Delta: Fly To Alaska For Just 5,000-10,000 Miles Round-Trip!

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Delta: Fly To Alaska For Just 5,000-10,000 Miles Round-Trip!

Delta is having a fantastic sale to fly to Alaska for just 5,000-10,000 miles round-trip.

You can click on the link above to find valid routes and dates for the sale. You can click on a departure city, skip the destination city, and then click filter to find all deals to Alaska.

For example, flights from NYC to Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, or Sitka are available for just 10,000 miles round-trip in basic economy or 12,000 miles round-trip in regular economy!

Note that basic economy awards are not changeable, but regular economy awards can be cancelled with the miles redeposited and taxes refunded for free!

Read more in the Alaska Master Thread on DDF.

You can transfer AMEX Membership Rewards points to Delta instantly at a 1:1 ratio.

Eligible cards include:

Will you go to Alaska this summer?

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@Dan car rentals and turo are through the roof at AK, any tips on how to score cheaper rates?


Uhaul and small local car rentals

Darrell Martinsen

I have an aunt on the far northern tip of Washington state. I wonder how feasible it would be to get other transportation from Alaska to her area? Or would it be more expensive than it’s worth?


When’s the last time you looked at a map?


Last year we spent a week at the end of the season (and almost completely missed the Oregon wildfireש, smoke and stench from burnt buildings).

It was great almost zero touristy – almost all the people we interacted with we’re locals.

The closer to June 20ish the longer the day is and daylight (especially closer to the artic circle i.e. Fairbanks) and sunset.


Are BE miles tickets non refundable or just non changeable?


This sounds really annoying – how strict is this? especially on a long flight –
“masks must be worn between bites and sips. “


Anything in July?


Now go price a rental car and get back to us


what is the weather like in the summer?


In Fairbanks I can’t even find any rental cars available. I searched several dates in the summer.


As people mentioned rental rates are really really high
When you book tickets make sure that it is still worth it even considering the rental rates for cars
( for the dates i was looking at the cheapest car was almost 300 dollars a day and that was economy or suppliers choice)
I actually am curious if this sale from delta means that they are not selling that many seats to alaska because people don’t want to pay these car rental prices
Alaska is very spread out and you really need a vehicle to do it properly it is not like some vacation destinations where you can uber your way around if need be


“Beginning June 1, 2021, at participating airports, all travelers to Alaska will be eligible to receive a free COVID-19 vaccine.”

Mark davidson

I am super curious why you feel that using non public codes is ok for car rentals… would love to speak to your rabbi since mine was incredulous at the suggestion….

Mark davidson

The best deals may be on grayline where you get a rental car and accomodation… the itinerary can be followed or ignored but at roughly 150 to 200 pp per day car and accomodation you’re doing well for a couple.


I dont see any dates for july only june and august – am I missing something?


Really good deal for the flight, rental car kills everything, can’t justify $1000+ for one week, plus hotels going to cost more, hoorah for those we can go!

Best idea

Why not just go around with uber

Mark davidson

Sure like taking uber from New York to Toronto a couple times lol


I booked tickets but I will likely cancel them because the car rental rates are too high.

I looked into renting an RV instead of a car and hotel and while the prices are ok I guess for an RV it is still much more than what I had originally intended to be a low cost vacation.

If anyone has any ideas for getting an affordable car let me know soon because the 24 hour cancellation window is almost over for me.


Alaska isn’t known to be a low cost destination ever. There are ways to save but overall one of the priciest trips to take in USA due to its remoteness and cost for activities and lodging.