Get A 100% Point Bonus When Purchasing IHG Or Hilton Points


Update: The IHG bonus offer ends tonight!

Originally posted on 06/16:

-IHG: Get 100% bonus points through 06/30.
120,000 points would cost $690 (0.575 cents per point).

-Hilton: Get 100% bonus points through 06/17.
160,000 points would cost $800 (0.5 cents per point).

IHG normally sells points directly for 1.15 cents each. And you can transfer points from Chase, but that’s a criminal use of Chase points. Of course there’s a hack to buy their points at .7 cents each but with the current sale you can buy them directly for less than that without jumping through hoops. And that hack requires that you have points to start with.

You can get the lowest rate with this promotion by buying between 26K-60K points and your point purchase will be doubled.  26K points will become 52K points for $299. 50K points will become 100K points for $575.  Or 60K points will become 120K points for $690.

This promotion expires on 06/30.

You can purchase 120K points per member per year, so you can get up to 240K points with this promotion in 2 transactions of 60K each.  You can also buy up to 120K points as a gift for the same member that already purchased, so you can get up to 480K points per member from this promotion in total.

IHG runs PointBreaks which allows you to book rooms at rotating hotels for just 5,000 points per night.   That’s just $28.75 for a room if you buy points at .575 cents each. Those hotels rotate every couple of months and a new list will be out very shortly.

There are also good values to be had at high-end properties.  The highest tier is 50K points.
-An overwater bungalow in Bora Bora can go for as much as $1,000 with tax but costs just 50K points. That’s just $287.50 at .575 cents per point.
-Intercontinental has a heavy presence in French Polynesia with properties on Tahiti and Moorea islands for just 40K points ($230 at .575).

-Bargains can be had for high end Intercontinental hotels in NYC, Hong Kong, Paris, London, etc. thanks to the 50K redemption level.

There are several IHG hotels in Israel:
Holiday Inn Ashkelon: 10K ($57.50 with this promo)
Crowne Plaza Jerusalem: 20K ($115)
Crowne Plaza Dead Sea: 30K ($172.50)
Crowne Plaza Eilat: 30K ($172.50)
Crowne Plaza Haifa: 30K ($172.50)
Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv Beach: 30K ($172.50)
Hotel Indigo Tel Aviv Diamond District: 30K ($172.50)
Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv City Center: 30K ($172.50)
InterContinental David Tel Aviv: 40K ($230)

Hilton normally sells points for 1 cent each, which drops to half a cent with this promotion.
As far as the potential value, take the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem, probably the nicest hotel in the entire country. A 5 night stay from October 11-16 for example would run $620/night (plus 18% VAT for locals). However it’s just 64K points per night with a 5 night stay or 80K points per night without a 5 night stay.
When buying points for 0.5 cents each that’s just $320 per night on a 5 night stay or $400 per night without a 5 night stay.

Need the full 320K points for a 5 night stay? Just open 2 Hilton accounts in your name, purchase 160K points in each, and then merge the accounts via this link.

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Do you have a link to a credit card which is good to use for the waldorf jerusalem?


I had an issue buying Hilton points on a new account. They offically do not let you buy points within the first 30 days.

Point 3 under Point Purchase Program states:

A new HHonors Member may purchase points 30 days after enrollment if the account reflects activity including a stay (as defined herein) or earning HHonors Points through an HHonors Marketing Partner. After 90 days of enrollment, a new Member is eligible to purchase points regardless of their account activity.


Not too familiar with points systems, but can I purchase these points and transfer them to my chase ultimate rewards?


Will I get 5ppd if I use my Chase IHG card to buy the points?

David G

How do I use IHG points to upgrade to an overwater bungalow? The site only lets me book the basic room with points.


do any of these points transfer to SW… I would love to top-up to 120k… If yes whats the ratio?


the overwater bungalow in bora bora, I don’t see availability for points. I only see for the beach suite.
also whats the best way to get to bora bora with access to united and chase points.


Note on the Waldorf Jerusalem – I noticed when I searched for 5 consecutive nights it did not show availability but when I searched for them individually they showed up 80k for each night.

Looks like they maybe blocking for 5 nights for 4 redemption


Citi Hilton Reserve gets 2 free nights:


Yes, but bad ratios.

IC Thalasso only have overwaters.
You would want to use AA or Delta miles to get to PPT on Air Tahiti Nui or Air France. Then you need to cough up $500 for a flight from PPT to BOB.

Shows up fine for me, try the flex search for a 5 night stay.


If purchasing these points, do they expire, like miles expire (with some inactivity) or are they good for life / and if not, can they be easily maintained?


IHG just changed their terms a couple of months ago. Points now expire if no activity for a year.


from their email to members on 4/14/15: “We also want to reward our guests who choose to stay with us, so we’re focusing more program benefits toward members who earn and redeem on a regular basis. Starting in May 2016, we will expire all points if there’s no account activity in the prior 12 months. Simply earn or redeem once a year through any of our IHG hotels and partners or through the IHG® Rewards Club Catalog.”


Thanks, Shimmy. Is there an easy way to maintain activity, beyond staying a night? I don’t want to burn points if I don’t have to and I may not have significant travel planned at a property within a year’s time.

Dan fan

Good Hilton properties in LA, or Hawaii?


if i purchase these with a barclay arrival card would it be considered travel expenditure ?

Money minded

If I am only looking to get $$$ would you recommend I should apply for a IHG credit card now and by the most points possible and sell it?


@Money minded: you don’t need the cc to buy the points


I don’t have a ihg account or ihg credit card and I need 20,000 ihg points. I just opened a ihg account, if I buy 10,000 points it will become 20,000? does it happen right away?


Im trying to buy the point last night and it doesnt show that if you buy 60,000 Pts you get double the value.. anyone purchase this yet?

Please help

I would like to stay 5 nights at the Waldorf Jerusalem, what are my most cost effective options. Should I open 2 ihg cc’s? That would give me 4
Free nights? And buy the points for one more? How many points would I need to buy? Any better options? Thanks


Lotsofsimcha: i bought hilton points using barclay arrival, the transaction was not posted as travel