Final Hours To Bid On World Series Game 7 Tickets And The Rights To Throw Out The First Pitch Before Game 7!

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Update: The game 7 first pitch sold for 501K Starpoints.
Clearly Dodgers/Astros fans aren’t as passionate as Indians/Cubs fans. Or they just aren’t as obsessive in the mileage game 😉

You can bid now for World Series Game 7 tickets or for a once-in-a-lifetime experience throwing out a first pitch before game 7.

Note that the auctions are extended by 5 minutes with each bid, so the auctions will likely end after the stated end time.

Points will be refunded if the Astros win the World Series in game 6.

A DD reader won the rights to watch batting practice from the field level before game 2 at Dodgers Stadium for 187K Starpoints. He got Preferred Field Box seats, which are going for over $2,200 each for game 7 on Stubhub.

Prices are a lot cheaper than that were last year. Of course that will happen when a team that hasn’t won since 1908 is playing a team that hasn’t won since 1948. SPG gave us diamond box seats in the 2nd row behind the Cubs dugout when I spent 1.06 million Starpoints to throw out the first pitch before game 7 last year.

People that bought tickets on Stubhub to sit in seats by the Cubs dugout had to shell out $20,000 per seat (before Stubhub’s 20% or $4,000/ticket buyer’s commission) on Stubhub! Too bad they didn’t just use Starpoints and get to throw out the first pitch as well 😀

Because who would want to spend a month in a stuffy Manhattan hotel anyway 😉


Tickets from SPG last year:


Officially I was only supposed to bring 1 guest with me onto the field, but SPG actually allowed me to bring 3 guests, so I brought my brother JJ, my grandfather, and my wife with me onto the field. All of us got to stay for the rest of the game without needing separate tickets. MLB did not allow me to bring Charlie Sheen, aka Indians closer Wild Thing in Major League, onto the field as a guest…

I won’t rehash it again. You can read all about it here:
-8 Years Ago Was The Biggest Night Of My Life, Tonight Will Try To Come Close As I Toss A Ceremonial First Pitch At Game 7 Of The World Series
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Will you redeem Starpoints for the experience of a lifetime?

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What if the Astros win Game 6 and there is no Game 7?


Dan what is the like likely hood of them giving me the highest section tickets? Also will I know before I go to the will call to pick them up, what seats they are?


Dan are you bidding this year?
any interest in attending games?


Dan are you bidding this time?
going to the games?


“diamond box seats in the 2nd row behind the Cubs dugout ” i would have sold the seats after i threw out the first pitch got my money back and get seats somewhere else for less cost. would come out i threw the first pitch for free!!


How much did the first pitch end up going for?