@flyernick: never mind. Chicago is a code share for SN


Is it the same conversion rates for Starqood points? Are starwood points more valuable, making it less lucrative to transfer?


Can someone please explain the deal with the UK call center and why is everyone saying this is very complicated to book?


are there any fees at all aside from the no fuel surcharges?


@Harry: Etihad didn’t have a problem with me flying into Tel Aviv (they didn’t either have the dates I wanted) for all they know I could be an activist of sorts so why should they care?