Get $15 Off $300 Of Visa Gift Cards From Office Max Or Office Depot This Week

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You can get $15 off $300 of Visa gift cards from Office Max or Office Depot stores from today through 12/22.

Some stores may limit you to 1 transaction, but some stores won’t have any limits at all, which would allow you to scale the savings quite nicely.

If you buy 2 $200 Visa gift cards in store you’ll pay $398.90 including fees and you’ll earn 2,020 points (worth $30-$40) by charging it to an Ink Plus or Ink Cash card.

If you buy a $100 and a $200 Visa gift cards in store you’ll pay $297.90 including fees and you’ll earn 1,515 points by charging it to an Ink Plus or Ink Cash card.

You can use the gift cards to buy money orders at Walmart or at various grocery stores and gas stations. Just use the last 4 digits of the card as the PIN number to cash them out.

Or you can donate the gift card to charity and get a receipt for the full face value.

Or you can give away a gift card as a wedding or Bar Mitzvah gift.

Or you can always use it for everyday spending while earning 5% or 5 points per dollar everywhere.

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can you buy 6 200 dollar visa gift cards for 1200 dollars one one receipt and get the 15 dollars off each 300 for a total of 60 dollars off??

Andrew Dale

No. Once per transaction only.

Joshua Greenstein

Can someone explain exactly how the Walmart money orders work. What’s the max money order one can buy? How does one pay with multiple GCs? What about the Walmart fees, do you subtract that amount from the MO or you pay for it with yet another form of payment? Thanks!


You buy an $800 money order for $800.88. You tell the person you will be paying in $200 increments. Have a dollar ready and in sight for the 88 cents, you’ll pay that last. Not all Walmarts will let you do this, but if they don’t, simply go to another one.


Good luck finding a Walmart that will actually do this!

George Orwell

This may be a super basic question. Could I use ChasePay (R) to get 5% back with my freedom card?


Can you buy these with office depot rewards?




No, you can’t.

Tony Cestone

Can you buy 15 $20 cards?

David R

The post doesn’t specify that it has to be any particular denomination, but they don’t sell $20 cards. You should be able to find $200, $100, $50 and $25.

During a previous promotion like this, the discount also worked for the Everywhere series of cards, which have a lower fee but are limited in where they can be spent.


15 $20 cards would result in fees of $44.75 or ~15%.
What’s would you be gaining? You can’t realistically even break even on credit card points let alone make a profit.


If I have met the 200,000 point limit for UR and my December statement just came due. If I go to OD and buy gift cards now, will the 5% UR count towards 2019 points?


Check the anniversary date on your card.


Can I buy this online or it must be in store?

Charles D.

Wondering the same thing. Apparently there aren’t any stores near me.

chicago girl

how can i get the $15 off purchase in-store? i dont see it advertised anywhere nor does the checkout clerk know anything about this.