Don’t Make This Mistake When Transferring Starpoints To Marriott Points

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A few months ago Marriott completed their buyout of Starwood and starting allowing members to transfer points back and forth at a surprisingly fair ratio of 1 Starpoint to 3 Marriott Rewards Points.

I noted in this post that transferring Marriott points to Starwood extends the life of your Starpoints, but transferring Starpoints to Marriott points does not extend the life of your Marriott points.

Marriott has a 24 month expiration policy. Here is a list of activity that Marriott considers as qualifying to extend the life of your points.
FT member “Astrophsx” notes that his last qualifying Marriott activity was on 10/6/14. He transferred Starpoints to Marriott on 10/15/16. On 11/23/16 Marriott expired those points.

After several hours of work he was able to get those points reinstated, but there are lessons worth learning here. If you have a Marriott account that had points expire, don’t transfer Starpoints there and let them sit or else they will be lost. In fact there’s no reason to leave any points sitting in a Marriott account as Starwood’s expiration extension policy is far friendlier.

There are plenty of good reasons to transfer Starpoints to Marriott such as during the recent lucrative United+7 nights transfer promo or for a Southwest companion pass, though you should wait until 2017 to transfer points to Southwest. But I don’t recommend keeping any points in the Marriott program until you’re ready to redeem them.

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Can I transfer my Marriott to spg?


Can’t I just transfer ALL my Marriott points to Starwood and transfer them back to Marriott and then I will have a new start to the 24 months?


@Mdrills: read the post


Thanks for the tip!!!


How long from when you transfer until they will expire them? If you don’t have activity within the past 24?


No, that’s exactly what the point of this post is.
If the points are in SPG then they count that transfer to extend the points life. But if you transfer back to Marriott then they can expire right away as the transfer doesn’t count to extend their expiration.

They can expire them anytime if you haven’t had qualifying activity in the past 24 months.

Best to transfer and keep them as Starpoints.


@Dan: Got it. Any clue how much time they give you? Hour, day, week, month?


Mine will expire in 2 years from Marriott do I have any rush to transfer them to Starwood? #2 I’m a Marriott elite gold because I’m a Starwood gold – when my Starwood gold status expires will my Marriott status cancel also?


i transfered points and had them expire on me also. once i explained that my points were transferred over via spg the agent transferred me to another rep and they reinstated my points as if they were doing me a favor.


So if I transfer spg points to a new or dormant MR account, those points will expire immediately? Makes no sense…


If I have the marriott cc
Will my points still expire ?


Thanks Dan!

The 500 Marriott points from Facebook extended mine for another two years. Those points help in more ways than the actual points themselves.


for 1 marriott point i transfer to spg how many do i get spg points?


“Read these first!”




Does transferring from Marriot to Starpoints extend the life of Starpoints? Thanks!


How so?

As the post says, yes.


I was planning on transferring to Marriot on an as needed basis. Say I wanted to stay at a Marriott property. i would transfer the points and then book right away. I think that makes sense.


because you made me click w/o getting it spoon fed to me.


Not sure about this, but I transferred SPG points to Marriott and it posted as qualifying activity
“10/21/16 Bonus* TRANSFER FROM MY SPG ACCOUNT 3,000 points”

*Qualifying Activity
The date of your last qualifying activity was 10/21/16.
Your account will remain active and points won’t expire as long as you stay or use some of your points by 10/21/18.


Please add “Marriott” as a tag, because i tried to find this post but it was not under:
-Hotel Deals

Thanks as always!

sherri zylberminc

I have 96K chase sapphire points . How can I qualify – transfer for southwest companion pass .


How long do you think that Marriott will be giving 3 to 1 SPG points?