Ends Today! Get A 20% Bonus When You Transfer Marriott Points Into Air Canada Aeroplan Miles

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Update: This offer ends today!

Get A 20% Bonus When You Transfer Marriott Points To Air Canada Aeroplan

If you transfer Marriott points to Air Canada’s Aeroplan mileage program between 5/20-5/31 you’ll get a 20% bonus.

Increments of 60K Marriott points would convert into 30,000 Aeroplan miles instead of the normal 25,000 miles.

Note that the Marriott transfer page has been Bonvoyed since the SPG merger and will only state that you’ll get 20K miles with a 60K point transfer. However you will also get a bonus 5K miles from Marriott with each 60K increment and you’ll get the bonus 20% from Aeroplan on top of that afterward.

The bonus miles will post to your account between the end of June to mid-July.

You can read more about Air Canada and their updated loyalty program here.

Will you transfer Marriott points to Aeroplan?

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Will that stack on the Amex transfer bound to Marriott?


Why wouldn’t it? You’d still only be coming out with 4:3 transfer though (40k Amex= 60k Bonvoy =30k Aeroplan)


Sorry bad math. 48k amex = 60k Bonvoy = 30k Aeroplan. Better off transferring straight from Amex to Aeroplan


@dan, can i transfer Amex MR for 25% bonus and then transfer marriot to air canada with this second bonus?


Perhaps I dont understand, but given that typically Marriott points transfer at a 3:1 ratio, even double dipping bonuses, you’d come out behind just transferring MR point directly to Aeroplan.


I meant compared to just transferring directly from MR to AC Aeroplan


What would be the calculations Using Marriott points earned on a Marriott card ?


i must do the transfer in Increments of 60K, or will it give me the same bonus if i transfer 240K marriott in a single transfer, for a total of 120K aeroplan ?


how long does it take for poibts to transfer from marriott to aeroplan?